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On banking, SVB and other interesting things….

While Silicon Valley Bank and Joey Avatar put on their Federal Reserve Show and Janet Yellen finally got her name on the one and five….or is that five and one? The rest of the world is watching the entire truth of the matter and that is the federal reserve is falling and falling fast. We heard Yellen tell the Senator from Oklahoma that big banks get a bail and smaller ones???? Well… they hope the big ones stay and… they made the best decision and…. did your head hurt on that one?

But fear not… at the end of this horrible crash and burn… there will be a new system that rises from the ashes.

image 179

The deep state is going to do everything they can think of to keep their monopoly money game going. They are like one who rakes leaves and decides to pass them off onto the public as currency and if they tell merchants they won’t accept anything but the leaves… then you don’t get to buy anything unless you have the leaves. But not just any leaves… only the leaves they rake. So, if you say that doesn’t make sense… well, it’s the easiest way to explain how the Fed doesn’t make sense with their printed paper. Both are about as legit as the other and both have the trees as their resources.

The real end result will be a gold backed dollar!

image 180

That being said… know the most important part of the law that they don’t talk about.

Connect the dots….

And the real technology to invest in that benefits all, is still kept hidden.

He’s done… all but gone if not already.


Yesterday on March 16, 2023, France’s President Macron, ordered his prime minister to wield a special constitutional power that allowed a bill to pass without going through parliament that raised the retirement age from 62 to 64 without voting on it.

His action caused mayhem in the streets and it is clear to say… in the nicest way possible…the aftermath is a clear shout of “NO CONFIDENCE” in Macron and his idea of government!

The anger from both lawmakers and the citizens and workers’ unions of France were outraged and took to the streets in front of the Place de la Concorde facing the National Assembly, and lit a bonfire. The police tried to clear the streets and charged the protestors only to scatter the masses into smaller groups who set more fires in nearby neighborhoods.

The world watches to see whether dictator Macron gets away with his sloppy, underhanded demands on a people already hungry, cold, tired, economically ruined and vaxed mandated. These WEF freak bot leaders are all but done. Watch as the show continues on a world scale. There is no walking back their arrogant ideas to rule the world with their global masters and the people are no longer complacent.

He knew his idea would never pass the parliment and so what does Macron the puppet of the dark side do? He declares France a dictatorship… and shoves it down their throats anyway. Well, those days are apparently OVER. The entire swath of WEF dictators have reached the end of their free reign and tyrannical rule over the little people they want so much to save their democracy for. As Harari says… “Those days are over…” and the difference between little Harari (Klaus Schwab’s mini me) and the people is…the people mean it and out number them in the billions!

And so…. the short lived king will rue the day he stepped on the backs of the people…. but, alas…he listened to his puppet masters…

image 189

Can Macron even hear the people? I trust they’ll be singing louder!

When Putin speaks and you listen to what he says, it is obvious he is speaking truth… and who can argue the truth?

“We are interested in making sure that our European partners are independent and sovereign. and make decisions based on national interests. Unfortunately, this is not quite the case, and often this is not the case at all.” Vladimir Putin

And what about this guy… I’ve been waiting for him to get his full exposure!

Which bring us to… all the letters to Trump…

image 185

Letters from Princess Diana, John F. Kennedy Jr., Michael Jackson… why would anyone write a book listing letters sent to them by other people? Especially some who were cut down in a nefarious manner with hallmark questions of foul play written all over their deaths?

image 186

I found it interesting… but must admit… I haven’t read any of the book so this is just a bit of speculation and it does make a bit of the buzz from others a little interesting.

image 187

This book is drawing a lot of attention to key figures.

This picture is just very interesting… it made me wonder. How about you?

image 188

Nothing is as it appears in this show. It never was. It is just that now more of us know it!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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