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John F. Kennedy Jr. was the Founding Editor of George Magazine which was an over night success! The content was both celebrity and politically charged inside stories that today, many of those have an alluring sense of coincidence, and/or it now appears, well thought out plans with almost psychic abilities surging through them. It is as though the entire publishing process was performed for a day off into the future. Especially his special 1997 edition that contained the “Survival Guide of the Future.”

Many may already know everything I am about to show you, but, as I have been hearing recent comments, many have no clue as to why those who suspect something mysterious about JFK Jr. just may be correct. Time will tell, if nothing else, he knew!

Aside from an array of covers that fit a category of people that we now either know or suspect as being involved in something naughty, let’s go directly to the 1997 issue. This copy of George magazine includes predictions relating to 9/11 & 2020 — such as coronavirus / COVID-19, Big Tech Coronavirus Predictive Programming / Terrorism. If you happen to have this edition, the current asking price is between $1,000-$25,000 on eBay at the moment. Hold on to it or sell? I’d hold on to it…why do you think some are buying at $25 K?

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So 23 years ago, someone had a plan….which those who doubted “Operation Lockstep” recently shouted – not so, what a load of garbage…it appears it was indeed a plan all along, and even though any one of us can download the entire plans dating back to the Rockefeller Foundation, of which I downloaded the upgraded version from 2010, to have a hard copy. Many still shouted, “What a crock.” I am sure there exists another update since then, but that one told it all. Now we see that in 1997 that it was indeed part of the cabal plans that stemmed back from Maurice Strong. But, that’s another story, and right now, no one cares about what happened in November let alone then. People in general want to know what is happening today and tomorrow. Therein lies the error. In order to know what might happen tomorrow…you have to know what they planned beforehand, and factor in one key item….God. For God has a plan to expose all the evil ones, and he is giving the people a chance to see it for themselves and call on him, as he always does. It is all Biblical, and has been foretold, just not with all the fine details. That is where God’s people need to pray and ask what different things they see and hear mean. The same as all who ever saw a vision, had a dream, or scribed a word had to do in order to understand it. Take it to God in prayer and ask what is this that I am to see? What am I seeing?

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God always reveals what the enemy is doing for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear it in advance.

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Which leaves the question…we know what the global cabal had planned, but, do we know what those we now call the “White Hats” had planned to counter it? Many are wringing hands shouting there is no plan, we are all doomed. All of this stuff is stupid. And there are those who are seeking and finding and sharing to those asking to see something, only to be told they are stupid, deceiving, doomed, those who are prophecying are being called liars and fake, even some have been told God will put them in hell for saying such words of hope to others. It has been a real test of faith for all involved. Those who keep their eyes on the Lord will never be lacking in hope. Those who look at the fruit of a persons life work, such as President Trump, and Kim Clement, and not fake news and social media gaslighting words of hopeless doom and gloom, will reap if they faint not.

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When a person reads the covers and articles inside George Magazine, they will see what a bold politically charged magazine it was and why many believed John, John was becoming a threat. There were many who knew what we do not know, that certainly didn’t want him in the Senate. I’m sure they had their own plans for his future, but I believe that John had some of his own. Will we ever know the truth? Maybe some day we will. For now it is all a mystery.

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God Bless America and “We The People”. The BEST IS YET TO COME!

Dianne Marshall

president trump speaks out

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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