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We are supposed to believe these illegals just come over here on the trains by themselves. Now we are supposed to allow Islamic refugees in by the same numbers without documentation, and without any known background knowledge? Why?

America if you are sick and tired of hearing the media say, this is a clear example of the left applying the “Cloward and Pivens Strategy”.  If you are tired of hearing Marxist cliché’s instead of having the media declare the real cold hard fact that these are treasonous acts – there is hope for you.  It is time to demand the media call illegal actions what they really are – out right “Treasonous Acts”!

There are many such deeds that can be addressed, but for now let’s focus on the most diabolical of them all – infiltrating the US with Islamic mercenary refugees, ISIS, and drug cartels.

We must address this treason and demand those responsible for ignoring border law enforcement be arrested for breaking the law with their premeditated crimes against humanity and the United States of America! Remember – Obama is in charge of Homeland Security and Ice (or should I say Valerie Jarret?).  When our Federal government refuses to enforce the laws on the books, that is a treasonous act.

Our border problem and illegal entry is no longer an issue that can wait until there is a new administration in office, or a new congress. This is a crisis by design that is a deliberate act of treason against American citizens!

You can either wake up from this nightmare, face the facts and expose this tyranny for what it is or you can keep sleeping. For those who choose to roll over and pull the covers over their heads – remember, there is no sleeping this off – the nightmare is already here!

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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