Ian Update & DeSantis Scolds Fake News!

The FAKE PROPAGANDA news couldn’t wait to bring up the evacuation accusations and DeSantis gave them a blunt response letting them know he knows their “fake news games” telling them this has been brought up “ad-nauseam” and the best part of his exchange with the fake news was when he firmly called them out for misreporting the hurricane Ian landing to begin with!!!

He called them out for their share of the sabotage of herding people to Tampa to the west and east and all over the place. Finally someone in authority called them out for their part in creating confusion so the people didn’t know where to go. It’s as though the deep state news does this so they can create more mishaps and mislead people. Why else would they do such a thing? Either they are not competent in their profession or they want to make people look bad just before elections… or so it appears. So brace yourself for whatever new name they decide to give DeSantis. Orange man bad is taken and the “He wants to be president” bombs have already been dropping. All sorts of things… but watch for results. The proof is always in the fruit of the persons works.

Gov. DeSantis Speaks in Cape Coral on relief and recovery efforts…

At the end when reporters were asking their questions someone asked about the evacuations and Desantis snapped back fast and said, “Okay, okay STOP! STOP! STOP! Okay.  This has been dealt with the Lee County has explained what they did, they went through that.” The reporter said something to him more (which was inaudible) and he answered, “Of course you’re going to review everything we do in these storms. That’s the way it works.

 Part of the reason we have all these linemen, and we have record  power is because  we’ve learned from Irma and some of these others, which weren’t actually bad but, okay, how could we do that better. That’s why we had the P.O.D.s ready to go, that’s why we had the search and rescue ready to go (referring to the state level) So of course you’re going to look and see, you know, all this other stuff (referring to local level). I just think that we have so many people That are here working hard, trying to pull themselves up, so many people we need to be helping – we should be focusing on what we can do to do good. We should be focusing on lifting people up. And stop incessantly talking, and cast dispersions on people who were doing the best job they could with IMPERFECT INFORMATION “. (DeSantis was applauded)

 “ I’m always …(applause) The Friday before the storm…  I followed not just the NHC track, (rolling eyes, hand sideways like handshake gesture hitting podium to make his points) the Euro model, the ICON model, the GFS…most of you probably don’t even know what those are. So I followed those religiously, overnight, all this stuff …you’d get the data,  you go and you try to figure out. It was moving west, then it started coming back east, so people were doing that and I just think it’s fine to say what you want, but, it’s a little rich, coming from an industry that on Monday, all day, they were all in Tampa Bay saying it was going to be the worst case scenario for Florida, straight into Tampa Bay. That’s what they were saying. Now they’re turning around and wondering why people a hundred and fifty, a hundred and twenty miles away didn’t do something THEY were NOT TELLING PEOPLE TO DO!

 There may have been people here in Southwest Florida who were watching those reports saying, well it’s gonna go to Tampa so I’m gonna stand pat, I’m gonna ride it out. So, um, of course you look to see what you can do better, but I just think we need to focus on getting people where they need to be with power, with food, with all these different things. And let’s spend a little more time doing that. And let’s spend a little more time maybe thanking the people that are out there on the front line SAVING PEOPLE’S LIVES.  (APPLAUSE).

Video below, Lee County Sheriff, Carmine Marceno gives report and threatens that looters will be “carried out”.

Which bring us to inconsistencies in reporting. Everyone has a few things that equate the same and many things are not the same. Each person is careful to say things like “It has been reported to me, and I have not had any bla, bla directly reported to me.”

No FEMA have been seen, but there is one big Line Man presence.

The Director of FEMA was present with DeSantis. But no one has seen them in the field… only the reports of those who were taken away in Naples. So?

Meanwhile in DeSantis’s report today October 3rd county emergency and line crews have not been on Pine Island yet are going onto Pine Island now to do a search and rescue with water and supplies. Ian hit Sept. 28th…this is day 6 since it hit and no one knows for sure who or how many are in the rubble on the Island. If DeSantis had not gotten to the SW… with supplies and his military resources it would have been much worse. He said in his report they would have rescue and line crews sent in by helicopter to do a search and restore power. And get to work immediately on a temp bridge to get on the island. Note: That is not to be confused with private sector getting on the island by boat. Emergency crews have not yet been on the island to restore power and do searches for survivors.

After listening to people I know who are in it, and gov. sources, and the reports coming in… DeSantis acted promptly and took over. He came on the 30th with power line trucks, first responders, military swat teams, National Guard, and supplies. He met with the boots on the ground, assessed and the teams he brought went into action. That lifted the morale of everyone, especially those who were first to respond and exhausted. It was that feeling like in a western movie when the battle looks so big and the calvary rides over the horizon and they see help is on the way. They cheer or say some classic line under their breath and they have reknewed energy and know they will beat the odds. That is what was needed!

We have to also cut people some slack…as some of the same ones dealing with dangerous water and power lines, removing downed trees and rescuing others had also lost everything. They too had damaged and in some cases no home to return to after working around the clock helping others. And don’t forget they also have families and all the feelings that come with that.

The entire South West Florida area was hard hit. There are conflicting reports and no one knows the actual loss of life or how many are still trapped in homes and rubble. It is too early to say, but they have rescued thousands in the area and are continuing to search.

The question is… why are official reports conflicting with many eye witness civilian reports? I have been pondering that and at this point it is to early to call. There are many things in play that no one is supposed to be smart enough to see. Like weather modification and other interesting things. But for now, the main focus is on search and rescue, tending to those in need, and restoring power and water. There is plenty of time for the other… and there are many with boots on the ground that have their eyes open for looters and other unwelcomed behavior. So first things first… but watch all things and don’t be afraid to call out what is the truth.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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