If San Bernardino Is Real, Then What?

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After thinking a lot about the false flag narrative taking place in San Bernardino (still blasting on faux media outlets), I’ve also been looking at it as though it were real.  My questions are – if this is not real, why do it in a state with the strictest gun laws?  Why do it at a time Obama is trying to  get states to accept Syrian refugees?  What are they planning to gain by this?  Are they planning to create more of this and officially start an internal Jihad movement?  This being a test to see how the people react? Is this a green light to attack all Christmas parties?
If this is real – where is the government outrage against accepting more able-bodied male Syrian refugees?  Where is the fear from the people in the Redlands area?  They seem to be taking this all very calmly.  Why isn’t the government cracking down on the ISIS training camps that are in America? Why did it take thousands of police to shoot down two people who apparently through osmosis gained access to a dark SUV to get away without anyone noticing them?  How did they get past over 400 police and military vehicles?  Why did they return to their house?  Why didn’t they yell Allah Akbar as they shot the people?  Why do many of the crime scene photos look staged?  Why did the hostages parade out calmly with  their hands over their heads? Why are the facts so skewed?   Why after three days are they still allowing Islamic “no go” zones in America? Why is the media laughing at trivial things and going on with the news so carefree?  Why are the pundits sounding like they are discussing candidates when talking about this?
Just thinking outside and inside the box. Is anyone else?  How can conservatives use this to serve their purpose?  How can Democrats?  How can Obama?  How can the GOP?  Is this leading into a full blown alert and martial  law?  Is it leading into INTERPOL to police all our states?  Think where this is leading.
It seems to have escalated support for Trump.  I am sure this was never the intention.  So, let’s say it is real.  What do we really do about this problem?  Are you satisfied with the way it is being handled?  I am certainly not.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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