Is NASA Lying? Can Asteroids Hit Earth? What's At Antarctica?

It is very interesting how those who believe the earth is a spinning globe are almost ballistic to hear the other sides views. I never even heard of this until a week and a half ago and was curious. I always thought the earth was a spinning globe. 
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There now appears seems to be a lot of theories entwined in the global concept that do not make common sense.  Scientific theories that are not sound fact, many of which have not been proven.  I don’t know for sure what shape our earth is…but I do know NASA lies and has about our space program since its’ inception.
The globalists have all decided not to claim Antarctica and no one can possess its’ minerals. Yet they push global warming and fear the ice caps are melting which they are not.
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A few years ago I read about the US, after WWII removing an entire population of people who lived there on one of the larger islands. It was cruel. Why? What did they really discover at the South Pole?
I am really looking at this like layers of an onion. There are a lot of hidden purposes for lying to humanity for hundreds and thousands of years. There is a lot about to be uncovered.  If they have lied about the space program….where has the money really gone?  And why did Obama stop funding for future space operations?  What do they know that they aren’t telling us?
Maybe the flat earth society (as they have been named by the globalists)  will be destroying their alien invasion false flag or their meteorite invasion false flag? The government has invented man made meteorites you know. They threw a few to test in South America and a few years ago  and villagers retrieved some and they looked man made as they had hollow steel castings.  Oops???   A few were shot at Russia injuring many and shattering glass out of a city of windows.  Russia intercepted them in the air. Interesting what this search for truth may really uncover.
Interesting in the Fox video it is reported that Russia stated most confidently that nothing from space can crash to earth. If something is hitting earth than someone is doing it. Does this link to a possible shielded firmament?  A firmament that nothing can come through – in or out?
I am sure the world governments most all know what is going on.  At least all who were involved with NASA know.
Time will tell what is really taking place.  I have a feeling it is a lot. How mad will the masses be if they find out that a cabal has been behind many, many evil deeds?
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

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