Introducing Inessa S.  – the person who translated the Putin video of the press conference at the Valdai Discussion Club 2014 that received over 4 million views between two separate postings on You Tube. I applaud Inessa for her hard work and effort to bring these words to our understanding.

From Inessa -“The internet is truly access to the world at your fingertips. What started out as a random initiative to translate a couple of videos, turned into a viral post around the world with 4+ million views. Running into Dianne Marshall in the blogo-sphere, her re-post on the subject became the #1 rated blog on Word Press (Top Blog and Top Post !) Oct. 2, 2015. This shows that no matter how much the main stream media pours gasoline on any one side, the public remains vigilant for truthful information.”

Inessa has taken the time to translate so many of Putin’s videos which give the rest of the world the message that he has wanted to share. The same messages the western media has wanted equally to hide.

These are trying days where truth has been soured and what we get is bitter.  It is a time where people must rise up and become the educators, the press, the leaders of truth.  It is a world effort that must be undertaken for we are all a vital part of humanity and all under a mark to be attacked.

Humanity is not a classification as the “establishment” has called us using the term – “useless” eaters. We are not such a thing at all. None of us. Each “living” soul has someone who looks to them who needs them and loves them.  Even if that one is a pet.  We are a body of people and all parts are needed. Many are special little joints.  Especially those that rise up and seem to have a unique individual quality to contribute. That one little thing the rest of the body wasn’t thinking about yet, marveled when they heard or saw it.  That is exactly what Inessa brings to the table.  That special quality to do something that no one else is doing.  Actually going against the grain for the good of all.

Please visit her You Tube site and enjoy this New Zealand lady’s  hard labor of love in translating  words that otherwise would continue to be hidden to those in the world who do not speak Russian.  The world is truly a thread the weaves a common cloth.  Someone needs to tell the establishment we are already woven and we do not need torn apart and quilted back together.

 I am stoked my video received so many views, it is important to be able to see both sides of a story and have others make up their own opinions. Feel free to join me on my channel as I post more stuff for you to ponder.” Inessa S.

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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