It’s Show Time!

“BREAKING!!! The 9th Circuit just awarded Trump $121,962.56 in attorney fees from Stormy Daniels. Order just released. This in addition to the roughly $500k she already owes him.” Eric Trump.

Does this action undermine the indictment?

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Eric Trump said on Truth Social, “Alvin Bragg has shut down the entire city, called up 38,000 NYPD police officers, closed down the FDR Drive and is spending an estimated $200 million of city funds, all for a $130,000 NDA. I never thought I would see this corruption in the United States. @realDonaldTrump

Just heard Trump left without speaking. It appears the Trump camp changed their minds. He will definitely do his prime time at 8:15 tonight in Florida. This means we’re on for tonight just as he planned it!!

As we woke up to the big day and all eyes focused on Trump… or waiting for Trump… and watching angry people threaten each other. The one thing we should have all learned by now, and from President Trump himself, is that when they show you what’s in one hand… look at the other hand also. And look behind you, below you and above you. There are generally a lot of other things taking place. Trump does this and always goes in prepared! Like he did today! Like a BOSS!

That being said….there is still a lot of falling taking place with the banking system and the BRICS are still expanding and pushing forward with their gold backed dollars. The Saudi Prince Salman has said goodby to the petro central bank fiat dollar… and the Swiss Bank is still in trouble!

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So while we are watching MTG (or her double) shout in a megaphone in NYC, remember to also look at what else is taking place. Like today Reuters released a report stating that Credit Suisse’s chairman (CSGN.S) apologised for taking the bank to the brink of bankruptcy! He is facing a lot of shareholder fury over the abrupt demise of Credit Suisse which bypassed its shareholders taking away their voice and all but wiped them out. They are furious. Read: Credit Suisse chairman ‘truly sorry’ as anger grows | Reuters

Suisse had a final meeting of shareholders that marked an end to the 167-year-old bank founded by Alfred Escher, a Swiss magnate dubbed King Alfred I, who helped build the country’s railways and then the bank. Whose history is also dubious and leads to the progressive swamp banking secrecy we have today. You see, it was the time of the railway boom and Alfred needed big money to finance railway construction and no Swiss financial institution could provide funding of that magnitude, so in 1856, he set up a new investment bank, that was known today as Credit Suisse. He was also a forerunner in setting up ETH Zurich tax-exempt. Read: Alfred Escher: a visionary of modern Switzerland | House of Switzerland Hero or Greedy Merchant? Read: Alfred Escher – Wikipedia

So there are two big banks that are currently out of business… Suisse Bank and Silicon Valley Bank. Both have some money trails that are very dark. And that is now taking a back seat to Alvin Bragg and a bogus Trump charge. Ask why? It’s not just so, and I quote, “normies will wake up”, unquote. Far from it… it is a take down and scramble them up. Get more leakers…these guys leak when they panic. Recruit more plea deals of their own.

Something much bigger is taking place.

In an article today titled: “Financial turmoil will be felt for years, says JP Morgan boss“, who is Jamie Dimon. He says the downfalls of Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse have undermined confidence in the banking system. Duh… ya think? Now that didn’t take a lot of genius to figure out, especially when every bank depositor has been saying the same thing and making withdraws from their banks.

In an annual letter to JP Morgan’s shareholders, Jamie Dimon said last month’s failure of SVB and the Swiss government-brokered takeover of Credit Suisse by its rival UBS had undermined confidence in the banking system.

“As I write this letter, the current crisis is not yet over, and even when it is behind us, there will be repercussions from it for years to come,” Dimon said.

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There is a lot taking place and we need to remember to keep our head on a swivel. Focus on prayer unceasing and taking all things to the Holy Spirit for discernment.

Follow what Trump is laying out, but don’t just watch the leading podcasters who are reading the same clips from President Trump over and over again. See what else is taking place. When you find a clue use it… it doesn’t matter if it was from a Q post from 2017 or not… you know it today and that is what counts. So inbetween hearing fake news speculate on what is or isn’t going to happen, look at what has taken place while you were distracted. Later when Trump says something… you will know what he means because you were watching all things that you could. As it is difficult to watch everything… start by watching two things, then three, four and you will know how many you can juggle.

Tip of the day: Don’t waste time arguing… that is how trolls distract you. Discern and move on.

Meanwhile… a  well-known military blogger, ‘Vladlen Tatarsky’ and strong supporter of President Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine is handed a statue in a cafe where he is doing a lecture, places it on the table and *BOOM*!!!! He is blown to smitherings and dozens are injured.

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Officials announced the arrest of a Russian woman Monday in connection with the blast, claiming she carried a bust of the blogger into the cafe that was rigged as a bomb. Read:Russia claims woman admits to carrying bomb that killed pro-war blogger in St. Petersburg cafe – CBS News Remember, this is a war and they are censoring the truth givers.

The entire world is at war… and big things that are all connected are taking place in foreign nations and at home.

Sound advice from President Trump…

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There are so many people going down because of their own corruption and they are afraid of President Trump because of their own dirty deeds being found out. It is way too late for them. Nothing can stop what’s coming.

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Nothing is ever as it appears… it is always deeper and much wider!

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Maria explains the leaks…

Trump is the King of exposing leakers and when he speaks of leakers… they panic. When they panic they get very sloppy! And some make plea bargains.

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As The Storm Hits New York Today, Never Forget Who Sponsored ALL of This… Great Merchants of The Earth!

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President Trump is our voice and our warrior! They want to do the same thing to all of us! Stand by our President Donald J. Trump and pray unceasing!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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