Is CERN The Modern Day Tower of Babel?

What type of science have they really set out to do?

CERN was formed in 1951, when a handful of visionary scientists envisioned the creation of a European laboratory for atomic physics. At the same time… we had many paperclipped German scientists at the worlds disposal. In December 1951, at a UNESCO intergovernmental meeting in Paris, the first resolution on the creation of the European Council for Nuclear Research was adopted. Two months later, 11 countries signed an agreement establishing the provisional council – the acronym CERN was born.

Now all the Scientists were inspired by and worked on directly or indirectly the life work of the inventor Nikola Tesla who died in 1943. Even though they credit CERN to Einstein, there is nothing Einstein about it. Since the death of Tesla and before during his lifetime, it has been a race to build from his technology all of the fantastic things from his diagrams and patents and make them all work. We will look at some events that occurred after Tesla’s death in 1943 unto the forming of CERN and its’ first official member states organized in 1954 to connect the beastly dots so you can see how those behind the curtain operate and where they are trying their best to take us.

During the time we were fighting World War II, and secret spy infiltration was at its height, no one was telling the public any much truth of what was taking place. Propaganda was poured out on all the headlines. Such as the war effort where the headlines and advertising made it almost glamourous to be a housewife left behind to work in the factories and romantic to be marched off to war. Even the children were fed a constant diet of Disney cartoons where Donald Duck and Mickey proudly wore the uniform and marched to defend whatever they were defending.

After the war ended, we had Operation Paperclip which was a secret United States intelligence program in which more than 1,600 Nazi German scientists, engineers, and technicians were taken from former Nazi Germany to the U.S. for government employment between the years 1945 and 1959. These are the years that President Trump’s uncle was sought to decipher Tesla’s diagrams and notes. Trump told us his uncle John told him everything. He never explained what “everything” included, but that was said to let other people know. Today we are gaining more and more of that picture.

After the war, the very first “visible” world “thing” established was the United Nations. Once that was up and running we see there were many eager hands ready to reshape the world.

One of the UN’s first orders of business was to vote on Israel becoming a nation in 1948 of which it passed by one vote, attributing its’ success to President Truman. (However they attributed that as Truman was simply the last one to cast his vote and it made him a hero. Knowing what we know now, it was almost by design.)  After a war torn startup where the Arab nations tried to take Israel down, they were victorious and stood as a proud new nation. Yet, without peace for they were constantly being attacked, but a nation none the less. Funny how the UN, and the Bilderberg Group weren’t bringing them any peace. Isn’t that why they were formed?  To insure peace and safety to nations? Especially a brand new fledgling one? Why was that?

This was also the time period of many trips by Admiral Byrd to Antarctica, and the discovery of ice, along with the United Nations ruling for the civilized nations to oversee the third world nations and bring them into the 20th century.  What they did instead was take these impoverished nations into their care and mined their minerals, gold, oil, gathered their hand carved art and other resources and left them in their poverty. But they gave them a well or two and tried out vaccines on their children and pregnant women. They also used them for their own favored Guerrilla warfare and of course in 1950 the UN that was designed to prevent war, somehow failed in their efforts to prevent the Korean war from starting in 1950 and raging on for three years followed by the war in Viet Nam.

image 252

In 1954 another organization was formed called The Bilderberg meeting (also known as the Bilderberg Group). They held their first conference at the Bilderberg Hotel (Hotel de Bilderberg) in Oosterbeek, Netherlands, on May 29th to the 31st in 1954.  This annual off-the-record conference was established to foster dialogue between Europe and North America. The group’s agenda, was originally said to be a group of prominent men working together to prevent another world war. Wasn’t that what the United Nations was formed to do? They are now defined as a collective group whose purpose is bolstering a consensus around free market Western capitalism and its interests around the globe. It undoubtedly was that and a little bit more from the start for participants of this group included political leaders, experts, captains of industry, finance, academia, numbering between 120 and 150 people.

It is written about them that “Attendees are entitled to use information gained at meetings, but not attribute it to a named speaker (known as the Chatham House Rule). This is to encourage candid debate, while maintaining privacy—a provision that has fed conspiracy theories from both the left and right.” Gee, what else would you call a private candid debate in secret, but tell no one outside of your chambers… sounds like a secret society to me. Especially when you see the list of those having candid private debates.  You have meetings chaired by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and the top 1% of the world’s wealthy at the time such as Oil Tycoon, David Rockefeller.

When you look at the Chatham House Rules and Kleptocrats you will learn how the UK’s financial and professional services have long provided a comfortable home to dirty money. In the video above it explains the rapid deregulation and growth of London as a centre for these services from the 1980s coincided with the end of the USSR and the rise of the post-Soviet kleptocracies which today are major sources of customers for British banks, law firms, and related sectors. You will also make the connection between the recent Attorney General in New York and her calling out Trump on his personal tax and real estate records as she presently sets out to find anything he may have done illegal over his entire lifetime. Good luck with that one as he has always followed the law to the T. However, this road the dems are traveling down will open doors to a lot of those who are involved with working with “Chatham House Rules of the Elite”. My guess is this will backfire on them big time and expose those who are guilty of such things such as the Clinton Foundation.

The Bilderberg Group was formed by private selection. Originally, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands contacted former Belgian prime minister Paul van Zeeland, and the then head of Unilever, Paul Rijkens. Bernhard in turn contacted Walter Bedell Smith, the then head of the CIA, who asked Eisenhower adviser Charles Douglas Jackson to deal with the suggestions of guests. The guest list was to be drawn up by inviting two attendees from each nation, one of each to represent “conservative” and “liberal” points of view. Fifty delegates from 11 countries in Western Europe attended the first conference, along with 11 Americans.

It indeed was never designed to be what they said. It was so rogue that even the dictator of Cuba, Fidel Castro wrote an article for the Cuban Communist Party newspaper Granma in 2010, where  he cited Daniel Estulin’s 2006 book “The Secrets of the Bilderberg Club”, as his witness when he (Castro) described them all as “sinister cliques and the Bilderberg lobbyists” who were manipulating the public “to install a world government that knows no borders and is not accountable to anyone but its own self.”

You can see there was so much being formed and organized on a world private scale… and we haven’t even mentioned the private sector or banking or stocks. We’ll just say these guys were very busy and leave it at that and get back to CERN…

By September 29th 1954 CERN was established. That was a few months or so after the Bilderberg Group was formed. (Both were being formed in 1953, and some research indicates a bit earlier than that, but both state 1953 so we will use that date.) It is obvious CERN was started to gather all the collective minds to figure out how to put Tesla’s technology into action by the Bilderberg Group. CERN writes on its history as having been born from the vision of a small number of scientists who saw the opportunity not only to build a world-class laboratory for nuclear and particle physics in Europe, but also to bring nations together through science. CERN’s founding convention emphasizes that the Organization should foster international collaboration and promote contacts between an interchange of scientists.

The CERN Organization is also charged with making its results freely available, providing advanced training, and working in close collaboration with other research institutions. According to CERN’s Director General Robert Aymar,  “When the 12 founding Member States ratified the CERN convention on 29 September 1954, they gave the new organization a mission to provide first class facilities, to coordinate fundamental research in particle physics, and to help reunite the countries of Europe after two world wars.” (Isn’t that why the Bilderberg Group was formed? And isn’t that why the United Nations was formed?)

According to CERN’s website, “The World Wide Web was invented at CERN, and today the Organization is in the vanguard of the effort to develop a globally distributed computing system known as the Grid.” It is a hub of of information technology . Today we observe their focus on particle splitting and black holes and different dimensions of time space… all sorts of advanced science that we are given very little truth about. But they tell us  CERN is focusing on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), which will be the world’s largest and most complex scientific instrument to do experiments, yet, they will not give full disclosure to the public about it.  I suppose because the public at large are non members. And I’m sure it has something to do with at least 7 billion of those.

Just guessing here….

image 242
CERN Tunnel Opening Ceremony – what type of science is this?

Their CERN “Tunnel” celebrations are a bit bizarre. 

image 243

I guess it takes a Kleptocrat mindset to understand it all….

image 244

Having a forbidden knowledge background helps…or I suppose it would?

image 245

Participation in CERN

Membership status is subject to a decision by the CERN Council. The benefits and obligations of Membership and Associate Membership, and the criteria and procedures for accession, are laid down in the CERN Convention and in CERN Council Resolution CERN/2918/Rev. Member States participate in the governance of the Organization through their representation in the Council, CERN’s supreme governing body, with full voting rights. CERN presently has 23 Member States, which contribute to the budget of the Organization in proportion to their Net National Income (NNI).

image 246

Membership history: The CERN Convention was signed in 1953 by the twelve founding states Belgium, Denmark, France, the Federal Republic of Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Yugoslavia, and entered into force on September 29, 1954.Members who joined later were Austria (1959), Spain (1961-1969, re-joined 1983), Portugal (1985), Finland (1991), Poland (1991), CzechoSlovak Republic (1992), Hungary (1992), Bulgaria (1999), Israel (2014),  Romania (2016) and Serbia (2019). The Czech Republic and Slovak Republic re-joined CERN after their mutual independence in 1993. Yugoslavia left CERN in 1961. Thus, CERN today has 23 Member States.

Membership appears to be another private club with tiers of benefits, even though they state they are open to sharing all of their findings with the world. States can be a regular Associate Membership (of indefinite duration) or of Associate Membership as the pre-stage to Membership, normally for a period of between two and five years. Associate Members pay a reduced contribution to the CERN budget and enjoy benefits which are reduced accordingly. They are represented at the CERN Council, except at Closed Sessions, and do not have voting rights. CERN currently has three Associate Members in the pre-stage to Membership, Cyprus, Estonia and Slovenia, as well as seven Associate Members, Croatia, India, Latvia, Lithuania, Pakistan, Turkey and Ukraine.

There is also an “Observer status” that has been granted to States and international organizations. CERN currently has three Observer States (Japan, Russia and USA – the Observer status of the Russian Federation is suspended in accordance with the CERN Council Resolution of 8 March 2022). This status has usually been awarded to States that have made significant contributions to the CERN infrastructure, and to international organizations which maintain close links with CERN. Observers may attend Open Sessions of the Council, and do not have voting rights. Collaboration with the Observer States on a scientific and technical level is governed by International Cooperation Agreements.

Note: JINR is the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Russia, with 5500 staff members, 1200 researchers including 1000 Ph.Ds from eighteen countries, like Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, members of the institution.

Now this is important to know due to what is taking place in Ukraine. For Ukraine has many attributes for RESET projects and has been involved in much research that has benefited CERN. The number one Institute in the world for Brain Research is right there in Ukraine. The type of “Brain Research” that is so vital to the contribution to a BIG COMPUTER, let’s say like CERN, to be able to control mass populations with huge capabilities, let’s say like EVERYTHING.

image 251

CERN currently has three Observer States (Japan, Russia and USA – the Observer status of the Russian Federation is suspended in accordance with the CERN Council Resolution of 8 March 2022) and three Observer organizations (the European Union, JINR and UNESCO – the Observer status of JINR is suspended in accordance with the CERN Council Resolution of 25 March 2022).

Non-institutional participation and International Cooperation Agreements

International Cooperation Agreements (ICAs) are the main instruments for implementing formal, non-institutional participation of non-Member States and territories in CERN programs, and for regulating cooperation with international organizations. While ICAs provide the general legal framework for such cooperation, they are implemented through detailed Protocols and Addenda covering specific projects and programs.

Memoranda of Understanding

Participation in scientific collaborations carrying out major experiments at CERN, as well as in the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid, future accelerator studies and certain other projects, are governed by multilateral Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs), signed by the participating institutes and their funding agencies and by CERN as the Host Laboratory. MoUs specify the financial and in-kind resources that the participants contribute to the construction, maintenance and operation as well as the upgrade of an experiment or project. Read:

Read: CMS_gridppMeeting_Aug2022.pdf (

So we have a science beast that performs what appear to be occult rituals to celebrate its achievements and has all the hallmarks of secret societies in the groves….that gives the appearance that they have been building a tower into the heavens since 1953 (if we want to give it an official date). And that ties in one year after Queen E rose to her throne in 1952, who was finally buried with an official wand breaking over her coffin. Which would make 2023 a 70 year mark for something… if 70 years as the years of a King or Queen Royal Flush means anything? And that does mark a very important year of Jubilee. So we shall see what this all means as it unfolds before our very eyes.

It is anyone’s guess what exactly they are trying to achieve for we have signs and stories of many things from building black holes to opening dimensions to time travel. What we know for sure is this is the biggest computer in the world and it has driven some scientists mad from what they have seen of demonic (so they have said) ghost like spirits appearing after certain testing phases.

When we look at the nations that are directly involved… we see a Klaus Schwab like European collaboration of one world place holders attending the occult style Tunnel Opening Celebrations…but on the outside we see scientists announcing particles and Hadron Colliders to experience how to recreate things??? Or figure out how mass came about to be held together and what splits it all apart…are they going to rearrange it all?  They sure are trying to do a few things with some very private and expensive science toys. They are determined to play god and do a big bang….and unleash whatever it is they believe needs unleashed. Or go where no man has gone before… whatever the real motives it is not comforting at all to know that the same people who fund RESET and want global domination and world depopulation are the same ones who are behind this CERN project. Not comforting at all.

So knowing this is Tesla Technology, let’s take a look at what he knew…

Tesla knew the moon did not orbit the earth.  Rather it rotated via an axis passing through the center of the earth.  He was often met with scoffing and ridicule at his truth, but, he was a master at proving his points with facts and results that could not be disputed.  The tycoons who made money off of controlling industry were threatened by his knowledge, especially ideas that would outdate their money trains.  The tycoons and government wanted his patents, but not Tesla’s ideas of use for them.

Tesla wrote in an article: “In astronomical treatisies usually the argument is advanced that “if the lunar globe did not turn upon its axis it would expose all parts to terrestrial view. As only a little over one-half is visible it must rotate.” But this inference is erroneous, for it only admits of one alternative. There are an infinite number of axis besides its own in each of which the moon might turn and still exhibit the same peculiarity.” Tesla

 “I have stated in my article that the moon rotates about an axis passing thru the center of the earth, which is not strictly true, but it does not vitiate the conclusions I have drawn. It is well known, of course, that the two bodies revolve around a common center of gravity, which is at a distance of a little over 2,899 miles from the earth’s center.” Read – Tesla’s original article

image 247

One of Tesla’s most controversial concepts was his stance that the earth was a realm and not a planet.  How it was a divine creation that was intelligently designed. A magnificent machine of sorts, powered by electromagnetism and propagated by aether.  And Tesla knew how to make it sing.

His idea that it was a giant domed battery brought many skeptics, yet he showed them all how it operated. The elegant simplicity of the electromagnetic dome did not require any more understanding than a few basic principles and an open mind. He explained it and proved it by harnessing the energy from it. He knew that although humans, animals, birds and plants need fresh water, the massive oceans of salt water were not there by accident.

Salt-water has everything to do with powering the earth and it’s biosphere.  It just so happens that salt-water makes an effective electrolytic solution to conduct electricity and move electrons from the anode (+) to the cathode (-).  In the case of the earth, the Artic Circle is the anode and the Antarctic ice shelf is the cathode at the earth’s surrounding base.

Let’s repeat his last sentence….” In the case of the earth, the Artic Circle is the anode and the Antarctic ice shelf is the cathode at the earth’s surrounding base. He confirms the circle of the earth…. And now we know why all the science regarding CERN is secret… no one is supposed to know the earth is NOT A SPINNING BALL.

image 248

The only other thing needed are electrolytic metals and an external power source. The metals can be Zinc, Magnesium, Copper, Nickel, Gold, Iron, Brass, and others in various amounts and percentages.  The external electrical charge is the earths Schumann Resonance which is 7.83 Mhz. This provides the power to create a chemical reaction whereby electrons from Zinc for example, will peel away and move to copper.  This process is called Oxidation and Reduction.

The following rules hold true for both electrolytic and galvanic/voltaic cells.

1.Anode is always the place where oxidation happens.

2.Cathode is always the place where reduction happens.

3.Anode shoots out electrons, Cathode takes in electrons.

4.Ions = electrolyte.

5.Electrolytes conduct electricity by the motion of ions.

6.Without electrolytes, there won’t be a circuit because electricity won’t be able to travel.

It’s this chemical reaction that creates electromagnetism, the Aether and the electromagentic dome we call home. And a method to light up the world for free!

Charles Augustine De-Coulomb, J.J. Thomson and the great Nikola Tesla were onto this fact and were stopped by the powers that be. See original article – 1900’s

Tesla knew the earth was stationary, and he knew we had a firmament that was fixed. In other words he knew it had a dome. All the elements necessary to thrive in technology that was free for all was at humanities disposal.  Sadly, evil tyrants full of greed stepped in, took his patents and kept Tesla’s knowledge in the same safe guard as all the other knowledge of true science.  What they have given us is an occult based space program NASA, high energy prices, weather manipulation, Monsanto, transhumanism, and CERN…whatever that is intended to do?  TESLA KNEW… – THE MARSHALL REPORT (

Now let’s look again at CERN’s Large Hydron Collider….

image 249

What does this now look like to your eyes?  Does it look like Tesla’s drawing of the Electrolytic Earth Dome Battery?  Sure does. It appears they have found a way to go in circular rotations to achieve many things with science. And not science of Einstein. What could have been used for good, science of men have used for other purposes and many of those purposes are left for us to guess at.

So now we need to look at the world and see who is who and see the nature of the beast that is trying to enslave humanity… it is not new and it has been building up for 2,000 years and it is indeed a set of feet and toes made of iron and clay that do not mix. And there is a stone coming that will strike its’ feet before it stomps out 7 billion of God’s humanity and destroys His creation.

image 250

I believe God is watching all of this and is about to roll their skys up like a scroll as it says in the book of Revelation 6:14 “And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.” I have often tried to visualize what that would look like. But, then again mountains are representative of governments and islands…well I know of a few pertinent ones. The scripture lends the appearance of a bit of shaking up takes place.

Whoever said our heads need to be on a swivel during this RESET attempt phase, sure was accurate in their statement.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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