It’s Always Been A Show… You Were Just Sleeping!

Do you still believe them (meaning all of them who mis and dis you) when they tell you it’s all a conspiracy?

How many today are ignoring what they see and hear and going along with the program they explain away in the same manner they have explained it away throughout our entire lives?

The same ones who do this and thrive on it are the same ones who are setting up your city to spy on you and to kill you at their will.

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Do you still believe, no one could be that evil?

Obama’s civilian army will be just as powerful, he said, as the military.

Powerful for what?  Starting color revolutions and toppling America from the inside. This took hold and was used over and over again, used during Covid… and continues to this day. Imagine how rapid this would have advanced or shall we say “continued beyond repair” if Hillary had won? They never thought she would lose, but she did.

The Obama regime was busy destroying at home and abroad. Even using drones on civilians. Remember the Doctors without borders bombed in Afghanistan in October of 2015? Was it a distraction or just an oops, they got caught? Read: BREAKING NEWS – Obama Accused of War Crimes by Doctors Without Borders – UN Says US Bombing Inexcusable and Possibly Criminal! – THE MARSHALL REPORT (

But Obama apologized for the mix up. I guess all the toppling at home and abroad was catching up with him…he followed along with Bush’s war on terror and from the start was busy with Fast and Furious gun running, border issues, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Benghazi, Arab Spring, Ukraine on fire, Baltimore and Ferguson riots and all???? Did I mention the Bundy Ranch standoff in 2014? You know the Bureau of Land Management against the people of the land?

Read “The Drone Papers” from October 15, 2015 in the Marshall Report!  NEWS ALERT: THE DRONE PAPERS – AMERICA’S ASSASSINATION PROGRAM – THE MARSHALL REPORT (

Oh and let’s not forget Uranium One where Hillary gives it all to Russia in 2013! HHRG-116-II06-20190625-SD004.pdf (

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When they have you chase one boogie man… they make you believe that by getting rid of that one… your land will be healed and all will be able to go back to normal.  All the spy agencies continue to do their dirty work and all you accomplished was blaming and removing one useless puppet who is only good at repeating scripts he is handed. That is what we have been doing. But, not any more. Today we are digging into their dirty roots and yanking at every one of those!


During the Ukraine protests, McCain, Nulen and Biden et al, came to encourage the unrest and secure their orange revolution. This is the type of thing they do best and it makes their lives a joy.

In a documentary by Oliver Stone, there is an interview of former Ukrainian President Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych showing him posing a question to Obama in order to point out his interference in Ukraines affairs. He asked … “Can a Ukrainian ambassador come to the protesters in Ferguson?” Basically slamming the Obama administration’s nation toppling and election interference methods that he used in Ukraine. The same ones he repeated over and over again.

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So how do you keep up with it all when they have it firing off world wide? Well, you stay asleep. You see, most people thought everything was fine until COVID hit. They have little knowledge of how we were at war since World War II. Why? Because of our regular programming. Like the real McCoys, Father Knows Best, Friends, Walt Disney World, Third Rock From The Sun, The Golden Girls, Saturday Night Live, Democracy Today, Black List, and yes, even “The Apprentice”… but, Trump gave up his #1 Rated Show and did not renew his contract (# 1 rating show!!). Instead he entered the reality show we are all waking up in whether we wanted to do so or not.

image 181

So you see, we were being distracted from what Obama Regime was doing in Ukraine. They were busy trying to start their own revolution here in the states and they had no takers except the ones they deceived and funded (O’s civilian street army). The victims were hard working business owners and innocent people. Attacked by street thugs groomed to be a civilian color revolution street army. The same were funded and taught what to memorize to recruit others to also follow blindly. Bus them in, or put them on a plane. They do both. Remember Soros was so proud of his organizing and his organizers in Ukraine and at home in main street USA. To these wicked ones it was all a fine tuned social experiment that they were perfecting in order to bring the world to its feet, with every design to apply it on US soil. Funded through money laundering facilities like Silicon Valley Bank.

So, if you are ready to take to the streets… here is what you can expect to greet you by your infiltrated regime…

The same as those in Yemen, Syria, Libya, Baltimore, Ferguson, et al.

Meet LRAD… “Long Range Acoustic device”

To make crowds act as one… they use techniques, and frequencies to unite them at the unconscious level – mind control and crowd control. LRAD is a sonic weapon.

image 182

And in the USA!

image 183

Photo above and below: This is not Ukraine… this is Obama’s Ferguson color revolution tactical riot gear troops. We all watched this take place. How many paid attention?  How many knew? This was all part of what Obama called his “Task Force for 21st Century Policing”. This was all part of a UN world system now in our own streets. At the expense of the black community who many were clueless to the method behind the madness.

image 184

It is so true, they never thought she(Hillary) would lose. We were slated to be taken out next… I ask you all… why on earth would they have allowed Trump to win if they already had everything in place and such a fast paced momentum to their road of destruction. It was like… nothing could stop them now… until Trump came down the escalator and then… the people began to wake up.

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The last thing any new world disorder would even dare to want is anyone coming on the scene with a mouth to talk. Just look at the Hillary body bag count. Look at all the trail of assasinations…why on earth would they ever want a sleeping population to ever awake?  They would not. Remember, we were called deplorables and they did everything they could to shut us all up. They are still going full throttle to do so.  

image 188

How Dangerous is LRAD?

Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) is a Sonic Weapon Used by Police and can cause permanent hearing loss, among other things. Think opera singer shattering a glass. Resonance – sound waves – sonic boom.

Audio producer Cory Choy was reporting on the 2014 Black Lives Matter protests in New York City when he first experienced sound as a weapon.

Cory told Popular Mechanics in an interview, “Horrible, nauseating pain hit my body, and then I realized it was sound. At first you just think, ‘What’s happening to me?’ Your body goes into complete pain and panic mode. It’s the sound equivalent of looking into the sun.”

Despite his professional-grade headphones, the effect of the weapon—a long-range acoustic device, or LRAD—was so disorienting at first that Choy couldn’t tell which way to run and was forced to randomly pick a direction. But he was lucky.

“People in the direct line of fire [of the LRAD] didn’t run,” he says. “They just dropped to the ground and started screaming.”

image 186

It’s sonic warfare. What appears to be a projector, a box amplifier, or a loudspeaker mounted on a police car or strapped to an officer’s chest is a modern military-grade deterrent that creates powerful sound waves to disorient and injure humans in its narrow target beam.

These devices vary in appearance and size, but every model has the same two capabilities. In one mode, the LRAD acts as an amplifier, projecting a human voice or recording across thousands of meters; in the other, it emits a “deterrent tone” so loud it can cause permanent hearing loss. These are now being mounted on street lights to achieve the very same purpose – to control the population. With one extra dire level, they also use frequencies that can stun you, take your breathe away, and deplete oxygen and even give you a heart attack. It can kill you.

They call it SMART lights and cities are installing these and the people have no idea what they do, nor why they are being installed. City councils are out of control using grant monies to set up these and most on councils are ignorant and buy into placing these because ARPA grant money is there for them to quote “improve their infrastructure”.

These people are setting their cities up to harm their residents (either knowingly or unknowingly). If your city has approved these… you have the wrong people sitting in your elected council seats. Expose them and remove them all – all meaning the stupid council traitors, mayors, city managers and the lights! Microwave weapons are used on unarmed civilians by their own governments. Are you buying into the city collaboration that they (your own city elected stooges) have been mind washed themselves by their own stupidity to put on your street corners? What is worse yet, how many of your city officials believe this is the right way to control you- the city resident?

Sonic warfare is a military weapon!

Popular Mechanics wrote, “The first LRADs were developed as military weapons in response to the bombing of the USS Cole off the coast of Yemen in 2000. Military officials asked the LRAD Corporation (now Genasys) for a device with two functions: to communicate at a distance with potential threats, and to disperse them with an unbearable alarm-like sound.

“At first you just think, ‘What’s happening to me?’ Your body goes into complete pain and panic mode. It’s the sound equivalent of looking into the sun.”

These military-grade weapons soon found their way ashore and into the hands of police. Protesters have reported LRAD attacks by police at the NODAPL protests at Standing Rock, during the 2017 Women’s March in Washington, D.C., and in dozens of other cities and demonstrations around the world.

The time has come to know the weapons they use in addition to propaganda fear, big pharma, big food and the now normal insane things…and it is also the time to know above all that the Lord is within each one who believes in Him and your name is written in the Book of Life. When God decides to blow out their candles of weaponry… he shall do it quickly, in the twinkling of an eye. Their sky death stars will be rolled up as a scroll.

So fear not! But know what you are dealing with and prepare. Our purpose here is to awaken to the truth of God and we do that through the gift of the Holy Spirit! No one can replicate the gifts of the Holy Spirit and no one can take them from you. You have the victory in our Lord and Savior, Jesus!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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