Identity Theft In The School System…

It’s worse than anyone had thought.

The Texas Shooter was a CONFUSED PRONOUN…. who do we blame?


The system created by NAZIS is one that destroys the mind. There are many ways to destroy the mind for any pronoun. The fact that the system has been infiltrated and padded in secret, with a lot of “don’t tell your parents, it’s none of their business” in a thousand points of light ways to do it, should be a huge wake up call.

But this might change along with the whole hodge podge story by tomorrow. So take it all with a grain of salt. This is not as it appears. These things never are. These are always developing stories.

This movement is not about gender, it is not about a pronoun, it is not about feelings, nor any good to any child, nor any adult who is confused. It is about confusion and mind control.

It is time to start calling it what it really is… it is a war on your mind and the future generations. The RESET road map is for a few. All the rest will know nothing. They will be bots. Mindless. Programable and mindless.

Google cloud will be in their head like a toy. They will be a Siri. They will not care because they will be brain dead and they will no longer be a human. They will be dead. Soulless and dead creations…or shall I say shells for demons to walk around in.

So let’s start addressing the real issue. First it is an evil act perpetrated by the infiltrated system. Second it is mental illness brought on by mind control. Gaslighting our youth through every source of communication device, technology, and the school system itself.

It is the worst case of stolen identity the devil ever perpetrated.

This will not be fixed until we start to identify the problem for what it truly is. It is a systemized, coordinated evil plan to destroy the minds of our youth and to turn them into confused, unhappy, self-hating, mentally anguished children who are forever searching for some sense of belonging. Suicidal and on prescription drugs willing to try anything to feel good and BAM – they sign up for the transhumanism in droves because being human has destroyed them. They have killed any sense of self-esteem and the only comfort left is to go to the extreme in their self-destruction. Be it with what they can do to themselves because it’s their body and they can…. or because they truly have died in their depression and no longer want to live.

That’s all I’m going to say about that.

The question is this. Are you okay with this?

If you are not okay with this…. then fight like hell to change the system!

Read: Active shooter at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, district says ( Watch the video, it’s just like the other false flags. And it looks like they have the same videographer as Sandy Hook.

Now this shooting may have been a false flag, it sure has all the hallmarks of one. And just briefly watching how it is being presented, I say it is. Now remember, a false flag does not mean the event did not happen, it means it was coordinated to happen on purpose.

The attempt in shooter false flags are to take away the second amendment. Do not fall for the propaganda. I just spoke to you about the system and what they are doing in our schools. The answer is not to take away our guns… the answer is to take away their systems that breed confusion and mental illness. Their goals and system planning is designed to take away all of our rights.

It is time to call all those who push the mental illness as expression and art out on their evil acts. This will require finding some sane adults to help stop the NAZI movement, because this is a deeply imbedded infiltration in high places.

The people organizing these things are in Davos right now having their World Economic Development organizing sessions. This is the head of the infiltration and organizing of youth. These are the ones who need to take your guns so they can finish taking your children! These are the ones want to make your children transhuman.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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