J-6 -2023 Update…

Nothing is ever as it appears, you have to look beyond the wrap up smears…

From the onset of waking up, people have been bombarded with all types of fake news and down right lies. The truth has always been there in plain sight but many were of the mindset that whatever fake news said was the news… then that was the news. The mis and dis information campaigns were out in full force in such numbers, they got emboldened with their games. They truly thought they were above the law and would never suffer any consequences for their treasonous actions.

So, the show continued but this time it was orchestrated by the remaining government in charge and not by the infiltrators. Because the entire infiltration was an ancient plot that had been carried out little by little up to this very day, most people did not believe any of the truth in what was really taking place and were in the perfect storm of denial, while others were revealing the perfect storm as it was hitting.

The truth cannot be denied. Trump did do the warning as required by law before an insurrection act can be called, asking for the protestors to go home in peace.

Twitter and other social media censored everything but mis and dis information, and their lies still didn’t drown out the truth!

Why? Because the people pushed forward with the truth and did not shut up!


They never fooled the MAGA protestors or any who were watching it go down. They only fooled those who listened to the fake news doing Pelosi’s wrap up smear.

ANTIFA is a civilian army sponsored by deep state puppets. It is a terrorist organization designed to destroy from within.

Joey Avatar is a fake in a rubber mask!

What really took place… and the fake news was there and knew it!

With one correction… this was a fake show and not part of Biden’s team to protect him from having a low turn out.

That being said, ONCE AGAIN, we present some of the aftermath and the facts that few at the time could see and many refused to even consider.

Knowing what has now been now revealed… the majority of the masses can see and hear and are waking up.

How many of you knew of the jurisdiction of the US secret service, and the US Marshal’s and the relations both hold with the Commander in Chief?

Did you know, in 01/2020, the US Marshals deputized 50,000 national guardsmen? This is the only law enforcement agency that has the power to arrest members of the House of Representatives, or members of the SCOTUS, or even the president and anyone within the Executive Branch of the government.

Read: USMS Home Page | United States Marshals Service (usmarshals.gov)

It just keeps getting better as the liars are called out for their lies!

“YOU work for me! I’m a tax payer!” Mr. Thomas D. Homan.

The COVID treason is also called out for the murder it always was!

I wonder if this thing is still at large?

There is much more… but, the most powerful weapon for each to use is the sword of the Lord which is the Word of God! Pray unceasing and watch as God Almighty brings these wicked ones down!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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