Illinois Pritzker’s Covid Test Contractor Reditus Under Investigation…

Questions raised on how Government Tax Payer money was embezzled to enhance lavish lifestyle…. just $100,000,000 dollars worth! Federal investigations are still underway.

As Illinois Governor Pritzker teases his desire to one day be president and pushes to ban guns there is an ongoing investigation in his own back yard.

But hey… it’s all about Public Safety right? Remember the contractor who removed toilets from Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s mansion in a $331,000 property tax scandal? He received a nearly $9 million COVID-19 contracts from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. But the contractor firm hadn’t worked with the Corps in 76 years. Read more, it’s a good long story! In order to figure out what is taking place we have to remember the little side issues that were quickly shoved under the rug along the way: Pritzker’s toilet removal contractor gets nearly $9M in COVID-19 work ( Look at what they do, not what they say.

“For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.” Luke 12:2

Phillip Turner of Fringe News presents some hard facts as he investigates this strange case that has made national headlines that have to do with COVID SWAB TESTING STATE CONTRACTS and an unknown lab called Reditus, in a small town in central Illinois named Pekin.

Turner states his findings, “Fortunately, we have the interwebs. In this day of web access and “accountability” I went to the Illinois state comptroller site to see the numbers for myself. (…) I found something very curious the comptroller’s site not only disproves the $220 Million figure that the media has been using (this search took all of 5 minutes) but the contract for public health lists the value of the contract as $156,512,534.33. Interestingly enough, when you click on the payments link, it shows no payments have been made.

Equally as curious there is no contract transparency document as there is with the other contracts.”

Well, Mr. Turner, of course not. Remember the toilets! And the covid contracts with that. Pritzker said it was a good thing because he was an “essential” worker! He gave him over 9 million worth of government contracts!

The last thing Gov. Pritzker wants to have happen is the Reditus federal audit to find its way to the Governors office. They have to make sure their Biden type crime family scene stays in Peoria since it played in Peoria. And not have that contageon spread to his governor’s castle realm. For you see it has come out in the courts that the alleged activity was spread out throughout central Illinois and the heart of Greater Peoria which that includes a tri-county area and one of those counties is Tazewell, which is seated in…. Pekin which is the city that Reditus Labs sits. And it could have made contact with people who went other places like a super spreader?

When you dig into the news reports of the court hearings which are under oath, you begin to see such a mess of things and so far… there are (I believe if I recall properly) 12 LLC’s, some belonging to a variety of Aaron Rossi family members. And monies from Reditus flowing through all of them. The amount of things taking place under the name of one unknown lab is off the charts and reaks of felony. Dots connect it to A.I. Projects in Peoria, to several Illinois Universities and it all spells Bio and SMART A.I. SURVEILLANCE projects with the appearance of money laundering.

image 166

Between the two court cases, one civil and one federal, so far court testimonies, and other evidence has shown the defendant, Rossi, has a past history of:

  1. Embezzling monies from previous employers,
  2. Was never licensed as a doctor in Illinois, nor anywhere in the United States,
  3. Was even told by the Illinois Department of Professional Registration and Regulation to cease and desist using that title to write prescriptions and mislead the public.
  4. Lied to past employers such as an Orthopedic Surgeon who caught him lying about having a doctors license, when wanting to be trained to perform orthopedic surgery, under his employer’s practice.
  5. Has a past history of suspicious criminal activity with: financials, banking, LLC’s, and accounting practices.
  6. Is currently and has been since 2017 undergoing an IRS audit.
  7. Has business partners he embezzled from and cheated financially.
  8. Made extravagant personal luxury purchases with Reditus funds.
  9. Personal philanthropic donations to Universities, and political campaigns with company funds.
  10. Varius degrees and forms of Fraud
  11. Activity that supports suspicion of having a network of other people directing him in his criminal activity.

And there are yet many sealed documents to the case that have not been presented to the public.

image 167
Mr. and Mrs. Rossi receiving awards from the Pekin Chamber of Commerce, pictured left is Pekin Mayor Luft. Think about this one. Even during civil lawsuits and the IRS fraud cases still building up year by year… he gets an award in June of 2021. All for COVID SWAB TESTING where knowing what we all know now that 97% of those testing positive were false readings … it is quite possible that this case will lead to some very interesting findings. Reditus, Rossi, Recognized by the State – Reditus Laboratories – Reditus Laboratories is a full-service laboratory company. (

Read the story of Reditus from their own website. They say they started in June of 2019 as a small closet lab that catered to podiatrists.  Our Story – Reditus Laboratories – Reditus Laboratories is a full-service laboratory company. (

We are not here to speculate the man’s motives, guilt or innocense. That is what the courts are to determine. So far we are watching this unravel and more and more dots are connecting this to many people in high places. Pritzker being one of those as it is very hard to believe that Pritzker would have had Rossi joined to his hip doing COVID press releases if he didn’t believe he was in control of the man and the project.

It also makes sense that in all that the man did and was charged with, the average citizen in Illinois would have never gotten away with that many years of IRS tax fraud audits going unanswered and in limbo. Nor would the average person have gotten off with a cease and desist letter for committing a felony involving opiods… by writing prescriptions pretending to be a doctor. Nor would the person be allowed to continue to play one in the Pritzker COVID road mandate show.

It is hard to believe that Pritzker was hood winked by Rossi. But, it is believable that someone is aiding and abedding him and could even involve the CIA or FBI? Men in black? Some powerful ones. Maybe it’s just a good lawyer. So far Rossi has been fighting court battles long before he even came to the little town of Pekin. Feds expand probe into Reditus Labs CEO Aaron Rossi | (

In the video below you can hear Ill. Gov. Pritzker in his coronavirus update tell you, “In building out these sites we’ve made it a priority to PARTNER DIRECTLY with EXISTING, TRUSTED ORGANIZATIONS to TEST PEOPLE ACROSS ILLINOIS. Places like Federally qualified health centers. We’ve now partnered with 96 of those statewide. And other community centered providers.”

Rossi is seen in the background waiting to be introduced. Dr. Rossi and his press speech is about five minutes in.

Pritzker proudly introduced Dr. Rossi in press conferences to explain the swab testing, and failed to have checked the credentials in this particular “existing and trusted organization” such as in doing a back ground check. If he had, he would have found Rossi just learning about this thing called swab testing and had been dabbling with it in what he referred to as a closet. No one understood at the time, just why he decided to offer that service in an area where it was rarely required. (According to recent court case discoveries) as luck would have it, when COVID broke out, he was at the right place at the right time and ‘BOOM’ he received the COVID swab testing contracts.

But, we are supposed to believe that Pritzker knew nothing about “Not a doctor Rossi” who was already in civil court disputes over a failed partnership with Dr. Davie in Texas who was introduced to Rossi by an aquaintance and used to legally open the facility. Davie applied for a license to practice in Illinois and after receiving his license they opened PALS and Orthonics lab. After opened, for a short while Rossi is alleged to have tried to boot Dr. Davies out of the partnership, and the many charges in the civil law suit filed by Davies tells a big story, including to have used Davies investment money and then giving him no salaries, no repayment, and sticking Davie with IRS taxes for the lab. Rossi, is still charged with IRS tax fraud from the years 2016, 2017, 2018, and now entering one for 2019. Did Pritzker know anything about Rossi embezzling millions from a former employer Dr. Nord?(More on that below). I thought government positions were background checked?

image 165
State regulators accuse Aaron Rossi of unauthorized prescription-writing and spending at prior job in Bloomington State regulators accuse Aaron Rossi of unauthorized prescription-writing and spending at prior job in Bloomington | WGLT

ON THE ROSSI NOT A DOCTOR: If Gov. Pritzker had looked into Rossi he would have found that in 2014 he was told by the Illinois Dept. of Professional Registration and Regulations to cease and desist using the name Doctor and writing prescriptions. Of which his previous employer turned him in when he discovered he had been writing prescriptions for opiods. But Pritzker also seemed to be unaware that Rossi was also inexperienced as he had just opened up for swab testing and between his businesses all under one roof (at that time) employed ten people.

Phillip Turner of Fringe News has also found some things that appear to have disappeared. He said in his article, “It almost appears that the contract details have been scrubbed from the site, not that the State Government of Illinois would do anything nefarious. I mean its not like the last hand full of Illinois Governors has served jail time for corruption and the current Governor is under a 2-year investigation for tax fraud, that actually does involve taxpayer funds.
“And while we are speaking of Illinois Governor JB Pritzker, it appears that Governor Pritzker is in direct competition financially with Rossi and Reditus Labs.

The Marshall Report found some of the same descrepancies and posted them last week. Read: A.I. And Humanity, What Can Go Wrong? – The Marshall Report (

We also have the famous quote by President Trump from February 2023, “The lizard people are headed to their lizard meeting in DAVOS.” Of which Pritzker was among the lizard people he was referring to. Since his return…he has been rather quiet and looked a bit different.

And of course Pritzker is pleased with Biden and his administration.

Why wouldn’t he be… it’s working great for his Pritzker Global Initiative!

Governor Pritzker is all for global Smart Cities and is working hard to do his part in making A.I. Cities the norm. A.I. Smart Street lights and surveillance are just one of the many control systems he can’t wait to dole out in the state’s infrastructure. I’m wondering now how this might tie into all the A.I. Smart City project taking place in Central Illinois where all the SMART stuff is taking place in closets? Read: Pritzker Forum on Global Cities | Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Knowing what we know now… ya can’t help but LOOK AT WHAT WAS DONE TO INNOCENT PEOPLE UNDER THIS DNA GATHERING DISGUISED AS COVID SWAB TESTING! The loss of lives, livelihoods and businesses. The plandemic DAVOS train is now on its way to Nuremberg! I hear it’s boarding.

Doctor who once employed Aaron Rossi calls him a ‘pathological liar’ in a new court filing

“Reditus CEO Aaron Rossi faces a seven-count complaint from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation accusing him of writing unauthorized prescriptions and spending company funds without authorization when he worked at a Bloomington orthopedics company.

“Dr. Nord said Rossi lied to him when he asked in 2011 if he could join his practice in orthopedic surgery. Rossi later told him it was too late to apply for a medical residency program. Nord said he later found out Rossi had not met eligibility requirements to apply, yet he continues to represent himself as a physician.

“Rossi is not a licensed physician in Illinois, let alone in the United States,” Dr. Nord said in his deposition. “He’s a pathological liar.”

“Dr. Nord said a representative of the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation instructed Rossi in 2014 to stop referring to himself as a physician. The agency, which handles all professional licensing in Illinois, later investigated Rossi for many of the charges Nord included in the deposition.” READ FULL STORY: Doctor who once employed Aaron Rossi calls him a ‘pathological liar’ in a new court filing | WGLT


Curfew, ankle monitor ordered for Aaron Rossi after more positive drug tests (

Lawsuit alleges Reditus CEO is ‘pillaging’ the company to fund lavish lifestyle | WGLT

Reditus court-appointed receiver asks to file $100 million lawsuit against Rossi (

Reditus Labs CEO Rossi jailed, accused of marijuana use before trial (

Unsealed records point to blurry lines inside Reditus as COVID profits soared | WGLT

Looking into the case further it was discovered that the city which Rossi chose to set up his labs has no newspaper and relies on small news pieces to be picked up by other papers, and so residents aren’t much aware of the Rossi Reditus Court Cases nor even aware that state testing was done in their city. That is about as open and transparent as the entire Pritzker and Rossi adventures have been. It’s pretty bad when the city of the $220 million dollar contracts (according to court reports) that were said to have supposed to help the city thrive didn’t even know it was there? Who were these alleged 300 employees and did they all work in the small lab? Did some work from home or were they mobile? Surely that would have been known to have so many jobs all at once? Who knew?

Pritzker is going off the rails lately. Wonder what’s up with that?

Stay tuned to the Pritzker files. I have a feeling they are just getting started. There is a mountain of truths to be unpacked.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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