In Search Of Truth…The Keys To The Kingdom

Queen Mary Magdalene…

This truth was well known during the time of our Lord and hidden during the formation of the all religions into one at the Council of Nicea. It was revived during the Renaissance Age of Chivalry and Knighthood, which embraced a respect for woman, as exemplified by the Knights Templars whose constitutional oath supported a veneration of “the Grail Mother”, which was none other than their Queen Mary Magdalene. Prior to the Middle Ages, the individual stories of this Royal Family were historically well-known. But when the Church began its reign of fanatical persecution (the great Inquisition), the whole Nazarene and Desposynic heritage was forced underground.

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There were always the killing of the followers of the way, and at times it was a bloody massacre, other times it would ease up a bit. Eb and tide. But there has been ongoing great tribulation as never before upon the earth since the days of the first followers of the way of Yeshua. The contempt of anger toward any who followed the teachings of Yeshua and honored Mary Magdalene in any way must have grown heavy for it was Emperor Domitian in 81AD who set forth a decree throughout the land to find and kill all of the House of David. He wanted to wipe out the entire lineage. This was directed not at the followers of the way…this decree targeted the lineage of the House of David. But it did allow to achieve both for anyone could be accused of being of the lineage and killed.

What is a lineage?

  • Lineage (anthropology), a group that can demonstrate their common descent from an apical ancestor or a direct line of descent from an ancestor.
  • Lineage (evolution), a temporal sequence of individuals, populations or species representing a continuous line of descent.

Genealogy is a see also of lineage. As nouns the difference between genealogy and lineage is that genealogy is (countable) the descent of a person, family, or group from an ancestor or ancestors. However, concerning a lineage or pedigree , one’s lineage is their descent in a line from a common progenitor; progeny; race; descending line of offspring or ascending line of parentage.

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Emperor Domitian sent forth a decree to kill the lineage of the House of David. All of it. James the righteous was Jesus’s brother. Were they after James and his lineage…or someone else?

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With Jesus (Yeshua) dead (and risen) and Mary Magdalene dead since 63AD… and Jerusalem in smoldering rubble… who was Domitian really after? What was it he feared? What was it about this lineage, among other followers of the way, who did no harm, and had no army of troops, nor desired to battle the Roman Empire with force that angered this Emperor so greatly? According to what we were told, Jerusalem was destroyed in 70AD and nothing was left. Josephus, the Jewish Historian, wrote that the slaughter was worse than any in the History of the Jews.

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Jerusalem was burned to the ground and the Temple was left as a pile of rubble. He recorded that there were no survivors of the Jews except those who had fled in the earlier years. The massacre was so great there had never been such numbers slain in the history of the Jews. No one survived the onslaught and there was no one to put the masses into graves. The birds ate the flesh off their bones. It was a slaughter. And it stayed that way and not rebuilt. So where was this house of David that the emperor of Rome decreed to be killed? Why would he even fool with this? Something had to happen.

Mary of Magdalene had a following of women who she taught the way of Yeshua (Jesus) and early on, it is said she was arrested and put in Jail. She was released and Joseph of Arimathea (James Jesus’s brother, also called James the Righteous) got her released and took her, and Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Mary Salome the sister of Mary, along with a maiden named Sarah (Mary’s daughter)and some other followers, one being Maximus, to the South of Gaul.

Many years later, after the Roman Church had been established, because this truth could not be denied nor hidden, they set out to discredit Mary Magdalene.

You see, the three Marys and other disciples ministered to the South of Gaul (France) and all throughout Aix. As the people in the South of France continued to celebrate and honor the arrival of the Three Maries and the message of The Gospel, the Vatican said after her arrest she was exiled from Jerusalem and sent out alone in a boat with no oars and no provisions and miraculously her little boat landed on the shores of Southern Gaul and stayed at a fortress named Oppidum-Râ. It was a miracle. She was said to have preached the gospel for ayear and then spent her remaining 30 years in a cave on top of a Saint Baume making penance for her sins, until the day she died in 63 AD. She is said by the Vatican story to have never left the cave and was only covered by her hair, angels brought her manna to eat daily, until the day she died…and then the angels took her to heaven. They deny Mary the mother of Jesus was with her. She was with John. Remember????? (More on that sometime later).

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The little boat with no ores and no provisions…and just like that, they landed ashore. (The Vatican Story)
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The sarcophagus of Mary Magdalene in the crypt beneath St. Maximin basilica (where the Vatican say some of her remains are buried. Many have other opinions. As well as myself. )

I actually met the Cardinal who at that time worked with the new Cave Display of Mary’s Jawbone in the Cave in Marseille, France. An exhibit had come to my city and I went to see it. I was writing my book and researching Mary at the time, and had lots of questions about this whole south of France story thingy….?? I had read the work of a woman who wrote books on this and lo and behold she was the one that organized the tour of the relic of Mary Magdalene in the USA. (See how the Holy Spirit works?) The chances of something like that happening are only from the Lord. The Cardinal repeated that exact same story as I had researched. Of which I discerned was way wrong. But, I listened politely, then I asked him “what ever happened to Jesus’s mother Mary, how did she die and when? He answered, “We do not know. All we know is upon her death the angels came and carried her up into the heavens.”

There was a line of people waiting to see the Cardinal, so I smiled and thanked him and went over to the author who had written the books on Mary and her visits to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer which is French for Saint Marys of the Sea, the capitol of Camargue, located south of Arles, France. She had observed the whole thing. I asked her, “Do you believe what he said is true?” She smiled and said, “He believes it.” I said, “I’ve studied your work.” She beamed at that and smiled. I added, “I think you have it right.” She nodded and said, “Let’s talk over here”, and she led me to a corner by her table with her books. We had a good conversation.

There is a lot to be said about the Saintes-Maries-de-al-Mer…but that is another subject. That is just part of the back story of the journey we are on….

It was Pope Gregory 1, in 591 AD that portrayed Mary of Magdalene, who was The Tower of the Tribe of Benjamin, as a prostitute. Mary’s Title as Tower, meant she was the Princess of the tribe of Benjamin and in line to be Queen. Probably due to all of the admiration and respect for this woman, the time came and she was made out to be a prostitute in an Easter sermon which started all sort of grave public rumors that created a stigma to her name. And from that day on she was declared a whore and that is what she was taught to be.

Then after all those years we fast forward to 1969 when Pope Paul VI said that was wrong and declared her as a Saint and added her name to the General Roman Calendar. Later in 2016 Pope Francis declared her as the Apostle to the Apostles. If they keep going they soon may have to admit who she really is. But don’t hold your breath.

Back in France … Calling Mary a whore just didn’t stop her favoritism.

Many years later, the pilgrimage to Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer continued to remain a popular event of the people, even after the Pope declared her a whore in 571 AD, (I’m sure to discredit her, there is no other reason. They obviously feared her and her lineage…. Which became the Legend of the Holy Grail) but her celebration and honor continued to grow.

By 1343 the Pope established their celebration and made a new story to explain Mary. The one where she preached in Aix for about a year, then spent thirty years of her life at the top of Mt. Marseille in a Cave doing penance for her life sins. Angels dropped her manna to eat. She stayed in that cave and went no where for thirty years and died. Which is very different than the one that is the truth. It was obviously made up to justify bringing her back into the fold after years of being made a whore.

I wrote of all of Mary’s real story in character in my book “The Spear of Destiny”. It is an amazing story, yet, almost no one wants to talk about Mary…why? They still argue over her whoredom status which is so blasphemous and dishonoring to the Elect Lady as John called her

2 John 1:1-4 “1 The elder unto the elect lady and her children, whom I love in the truth; and not I only, but also all they that have known the truth; 2 For the truth’s sake, which dwelleth in us, and shall be with us for ever. 3 Grace be with you, mercy, and peace, from God the Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father, in truth and love. 4 I rejoiced greatly that I found of thy children walking in truth, as we have received a commandment from the Father.

John then ends his short letter which indicates that his wife is the Elect Lady’s sister, who is also an Elect one…which is true as she would be heiress to the title of Magdalena in the absense of Mary. Also, his salutation referred to himself as the “elder unto the elect lady.”

John 1: 12 Having many things to write unto you, I would not write with paper and ink: but I trust to come unto you, and speak face to face, that our joy may be full. 13 The children of thy elect sister greet thee. Amen.

So what else do we know of Mary? Onward To The Holy Grail …

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We have learned a bit about the process of the orthodox church and there is a lot that took place during this reign. We will fast forward to the time of the inquisition where the Church was out to end the Knights Templar. For those who know little of the Knights Templar, I will give a very brief backstory so you have a better grasp on the information of the Holy Grail: The KnightsTemplars were founded in 1120 after the First Crusade with the goal of being warrior monks for God. The knights took the same vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience as other monks and followed the rule of the Cistercians.

The Knights Templar had become guardians of the ruins of Jerusalem and made their headquarters beneath the Temple Mount in Solomon’s stables. They had offered protection and safe passage to Jews making their pilgrimage to Jerusalem to do honors and were soon cut off from any funding from the church. Throughout the Crusades the Templars distinguished themselves in battle winning prestige, honor, and an enormous fortune. This fortune acquired through gifts from kings and revenue from their banking system They became industrious and created their own economy by charging fees for safe passage and all the Knights took an oath in their brotherhood to give all of their possessions to the brotherhood, and  in their death they willed their estates to the Knighthood.  

image 241
The remains of Solomon’s stables below the temple mount.

Over the years the Knights Templar was said to have found the books of the secrets of Solomon, what we know as the Kabala. They were said to have studied the books and learned the secrets that only Solomon had known and guarded these truths.

Over time, the church reached a point where they were all but bankrupt from their wars. Of which they turned their eyes and attention toward the Knight Templars. Mainly because the Templars had acquired much wealth and land throughout Europe by inheritances and various modes of economic commerce. And so the Vatican thought of a plot to accuse them and seize their wealth. They set out to do an Inquisition which was started by King Philip IV of France in the year 1307.

Backstory on King Philip IV: For years Philip had borrowed huge sums of money from the Knights to finance his wars against England and the Templars were now calling in his debt. The problem was France was bankrupt and Philip had no way of repaying his debts. It became complicated when the pope was threatening to confiscate France’s property unless the debt was repaid. In desperation Philip turned to a former Templar named Esquin de Floryan who for years had been accusing the Knights of various crimes. De Floryan accused the Knights of being heretics who “did not believe in the Mass or other sacraments,” and practiced sodomy, spat on the cross, and “worshipped a demonic idol called Baphomet”. Oh the dirty things they do. Always accusing others of what _____________fill in the blank.  So back to the Templars and Mary Magdalene.

So why the vengeful onset of the Inquisition?

The vengeful onset of the Inquisition took place because the Knights Templars had not only returned from the Holy Land with documents that undermined the Church’s teachings, but they also established their own Cistercian churches in opposition to Rome. These were not just any churches; they were the greatest religious monuments ever to grace the skylines of the western world: the Notre Dame Cathedrals of France. Despite their present-day image, these impressive Gothic cathedrals had nothing whatever to do with the established Christian Church.

Which brings us to:

The Notre Dame cathedrals of France were dedicated to Mary Magdalene by the knights Templars who built them?

These architectural wonders were funded and built by the Knights Templars, and they were dedicated to Mary Magdalene-Notre Dame, Our Lady-whom they called “The Grail of The World”. This, of course, defeated every dogma that the High Church had encouraged, and the bishops retaliated by re-dedicating numerous other churches to Mary, the mother of Jesus. But, in so doing, they made a strict decree that all artistic portrayals of Mother Mary, the Madonna, must henceforth show her dressed in “blue and white only” so as not to grant her any rights to ecclesiastical office in the male only priesthood.

Mary Magdalene, on the other hand, was being portrayed (by the world’s greatest artists) wearing the red mantle of cardinal status or the black robe of a Nazarite High Priestess-and there was nothing the Church could do about it. The bishops’ only option was to proclaim the practice sinful and heretical. Why? Because in one of the previous attempts to rid any talk of the Magdalena, they had elected to ignore Mary Magdalene and her heirs, she was now outside of their jurisdiction.

So what do they do? The Vatican denounced all Grail Lore as Heresy.

The sixth-century writings of Merlin were expressly banned by the Ecumenical Council, and the original Nazarene Church of Jesus became an “underground stream”, aided by such notable sponsors as Leonardo da Vinci and Sandro Botticelli. In those days, the Church policed and controlled most literature in the public domain; and so, in order to avoid outright censorship, the Grail tradition became allegorical and its message was communicated by way of secret watermarks, esoteric writings, Tarot cards and symbolic artwork.

Today they use fact checkers, hackers, bots, and just take you off line. They ban you and push propaganda. Instead of heresy they shout conspiracy theory. You see the playbook is always the same…only the tools of the day are what change.

 Why should Grail lore and the writings of Merlin have posed such a problem for the High Church? Wasn’t King Arthur and all that stuff about Camelot just make believe? A myth?

Maybe not…for the Grail lore and the writings of Merlin posed a big problem for the High Church. Why? Because, within the context of their adventurous texts, they told the descendant story of the Grail bloodline-a bloodline which had been ousted from its dynastic position by the Popes and Bishops of Rome who had elected to reign supreme by way of a contrived “apostolic succession”.

This apostolic succession was said to have been handed down from the first bishop, St Peter (and this is still the promoted view). But all a person has to do is study the Church’s own Apostolic Constitutions to find out that this isn’t true. Peter was never a Bishop anywhere. The Vatican’s Constitutions record that the first Bishop of Rome was Prince Linus of Britain, the son of Caractacus the Pendragon. He was installed by St Paul in AD 58, during Peter’s own lifetime. Now I am not saying it is true, but this is what the Vatican that never lies about anything has in their records in their constitutions. I suppose they are confusing Simon Magus with Peter again. They have done that slight of hand. I hope you see a bit of the J6 Unselect Committee in all of this…and how the plots of the dark side always seem to rinse and repeat.  

From the 1100s on, the powerful Knights Templars and their cathedrals posed an enormous threat to the ‘male-only’ Church by bringing the heritage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene to the fore in the public domain.

image 243

Their whole Papal establishment would tumble if the Messianic descendants gained the upper hand!

The cardinals knew that their whole establishment would tumble if the Messianic descendants gained the upper hand. They had to be crushed! And so the brutal Inquisition implemented-a hideous persecution of all who dissented from the rule of the bishops. It all began in 1208, when Pope Innocent III sent 30,000 soldiers into the Languedoc region of southern France. This was the home of the Cathars (“the Pure Ones”) who were said to be the guardians of a great and sacred treasure-a mysterious secret which could overturn orthodox Christianity. The Pope’s so-called Albigensian Crusade lasted for 36 years-during which time, tens of thousands of innocent people were slaughtered- but the treasure was never found.

The main thrust of the Inquisition (or “Holy Office”) was instituted by Pope Gregory IX during the course of this massacre, in 1231, and it was set against anyone who supported “the Grail heresy”. By 1252, the torture of victims was formally authorized, along with execution by burning. “Heresy” was a wonderful charge to level against captives, because only the Church could define it. Again… this is so much like the J6 Unselect Committee. Is history repeating itself only… it isn’t working for them any more? 

I am seeing a pattern here that appears to be about to expose a lot of truths in 2022! I have some puzzle pieces I’ve been looking at for a number of years that just might fit somewhere real soon!

Torture and death to all who knew the truth of the holy blood line of Jesus and Mary.

If this was all bull… and heresy, why on earth would they be afraid of it?  Couldn’t they just disprove it with one of their decree papers or something?  Did Constantine have some clause or sworn testimonies to something on this?  What was he thinking? 

Meanwhile,the victims were tortured until they confessed, and having confessed they were executed. If they did not confess, then the torture continued until they died anyway. One recorded form of torture was to spread the victim, little by little, with fat (beginning with his feet), and then roast him alive in sections, limb by limb, over an open fire. These savage persecutions and punishments were openly waged for more than 400 years, and were also extended against Jews, Muslims and Protestant dissenters.

 NOTE: The Inquisition was never formally terminated. As recently as 1965 it was renamed “the Sacred Congregation”, and its powers are theoretically still in force today.

I don’t believe for one moment God was with any of this or them. This was not of the light. But this is what happens when you give up your freedoms and your field that you are supposed to sow and let someone else reap the harvest. Let this be a reminder to all. We must stand now or have more of this evil one world madness.

In spite of the Inquisition, the Nazarene movement pursued its own course, and the story of the bloodline was perpetuated in literature such as the Grand Saint Grail and the High History of the Holy Grail. These writings were largely sponsored by the Grail courts of France (the courts of Champagne, Anjou and others), and also by the Knights Templars and the Desposyni; and, at that stage, Arthurian Romance became a popular vehicle for the Grail tradition.

The henchmen of Pope Clement V and King Philip IV of France set out to destroy all traces of the truth of the Holy Grail…

In the light of this, the Templars became a specific target of the Inquisition in 1307 when the henchmen of Pope Clement V and King Philip IV of France were set in their direction. The papal armies scoured Europe for the Templar documents and treasure-but, like the Cathar inheritance, nothing was found. However, many Knights were tortured and executed in the process, and their companions escaped to countries outside the papal domain. But the Templar hoard was not lost, and while the Vatican emissaries were searching, the treasure and documents were locked away in the Chapter House Treasury vaults of Paris.

They were under the protection of the Templar Grand Knights of St Anthony-“the Guardian Princes of the Royal Secret”-who loaded the hoard one night onto 18 galleys of the Templar fleet at La Rochelle. By daybreak, the fleet had sailed for Scotland, and on arrival they were welcomed by King Robert the Bruce who, along with the whole Scottish nation, had been excommunicated by the Pope for challenging the Catholic King Edward of England.

In Scotland, the Templars and their treasure remained, and the Knights fought with Bruce at Bannockburn in 1314 to regain Scotland’s independence from Plantagenet England. Subsequent to the Battle of Bannockburn, Bruce and the St Anthony Templars founded the new Order of the Elder Brothers of the Rosy Cross in 1317-from which time the Kings of Scots became hereditary Grand Masters, with each successive Stewart King holding the honoured Grand Priory title of “Prince Saint Germain”.

Why was  King Arthur, a Celtic commander of the sixth century, so important to the Knights Templars & the Grail courts of Europe?

Because Arthur had been unique, with a ‘dual’ heritage in the Messianic line. King Arthur was by no means a made up myth. Far from it. It was just that researchers were misguided by all of the many fictional locations from all the romantic folklore. Many got clues and searched in vain through the chronicles of Brittany, Wales and the west of England. In as much as many were seeking truth, there were others as serious in their efforts to hide it.

As with all videos…take the story Of King Arthur above and discern. Truths are always hidden between weaves of opinions.

Many people have been seeking the Holy Grail to find the truth of the lineage of David, and others have been literally looking for a Chalise they believe is worth a lot of money and may hold the power of enchantments. And there are others who know it exists and are out to destroy it. They have tried to erase it and deny it ever existed, but alas… they can no longer hide the facts. Sooner or later truth will prevail when enough seek it for the right reasons. For whatever reasons these doors have remained shut to the masses, perhaps it is due to other “things” that must manifest first; and perhaps there are things that must be undone. One thing is sure, God is in control and when it is time for these doors to open they shall burst open wide… it is all in God’s timing and for His purpose.

The Scots and Irish Historic Annals

The truth is here a little and there a little just like in our Bibles. The Zionist movement has set all Israel in a tiny little plot of land in the Middle East and has the entire unorthodox church looking at it and waiting for God to do a host of things, after man does a host of things….meanwhile the world is filled with his bloodline here and there…and no one seems to care but a handful of so called conspiracy theorists searching for the truth to the life of our Lord and His Elect Lady, Mary of Magdalene.

King Arthur Is Decended From The Lineage of Jesus

According to Sir Laurence Gardner,  (17 May 1943 – 12 August 2010) Kt St Gm, KCD, an internationally known sovereign and chivalric genealogist and author, The details of King Arthur are to be found in the Scots’ and Irish annals. He was truly “the High King of the Celtic Isle”, and he was the sovereign commander of the British troops in the late sixth century. Arthur was born in 559, and he died in battle in 603. His mother was Ygerna del Acqs, the daughter of Queen Viviane of Avallon, in descent from Jesus and Mary Magdalene. His father was High King Aedàn of Dalriada (the Western Highlands of Scotland, now called Argyll)-and Aedàn was the British Pendragon (“Head Dragon” or “King of Kings”) in descent from Jesus’ brother James. It is for this reason that the stories of Arthur and Joseph of Arimathea are so closely entwined in the Grail romances. Indeed, the coronation records of Scotland’s King Kenneth MacAlpin (a descendant of Aedàn the Pendragon) specifically refer to his own descent from the dynastic Queens of Avallon. King Aedàn’s paternal legacy emerged through the most ancient House of Camulot (England’s Royal Court of Colchester) in a line from the first Pendragon, King Cymbeline (who is well-known to students of Shakespeare). By that time, Messianic descendants had founded Desposynic kingdoms in Wales and across the Strathclyde and Cambrian regions of Britain.

Sir Laurence Gardner’s research findings are that Arthur’s father, King Aedàn of Scots, was the first British monarch to be installed by priestly ordination, when he was crowned and anointed by Saint Columba of the Celtic Church in 574. This, angered the Roman Church bishops because they claimed the sole right to appoint kings who were supposed to be crowned by the Pope!

As a result of this coronation, in 597, Rome sent Saint Augustine to dismantle the Celtic Church. Three years later, he proclaimed himself Archbishop of Canterbury, but his mission to dismantle the Celtic Church failed and the Nazarene tradition continued on in Scotland, Ireland and Wales and across northern England.

An important fact to remember is that the Grail dynasts were never territorial governors of lands. Like Jesus himself, they were designated “Guardians” of the people. The Merovingians of Gaul, for example, were Kings of the Franks-never Kings of France. King Aedàn, Robert the Bruce and their Stewart successors were Kings of the Scots-never Kings of Scotland.

image 242
Robert I, King of Scots (Robert the Bruce)

It was this implicitly ‘social’ concept which the High Church found so difficult to overcome, for the bishops preferred to have dominion over ‘territorial kings’, while the people’s senior lord and master was supposed to be the Pope. Only by maintaining ultimate spiritual control over individuals could the Church reign supreme, and so whenever a Grail dynast came to the fore he was met by the wrath of the papal machine. In 751 the bishops managed to end the Merovingian succession in Gaul, and made it that Kings of the succession of Charlemagne had to be approved and crowned by the Pope. The Church could never topple the Desposynic lines in Scotland, even though the old Celtic kingdoms of England had been dismantled by Germanic Anglo-Saxons from the sixth century. Even into the Middle Ages-long after the Norman Conquest of England the Nazarene Church and the long-prevailing followers of Mary Magdalene were prominent in Europe.

Which lead us to the Kings of the Scotts and the lineage of David. How did such a lineage arrive there? In the book of Maccabees we find a vital historic piece to this question.  

Jeremiah 45:3-5

‘You said, “Woe is me now! For the LORD has added grief to my sorrow. I fainted in my sighing, and I find no rest.”’ “Thus you shall say to him, ‘Thus says the LORD: “Behold, what I have built I will break down, and what I have planted I will pluck up, that is, this whole land. And do you seek great things for yourself? Do not seek them; for behold, I will bring adversity on all flesh,” says the LORD. “But I will give your life to you as a prize in all places, wherever you go.”’”

image 237

The direct male line was cut off. The prophet Jeremiah, fleeing Jerusalem to Egypt, was entrusted with King Zedekiah’s daughters. Who later made their way to Ireland, then to Scotland, and on to England.

Mary of Magdalene’s arrival to the shores of Gaul,(France) is traditionally still honored to this day, the people of St. Marsailles still celebrate the arrival of the three Mary’s to the shores of France in 33 AD. Mary Jacob (Jesus’s mother), Mary Magdalene, and Mary Salome.  Others arrived as well many more who fled Jerusalem. It is historically recorded and celebrated to this day. And to make a side note, President  Trump’s lineage hales from the Scots and the Gauls in Germany which the gauls were throughtout even the region of France originally. Through his mother’s side he is said to be of the House of Stewart which is of the lineage of David. And Lady Di of the house of Wales is also of the lineage of David to the true house of Windsor.  Queen Elizabeth is a fraud in her lineage.

The fact that women’s rights of equality were upheld throughout the Celtic structure- it was an enormous problem for the male-only priesthood of orthodox Christianity. The underlying principle of the Grail monarchs was always one of Service, in accordance with the Messianic code established by Jesus when he washed his apostles’ feet at the Last Supper. The true Grail dynasts were kings and guardians of their realms, but they were never rulers.

Presidents and prime ministers are ‘elected’ by the people. They are supposed to represent the people. But are they and do they? We are living in a cartoon version of the middle ages where the old RESET Babylon the great bunch are not doing so hot in their pursuit to rule the masses or eliminate them with a jab.

The truth is, Jesus confronted the same control issues regarding tyranny over a people. At that time, Jerusalem and Judaea were under Roman occupation, with King Herod and the Governor, Pontius Pilate, both appointed by Rome. But who represented the people? The people were not Romans; but a mix of Jews, Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, Samaritans, Gentiles and some Arabs. Who represented them? The answer is “no one”until Jesus made it his mission to do so. He truly set out to lift the meek up and show them the way to the Kingdom. He did not want to show the way to those who were greedily, and selfishly lording over the world and treating the meek like chattle.

Jesus stressed to love one another like yourself…and do to them as you would have done to you. This was the beginning of the Grail code of service to the people. The Grail code is based on the principles of liberty, fraternity and equality, and it was particularly apparent in the American and French revolutions, both of which discarded the lordship of despotic aristocracy. But it has been replaced by party politics and largely nonrepresentative government.

From the Middle Ages there were a number of chivalric and military orders specifically attached to the Messianic Blood Royal in Britain and Europe. They included the Order of the Realm of Sion and the Order of the Sacred Sepulchre. But the most prestigious of all was the Sovereign Order of the Sangréal-the Knights of the Holy Grail. This was a dynastic order of Scotland’s Royal House of Stewart, the royal house which in the 14th century introduced the unicorn of the Cathars as the sovereign emblem of Scotland.  (Trump traces back to the house of the Stewart Kings and some others.)

Shortly afterwards, they introduced the prestigious Order of the Unicorn, which carried the Grail motto “All as One”. Like King Arthur, the Stewart Kings also had a dual Desposynic heritage from both Jesus and his brother James. In fact, from the 1370s they were the senior house of the Messianic line, and they were Europe’s longest-reigning dynasty, holding their crown for 317 years until finally deposed by the Anglican Church in 1688. They were deposed because, in compliance with the Grail code, they claimed affinity to God and the nation before Parliament, the Church and the aristocracy.

The question is: why is all this information coming to light at this particular time? The fact is that the information has never been suppressed to those who are of it. It has been suppressed by the rich Kazarian Mafia and power seekers who desire to control the world and everything in it. Today, however, we are not only watching a bizaar show, we are live theater extras in it acting out our part…which while everything is upside down and inside out the only thing that makes sense is what we were told did not. And people are waking up and saying… what did Jesus really say…they have all lied to us so much. What is really going on?

Something happens when the average every day sheep is told you are all going to die and fear is shouted at every outlet and people are all making money off of fear, fear, fear and then they either go mad in the head or stop and wander around in it like a body zombie experience or stop and take a good long look at the nut jobs (who are supposed to be the smart ones) all shouting the same thing for two years…. and things are just worse. It is then that you realize this is all a big liar show and so…it’s time to find truth.

We live in an age of satellite 5-G,6-G, heck 7-G fry’em up communications, with faces on corporations like Scooby Do on a Milk Carton. None of them did anything but show up to be placed in a slot and told act like you own it and the smart arse show begins. Once a few people figured that out it began to spread to more and more people who are now also figuring that out.

They are finally seeing the Bible come to life, but not the way they were told. This led to searching the scriptures for theirselves and that led to the Holy Spirit nudging people and now people are feeling the nudge and seeking and finding truth. With the same propaganda wiring in place to deceive, many are using it to inform and in such an environment, news travels very quickly, and the truth is far more difficult to restrain. People are actually searching for the Holy Grail and most don’t even know it yet!

To Be continued….

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, Press, Press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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