It’s Still NORMAL!

In Fact It’s More Normal Now Than It Has Ever Been! YOU ARE JUST WAKING UP AND SEEING WHAT NORMAL WAS!

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Be patient, Trump has a plan….it’s not normal. Nothing about Trump is normal. That’s what I like about him!

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We are in a season of transition. Be patient and fear not.

Many people still say they are waiting to go back to normal? You know the world before COVID plandemic…a world where:

  • Babies and Children have side affects from normal vaccines, some affect their central nervous system and some disable them in other ways for the rest of their lives.
  • Children with curiosity and energy are diagnosed as ADHD and given medication for the rest of their life.
  • Children are taught Common Core and sex education, like how to give oral sex properly, in grade school.
  • Where every drug has an advertisement listing all the side affects that have “may cause death” at the end.
  • Where water aquifers are bought by big corporations like Nestle and Pepsi and they take all the fresh water supplies to make their products to sell back to the people whose land it was on. Meanwhile, the same big companies dump toxic waste into the water supply that is left for households.
  • Where GMO foods line our shelves filled with chemicals, and toxic substances that have nothing to do with flavor and or freshness.
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This has been normal for a long time. So hey, what’s the big deal?
  • Where the Health and Human Services decided it was best for children to have around 75 vaccines by the time they are out of High School. But, hey, that’s normal now, right?
  • Where stripped skys and cloud seeding is done daily and an entire generation didn’t know that a cloud was a white and puffy circle. They thought it was a white stripe that expanded and made cool criss crosses in the sky.
  • Where fake news tells you everything from a script and it doesn’t even have to be true. Just believe it all.
  • Where the stock markets are manipulated to go up and down to benefit the rich and powerful and the middle class loses everything. But, hey…that’s normal now because they do it so often. So the next one should be normal too? So, get ready and no complaining…that was all part of normal before COVID.
  • Where wars are orchestrated to nation topple and give great merchants more control over the lands resources, and mineral rights and heck…the entire nation.
  • Where presidents and politicians are hand selected and placed in power by election fraud for rich puppet masters.
  • Where rich men gather in a grove to dress up in hooded robes and play ancient Baal games sacrificing a baby in effigy to Molleck the Owl and chant incantations to care that they don’t care about. But, hey that’s an ancient normal, so don’t sweat it now.
  • Where child and human trafficking is done in the dark, and the victims are locked in cages and chains never seeing the light of day. And freight trains transport human trafficked cargo to and from ports and planes to be delivered to the buyers. That is so normal that no one has done anything to stop it and most refuse to talk about it. President Trump was not normal, he talked about it and made it a priority to end it. The so called normal people hate him for it.
  • Where taxes are increased because greedy rich people want big pensions and high prices for their puppet masters. It’s normal to make such profits that way, it’s been done for over a century.
  • Where poisons are used on crops and penetrate produce and we buy it that way in the grocery stores. That’s normal, it’s been going on for years.
  • Where fiat money is created out of thin air to make the world go round. I think that part is still normal? Everyone is used to it now and no one seems to say…”Hey… that’s not worth anything!” Many people steal it, lie for it, kill for it, and do almost anything for it….because it’s what the beast system says will buy them happiness, and anything they desire. People believe that and think it’s normal to be obsessed with making more and more of it.

I’ll stop there, but trust me, I could go on and on and on.…the point is NORMAL WAS NEVER NORMAL…YOU WERE CONDITIONED TO ACCEPT ABNORMALITIES AS NORMAL AND YOU DID!

So now during COVID, all that we have allowed little by little has gotten totally out of control! Tyrants are DRUNK WITH POWER and we are living with them unleashed and in our faces. So let’s blame Trump. It’s all his fault? That’s what the normal people who want normal back keep saying. But, it’s just not so.

November Election: Don't Count Out Trump |

President Trump entered the office with all the NORMAL stuff taking place. The day he came down the escalator he said, “I know their agenda and it’s not mine.” Those who were awake knew exactly what he was talking about…he was not for the globalists Agenda 21 which is their sustainable development for the 21st Century, which included LOCKSTEP – RESET!

Trump knew from the beginning that he would be battling the global cabal and the rich men who aren’t that smart, but have a lot of money to buy whatever they wanted to buy. The nature of man is to desire that currency, whatever it is, that paper, or thing that allows them to buy things like they are the rich and powerful! The normal people accepted was here way before COVID, and way before Trump became president. It wasn’t going away. Instead it became more normal to mandate insane things on a so called free people who foolishly obeyed every insane thing they were told to do. All the states except for one, South Dakota, closed down and did the insane things and not for two weeks…but what has now felt like, forever. They are throwing all their plans at us at once and acting like it is all normal.

Well, for the likes of Fauci, Pelosi, Schumer, Mayor Beetlejuice, and Newsome et al….it is all normal. Biden is just a normal puppet and hasn’t been around since the primaries…so whoever is in the costume playing his role, it is very normal. His presidency represents the puppets and puppet master part of the running of the nation that we have come to call normal. Only now we have it in 3-D and in our face without the veil.

Joanne Birch on Twitter: "Sleepy Joe can't say anything without an  arse-full of drugs. Forty seven years in politics and done nothing!!! All  he can do is tell a man with the

You see, they used to lie to us about what they were doing and then do the evil thing behind the veil. Today, they are just telling us the evil thing and doing it in our face. So, when we look at how things have always been…it’s all normal. When Obama drove the gas prices up…he gave his pitch and softened the blow but the prices still sky rocked. Yet, people believed the garble and blamed the middle east. Because that is what they were told. Today…they just tell us we’re going to increase the oil, cut off he supplies and undo everything Trump did to make us self sufficient. Stop everything that made us prosper and go back to normal. And excuse them if they have lost their manners and are just in your face with it all. They have no time to coddle, they are catching up for lost time.

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So this is all NORMAL. So if you don’t like the normal…the good news is – WE ARE CHANGING THE NORMS! It is no longer normal to have a swamp in DC and it is no longer normal to enslave the people and it is no longer normal to poison us, jab us, and steal our money, our freedoms, and our lives. The blow back of people seeing the truth about normal will be the end of all the present systems, structures including political, financial, medical, educational, cyber, and corporate. Everything will be busted open, shut down, and destroyed….that was not good. In it’s place will be a new infrastructure that is not corrupt, and one that serves humanity.

Be patient with those that still want normal…they truly are blind.

Meanwhile… we have a nation and people to save…and so does the rest of the world. Humanity is standing up. Italy is demanding their government be held accountable and shouting they will be dealt with in Nuremberg courts.

Judge Demands Elites Face New Round of Nuremberg Trials – Slams Experimental ‘Vaccine’ (Video)

“Today the sovereign people demand justice for all the deaths that they have caused, for deprivations, for our children and for our suffering.” – Angelo Giorgianni

Several days ago, at a freedom rally in Italy, a former magistrate in Rome, Angelo Giorgianni, took to the stage to condemn the government’s handling of the coronavirus. The judge slammed the country’s “Green Pass” and called for a new round of Nuremberg trials against the current ruling class. Furthermore, he called the government’s mRNA experimental injection mandates “crimes against humanity.”

Judge Giorgianni was the section president of the Messina Court of Appeal, co-author of the book “State massacre – The hidden truths of Covid-19”. The judge decided to leave the judiciary stating that he would rather resign from the judiciary than limit his ability to speak freely:

My freedom of expression has been limited…If the fact of wearing the toga must limit me to expressing my opinion on the legitimacy of acts or measures, or worse still to report criminally relevant facts, even if they concern representatives of institutions, so I prefer to leave the toga.

Read full article here: BOOM: Judge Demands Elites Face New Round of Nuremberg Trials – Slams Experimental ‘Vaccine’ (Video) – RAIR (

The day is coming, if not already taken place….

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Fauci will be apprehended and even in that, what he has done for his puppet masters there is nothing man can do to him but remove him. The Lord will give him his eternal sentence. Not us.






By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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