July 4, 2022 Marks The Show’s Climax – Trump Is Our President!

You can believe with no doubt that President Trump  invoked the executive order that he put in place in 2018 to deal with the stolen election!

READ the EO: https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2018/09/14/2018-20203/imposing-certain-sanctions-in-the-event-of-foreign-interference-in-a-united-states-election

Does any rational human being think that DJT would just sit around and watch the steal on election night and go…”Wow they got me there, I didn’t know they would cheat so badly”…I sure don’t. Especially when he told us they caught them all.

Just because people didn’t understand that when Trump said, “we caught them all” and “they stole the election” and it wasn’t fixed over night, that didn’t mean he was going to allow it. Trump never conceded and fake news hollering “Trump lost” and the networks illegally calling the election, does not mean that Joe won, nor did it prove that what fake news said is what took place. Just because most people didn’t understand that the military was on it from the start… does not mean fake news CNN, MSMBC, Fox, etc., who all went un-fact checked, told the truth or the real facts.

The truth is that the U.S. Military showed President Trump the evidence of individuals inside and outside of the U.S. interfering in the election on a massive scale on election night. The U.S. Military presented the information for President Trump to  invoke the Act based upon their evidence.  They had the proof in real time and watched the numbers live in their Cyber Command Center as it went down. They had the location of the main server … they had/have it all.

That being said, you can rest assured that the U.S. Military acted upon the authority given to them upon enacting the Act and began arresting, trying, convicting and executing Deep State criminals.

image 58

And they did! If you will recall on the 18th of November 2020… Esper was fired and Miller was put in charge of the DOD.

People were fired from the Pentagon and they were off to Germany to seize the server. The head of the CIA was fired and the war was in fast and furious mode. That is what we know…what we were allowed to see… we have no idea of what else they did, nor what we were not allowed to see while they carried out their operations. We saw key figures like Kissinger and Albright get removed from their cherished Foreign Council seats in the Pentagon. That was barely talked about by fake news and little was said of it anywhere.  The amendment stripped the CIA, FBI, NSA, of their independent commie spy programs.

President Trump not only enacted his Executive Order on election fraud foreign and domestic, President Trump also enacted the National Security Action Memoranda [NSAM]: NSAM 57 which was approved by congress under President John F. Kennedy but never enacted until just that right moment in time. Had Trump enacted that act prior… he would have tipped off the deep state machine. But, now after committing all their treasonous acts, and after having all the evidence … BOOM! President Trump signed it and they were off and running fast!


image 59

Have no doubt, the military is in charge of this crappy show bringing down all the treasonous ones!

We have the military in charge. Due to this FACT… President Trump is NOT in CHARGE at the moment…the MILITARY IS. What is being played out is the necessary moves (or what the generals in charge deem necessary) to take out the deep state KM and their puppets, both domestic and foreign.

To those who blame Trump for all the (so called) Collateral Damage…

Many have blamed Trump for everything that has gone wrong from the jabs to the fact that Joey is still in the White House. Some, like General Flynn, have publicly stated Trump left us and we are on our own.  And some have thrown their hat in the ring to run for president…such as Byrnes doing so with General Flynn…. Even going so far as to declare to have a new form of government that does NOT INCLUDE PRESIDENT TRUMP AT ALL.  Well that didn’t go over so well.

That being said, we return to those who are blaming Trump for everything that isn’t fixed… 

The Military is used to having what is called collateral damage and they consider it all a part of the war. So in a sense we have the military on our side and in another sense we are on our own. On our own meaning… we must look out for ourselves and make wise choices starting with discernment in what is taking place and who we listen to about what is taking place.

Each individual has been given the same playing field with one big difference and that is Geographic location. Heavily populated Urban cities have heavier crime rate and are more susceptible to off the wall public disturbances, shootings, theft, riots, and destruction of property.

image 60

Other differences are things such as, where you work and the demands they try and force on you and how corrupt your own city council and mayor is and how infiltrated your state is. Governors and governing bodies who are a part of the progressive ideology are a danger to their entire state. These areas of corruption directly affect you by vax mandates and protocols for a fake virus, laws and ordinances that get passed that affect your livelihood and local economy, such as energy and climate change agreements in sister UN cities.

Another danger are the corporations who are controlled by BlackRock and Vangard for their fiat money banking masters. These control the corporations and decide who is essential among them and who is nonessential. Small businesses have no seat at their table and no future in their world ideology.

This all began the day Trump came down the escalator and announced he was running for the Presidency of the United States of America.

At home, domestically, the show has reached the climax phase where the focus is now heavily directed at cleaning out the corruption in the states. Everything has been designed strategically to disable the other side. As citizens we have been caught in between the battles as they rage. Even from the beginning.

For example: We had the Podesta laptop that opened a floodgate of allegations at people like Hillary, Huma, Obama, and the Podesta’s Et. al.; I am sure it also included much evidence of the Biden Crime family, and human and child trafficking and many sacrificial murders, especially with the spirit cooking obsessions and what we now know of those “art” centered dinners.

image 61
image 64

Cannibalism is cool…all the celebrities are doing it. Celebrity Meat anyone?

image 62
image 63

The furry is part of the satanic pedophile spirit cooking world. Alex Podesta white rabbit Podesta art.

image 65
Alex Podesta white rabbit Podesta art.

Are you starting to see the big picture yet?

The “furry art” choose your pronoun kids… is part of the satanic pedophile spirit cooking world. Be cool and with it just like the white rabbit in the Podesta art.

This is just part of what we are dealing with. This is who wants to take over the world and come out into the light.  Just look at their progress since before Trump was even elected president. Trump is out to stop this and they hate him for it.

They have tried to normalize this sick, perverted, and inhumane behavior. They have brought it into the school systems as their perverted form of Art. And our children are being groomed as furrys and other sick things. They want children to want this sick Godless satanic ritual. Condition them so when they use them in their own sacrifices the children think it’s cool or some sick thing??

image 67

Oh look… an evil spirit filled demon and the peacock angel… Why do they want the  child? And why is this a favored art of Podesta?

image 68
image 69

These make one wonder what they’ve been doing in the bio-weapon and eugenic labs.  You know, the ones Putin is destroying.

image 66

Just what are they trying to normalize here?

image 70

See more of the Podesta collection here: Podesta’s Artist – stuff so bad journalists don’t show it in articles — Steemit

Some of the most memorable dress ups were at the White House during the Obama Regime – the Alice in Wonderland theme, and we have no idea of the details of that gathering, or any of the gatherings that were kept secret, nor the hunts in the woods.

But we did hear about the Podesta lap top and a partial video did make the rounds. Many hard core NY Police officers who looked at the Hillary video and other videos vomited and it was a horror.  They don’t just let something like that fade into the night.

The military has access to all the information at NSA, and all the laptops. They have Pelosi’s laptop… and anything that they have, the military can take. You can be sure they have it. The show reporting that Pelosi will not release this or that… is part of the show.

image 71

As long as no one knows for sure exactly what is going on… it helps to keep at bay an all out revolution. That would interfere with the military’s plans to take things down with as little collateral damage as possible.

This email laptop leak is what undoubtedly got Seth Rich Killed!

And to think Public Broadcasting let us hear a lot of the information at first. This is a very bad wrap up smear. But as Trump says…they aren’t that smart.

John Podesta’s full interview on Putin and allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election – all part of “The Putin Files”, FRONTLINE’s media transparency project and Russia, Russia, Russia.

One thing is sure, the busts on child and human trafficking have been many, especially during COVID. The information from Clinton emails and on top of laptops have been a treasure trove for the Military and special ops taking down these evil human trafficking rings.  Rest assured that if we know of these…. The investigators know of a thousand times more and they are on it.

So when you understand that all of this is an active ongoing investigation… we won’t be hearing the facts of the Maxwell case or any of the many cases that are being investigated by special council and the military.

image 72

One thing is sure, we have reached the part in the show where the climax has begun.  Both the U.S. Military, and the Deep State use any and all means at their disposal to maintain the illusion of control, including body doubles and CGI/Computer Graphic Imaging, and we have been watching a lot of this.

President DONALD J. TRUMP is winning back America and taking down corrupt forces. 

These corrupt forces are so evil, you would vomit if you saw what they do. We know another massive number of DEEPSTATE leaders have been targeted and strategically taken down… every time they throw a stupid congress commercial at us such as J6 or MTG shouting she is going to do something… the real action is taking place in several other places.  You are watching the lefts own playbook being used against them. They truly don’t know whether to send people naked through the streets or burn something… but one thing is for sure. We are watching them fall apart. Their organizers are not organizing them properly. What happened to their systems? Have the heads of them been destroyed or removed by the Trump Military operation while the deep state has been trying to figure out Durham? Meanwhile the fake news aggravates the Trump supporters with junk former A.G. Barr says.

The J6 liar testimonials have prompted a Trump return back into the limelight.

This is not an accident, this has all been part of the script for it is time to now bring the show home! As I said in another post, the climax is coming… everything seems to point to this.  A real block buster will tie up all the loose ends and all the actors that have plot arcs that began at the beginning and along the way will now come to an EPIC CONCLUSION!  There will be twists and turns you never saw coming and a lot of “so that is what that was all about” and some “Holy cow, I never saw that one coming”. 

So, prepare for the end game….where we see the Grand Finale of this show!

image 73

Happy Fourth of July and a big Salute to our Men who Serve and who have Served!

Keep on pressing into the kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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