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I’m thinking this IOWA evangelical thing is a bit over rated.  Why do I think that?  I was just wondering if Iowa is so evangelical minded in the vote, why on earth does The Des Moines Register and Bloomberg Politics have it that 48 percent of Democrats who expect to caucus next year support Mrs. Clinton, and 39 percent back Mr. Sanders?
I’m not buying into the media hype here anymore.  You either want to save America from the NWO establishment elite goals or you don’t.  You either vote for the one who goes against the status quo or you vote for the final nails in America’s coffin, for the days of the once considered terrible – “more of the same” are over.  It will be a funeral.
Why in the world in a state that is so proud to be American and so proud to be evangelical putting  God first would they ever consider an Arab Spring, Benghazi guilty Hillary or communist Bernie?
Why would they vote for the one that wants to end the 2nd amendment and take their guns away, and force common core down their throat along with climate change and Obama care paid abortions?  Why would they vote for those who support more Islamist radical rights in America and no borders? Most importantly why would they vote for those who have donors that push for the new world order establishment goals?
Has anyone else thought about this? It sounds like there is a bit of voter fraud going on….or just skewed polls.  Maybe 48 percent is out of 100 voters?
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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