The Cabal puppets have tried to turn Trump Supporters and patriots into terrorists by pushing a 911 style commission to investigate what happened on January 6, 2021. It passed in Pelosi’s house but failed to pass the senate. Now Pelosi et al are trying to figure out what else they can try next to divert and distort her own participation in the preplanned event.

Josiah Colt, Capitol Rioter Pictured Hanging from Senate Balcony, Begs Forgiveness
These are not Trump supporters and both Pelosi and McConnell full well know this.

The commission was to investigate the sharing of intelligence information among the U.S. Capitol Police, Sergeants at Arms of the House and Senate, and local and federal law enforcement agencies, including the Metropolitan Police and the National Guard. Had the commission been passed, they would have to investigate and give a report its findings to Congress and the president by Dec. 31, 2021. (If the senile Biden double lasts that long? )The report would include recommendations to change laws or security procedures RESET. (Here we go….CCP tyrannical mandates foretold in Rockefeller’s “LOCK STEP”).

Read Lockstep: Rockefeller-Foundation.pdf (

McConnell certainly didn’t want that commission, at least he said, ” the proposal was “slanted and unbalanced.” He has enough brains to realize it would implicate himself. Pelosi, on the other hand, is either oblivious to what the people already know about her involvement in the preplanned attack on the capitol, or perhaps she has CABAL marching orders to create havoc by holding a conservative witch hunt that may lead to an all out civil war in the streets. Remember their goal is to get rid of Trump and all of his supporters by whatever means possible. Censoring is child’s play. Their real goal is depopulate and destroy.

Knowing how the Cabal think tanks work and how they create scenarios…this goes along with lockstep where with an out of control commission and “if you see something, say something” agenda, would make the tattle tale “Karen” stigma mere child’s play. This phase would cause conservatives, patriots, and Christian people (Trump Supporters) to be hauled away, put in re-education camps, and/or killed. The cabal’s evil plan is to have one last, all out push to claim that Trump and all who love America are terrorists.

So How do we counter this new attack?

Good people must EXPOSE THOSE INVOLVED and DEMAND THEIR REMOVAL from OFFICE for TREASON against the people!

Trump has their number and they are nothing but village idiots. Remember- Hillary was never supposed to lose? She went absolutely insane because she could never counter Trump and he always check mated her. He knew she stole the election from Bernie and she was not going to steal it from him by her evil schemes and voter fraud. He was NOT GOING TO LOSE IN HER COIN TOSS! (remember Ohio?)

it s trump s turn the art of war

And then there was the senile double they named Joe after Joe Biden. He was a piece of work especially at the debates. Trump’s facial expressions and body language always says it all.

image 34

You gotta love the boss man Trump on this one. The old man and his nurse and the Trump and Melania a class act!

image 35

If there was a thought bubble over Trump’s head…I can just imagine what it would say? Trump doesn’t miss a thing.

And so Trump won in 2016, and he won in 2020. The cabal rigged the election and committed treason. Each foreign nation that assisted committed an act of war. Trump has not let any guard down, in fact he called out the guard and took steps legally. But, on January 6, 2021 the deep state planned a coup to create an insurgence on the Capitol and blame it on Trump supporters. They had anticipated explosions so they headed for the bunkers as soon as word was sent they were entering the capitol. They did not know the explosions had been found and confiscated.

image 36

Shortly after that day, Pelosi was ready to impeach President Trump for the second time. This time she claimed that Trump incited terrorist activity by meeting with his voter base (Trump supporters) who gathered to protest the electorals in question and voter fraud. That morning on her way into the Capitol to push for impeachment, she made a stop to address the armed guard outside the Capitol with a film crew that were there to film her with the guard for a documentary.
“You are part of history”, says Pelosi very cocky….boy was she correct on that one. Pelosi had all of this preplanned. She betrayed the people of the United States.

But Nancy’s regular style of gloating was short lived. For once she went inside, she was met by armed officers. The look in her eyes and body language says it all. No one had ever seen her so shaken before.

image 37
Where did Nancy’s snake pin go?
image 38
On the left- a pic of Pelosi’s smug look when she had her first impeachment on December 20, 2019. On the right– Pelosi looks frightened, indicted? (my opinion) Why isn’t Pelosi gloating like she always does? This is her proudly manufactured second impeachment. Remember just shortly prior she was outside smugly telling the national guard how they made history and they were all going to be in a wonderful documentary….well now something happened between entering the building and going into the impeachment announcement proceeding. It obviously wasn’t good for her.  Notice she’s missing her Hermes snake. Did someone take all sharp objects away from her? She has aged dramatically in the last year. Wonder why?
Watch as Pelosi is a nervous wreck and looks like a deer in the headlights. Her body even shakes.

Later when she signs her impeachment papers she sure doesn’t look happy or cocky like she did the first time.

Do you notice the big difference? In photo above, she looks like she’s signing a death certificate. Below she’s having a party.
Notice the difference? Pelosi should have been looking as excited about the second one as she was the first one. Or at least as excited as she was earlier, outside proudly telling the guard they made history and will be in the documentary.
Remember, Pelosi fired the Capitol Police Chief. Was it for damage control to keep the truth from coming out. The truth always has a way of surfacing, and in this case with all the live cell phone videos, the firing was useless. Evidence it was preplanned and ANTIFA et al, was everywhere and it went viral.

Fake News Was On Parade and the Liars On The Hill Were TELLING LIE AFTER LIE!

So what I would like to see is a class action lawsuit from WE THE PEOPLE to those on Capitol Hill and the Mayor of DC and all who were involved in the coup against the people and President Trump. Include all the groups who fund the thugs and all those who community organize them. After all, ANTIFA has been said to be a real terrorist organization. And it appears was hired by inside sources. Pelosi and McConnell was well aware of their presence. It was written in the Capitol Chief of Police’s report that he asked for help from both Pelosi and McConnell who are in charge of policing the Capitol. He called them for permission to get more assistance as they could not handle the breech, he finally got permission, but got no where. He asked them what to do now and no one did anything to help him.

Their ANTIFA preplanned event backfired and it appears that Trump called the insurrection act and now they are scrambling, trying to give it everything they have to blame Trump, incite a civil war, and await their next cabal orders. I’m sure they are hoping the pentagon and alphabet agencies will do their job of destruction to save them. They are all floundering and making huge mistakes.

Take a good hard look and see all the traitors, especially Lindsey Graham, and McConnell. Romney, Kelley Loefler, Pelosi et al, and the cabal paid fake news, calling all Trump supporters a MOB…and being declared terrorists by Pelosi et al.

Anyone who needs to have their memory jarred…can see it all through a clear lens in the video above. Now… take a look at who was behind the entire mess. It was the same ones who helped steal the election. I wrote on this in January 21, when it took place. The report from the Capitol Chief of Police, names names and tells the facts.

In the video a man from Toronto declared that once the personality of Trump was removed the movement would be short lived. Now I dare say that if it were a “Trump Derange” cult following….that would be short lived, but the tyrannical communists responsible for preplanning this attack on Trump supporters and crashing Trump’s rally, failed to realize that this was about WE THE PEOPLE’S FAIR ELECTIONS, the constitution, the Bill of Rights and America’s FREEDOM! 

image 39

President Trump was elected because he spoke the voice of “we the people”. He is gutsy, and working hard to diligently repair a broken system into one that will be prosperous and fair for all Americans. He called out the liars and fake news while they continued a four year coup with overthrow attempt after overthrow attempt. The elections were so rigged the entire world gasped.

The cabal is going down and has been one by one. I believe the reports that the real Pence was removed on July 4, 2019 are true. Why? The new Pence looked different and so did his wife Karen. If it was not a double presiding over the electorals, the 25th amendment would have been invoked.  Trust me, if it was the real Pence…he would have invoked it!

Stay strong and never surrender, our very lives depend on exposing all the bad players!



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By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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