It’s A Sick Show…

Is this the part where we look and find no one is in charge to ask what to do and the people finally turn to God in droves? Or is this the part where people take matters into their own hands and hate their strange thinking neighbors?

Trump Hides Under Desk After Diet Coke Can Opens Loudly | The New Yorker

What is worse? Child and human trafficking, COVID-19 “and beyond” VIRUS that shut down the entire world and ate New York? Or is it 5 G, or 6 G?

What is it that both Trump and Lin Wood have been saying all along that has the deepstate aiming arrows at them? If they are all on the same side…why the division? What is different?

Could it be child and human trafficking needs to end? Now we are talking a billion dollar business here with strong systems in place to move the human product to whereever the ones behind it say it needs to go. We are talking many aspects of this from sacrifice, sex, labor, organ harvesting, science projects and food sources. Horrid things these all are. So horrid they still can’t be talked about in the open. The cabal doesn’t want a peep said of these other than those who say it are crazy.

Now they boldly do their incantations in our faces at their events. We watch the satanic half time shows, their Olympic wonders, and we even saw their illuminated CERN opening. We see their display of horror flicks and sci fi all destroying, from Hunger Games to Purge. None of this is hidden. But do not speak of Child and human trafficking. We can talk of narcotics and drug trade…but shut up about human adrenochrome supply chains, child sacrificing, pedophile markets, and stay away from noticing and discussing their pet names for child preferences like icecream, pizza, hot dogs, and various sauces.

And forget the silly notion that Evergreen Shipping Containers hold anything to do with any of that. The entire stories are way, way out there…and forget the border stories and all the rail road tales…. forget the hubs of distribution and remember… Epstein didn’t kill himself and Joe won.

So Trump is still talking of ending human and child trafficking and Wood continues to shout…and shout about it so people will wake up and then, we have the fact that all but one of the 50 states got a failing grade on the prevention, ending, and investigating of it, overall grading was on how they address human trafficking issues to stop it, help rescue and end it. That one state who got a C and at least passed for its’ efforts to recognize it… was the state of Florida.

There are many news stories that we hear a bleep here and there and then it’s buried as fast as it was bleeped. In 2019 we had a story where cargo containers had a surprise when unloading for they found dead bodies. But actually there have been many of such news stories, it’s just that they bury them and main stream commentators ignore them.

So while we watch the keystone cops do their dance in the show, and hear the clowns honk their noses, we see the adults in the room resort to child like behavior far unbecoming. Even a jerk that nobody knows on social media, well knows to behave better, even better then that. But, alas, we are left to watch the boldness of these still going on with the show, asking for money and pushing to win in upcoming elections that are rigged tighter than an oil well.

Human traffic: tackling people smuggling at ports - Ship Technology Global  | Issue 69 | March 2020

So, move along there is nothing here to see except crazy L. Lin Wood and his bla, bla, bla that is all but discredited by charlatans out to get your dimes… who also laugh behind your backs as loudly as they do Lin Wood’s. These same plot and hope to sway public opinion by calling the ones who expose them for what they are, as the crazy ones. All the while selling you tickets at high prices to their show that they have taken on the road.

Now on another topic…and one we are all in.


What if COVID is actually being sprayed in the air and those sensitive to 5G are not responding to it very well? What if the vax is just a cover for the fact they are spraying the skys and shooting frequencies at us and the SHOUTS OF A VIRUS are there to cover up the real culprits as they introduce their 5G knowing there will be many who die from it while they get it in place?

I have had my own experiences with this and took a deep dive to see if anyone else had been thinking these crazy idea type thoughts….

I wrote about this at the beginning of COVID when we watched all the videos of people in Wuhan shaking and dropping dead. They had mass deaths all at once at the same time they fired up their 5G rollout. Wuhan happened to be the ground zero where all of the 5G towers and servers filled miles and miles of land. Recall that the first nations to get attacked by the so called virus were the same nations that rolled out 5G and the citizen of those nations protested their government to stop 5G. The people were dying fast, dropping dead. Just like in Wuhan. Citizens in Great Britain even tore down some 5G towers. But our news gave it no mention. Zero.

We also know that the very same physical symptoms of 5G radiation are the very same symptoms that are found in COVID. Now we also have the COVID attacks and deaths at random on the Princess Cruise Ships….and no one mentioned that Huawei rolled out their 5G on the ships. Their answer to ease the pain of the people who got sick were to give them free iphones.

2,000 iPhones Given for Free to Passengers Aboard Coronavirus-Hit Cruise Ship Quarantined in Japan

“The Japanese government has reportedly distributed nearly 2,000 free iPhone units to passengers aboard a cruise ship that was hit by a coronavirus infection outbreak and has been quarantined since then. The iPhone handsets were distributed to passengers and crew of the cruise ship named Diamond Princess, which is currently a quarantine zone for roughly 3,700 people. The objective of distributing free iPhones is to let the stranded passengers get in touch with medical professionals, book an appointment, accept drug requests, and discuss the trauma with psychologists. The cruise ship has become a sort of mobile coronavirus hotspot after more than 350 passengers aboard the ship tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

2,000 iPhones Given for Free to Passengers Aboard Coronavirus-Hit Cruise Ship Quarantined in Japan | Technology News (

image 87
5G in Wuhan…gee it’s the same place that all the people mysteriously dropped dead with COVID at the same time they rolled out their 5G. Hello?????

But, let Fauci monopolize the power of the air and call anyone who looks behind the curtain crazy. Well, the cold hard truth is that no matter how many vax jabs and boosters you take, you are not safe from the 5G. This only keeps the truth hidden so no one will look behind the curtain and see the real villian is 5G WHICH BEGAN AS A MILITARY WEAPON ….THAT CAN KILL EVERYONE ON THE PLANET if they crank it to 6, and even at 4 they get cancer, and flu like symptoms if they are sensitive to it. Add to that chem trail smart dust and big food with no real nutrition in their processed concoctions. Most have diets that do not put within their bodies nutrition that pulls the harmful radiation out of their bodies. There is no big pharma cure for it – you need to do other methods of treatment to pull this out of your body and to oxygenate the body quickly. 5G takes all the oxygen out of the body. It needs oxygen to work.

When they tested 5G in Hawaii…they rolled it out at the same time there on Maui island. Guess what? The 5G did not work. They were stumped….but then…it was discovered that Maui which was formed from volcanic lava….is largely a giant crystal….and crystal’s absorb radiation that 5G puts out and needs in order to work. So the oxygen was not able to be sucked out of the air for it to work. Therefore, 5G can’t be used, at least not in the way Huawei has it, in Maui. So call me crazy… but, today we see more people are looking behind the curtain…and have also connected dots. Many saw it when it happened, so I wasn’t the only one. Those who have been following the skys knew…they saw, and they told you, but people chose to believe Fauci and watch the show.

But, Huawei wasn’t happy with just 5G they were and are, itching to push 6G too. I suspect they had and have been testing 6G pulses here and there as well as the 5G. Just to see what it does to people. That is how they do their science. They experiment on live people without their knowledge, in many cases. Remember the Lockstep RESET plans include 5G. Chips and mind control….you will all have nothing and be happy. When they say nothing…that includes your mind and memory banks. They will think for you.

One of the important things President Trump did was to stop Huawei from rolling out their 5G in the US. He said NO CHINA 5G. This is undoubtedly why we didn’t have the same outbreaks in 2019 as the roll out nations. Recall…we were safe for a very long time from all the covid cases and the fact the states were basically counting all flu deaths and car accidents as COVID deaths, along with the likes of governors like Cuomo putting sick people in nursing homes to spread illness…that move spiked illnesses and turned nursing homes into death wards.

But the show must go on…so watch the show and ignore those who are pulling back the curtain.

A new kind of fast track to hell…. come one, come all….to the traveling mystery show….they have all the answers, and nice propaganda….believe them…for they put on a nice, clean white hat. They smile with white teeth and clean shirts….as they redirect you away from the things God wants you to see. After all, they are credible…and you little schmucks are just the eaters who came to lap up the morsels they hold in their greedy little hands. Now among these are good people who have been duped by the same. Pray the good ones see this for what it is and come out of her my people.

Ask yourself, was it worth the price of their ticket?

We all know about the wheat and the tares and how they must grow together until the harvest. But, we don’t always talk enough about what happens after the wheat is harvested. Now, comes the separation from the wheat and the chaff. So as God does his winnowing upon the earth…we shall see the shaking begin.

Keep pressing forward…press, press, press and open your eyes to see all the things God has put before you to see.


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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