Ian, Ukraine, Big Guy, Where’s All The Money?

It has long been said the progressive democrats never let a crisis go to waste. That was made famous by the Obama administration and Rahm Emanuel who was Obama’s Chief of Staff, that is until he became political baggage and had to go elsewhere to do his thing… and that elsewhere happened to be Chicago where the machine originated from. He then became its Mayor.

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Rahm Emanuel Chief of Staff, Obama Administration.

Now we bring this up at a time like this to understand how the progressive machine operates. It isn’t just in one location. It is filtered throughout the entire United States and grew into a huge cancer via the Obama years. But that is not where it all started. It actually started when we first became a nation… but we will start with FEMA and the Reagan years. This is when FEMA was formed. Oliver North was assigned the job to figure out a way to utilize martial law in the event of a catastrophe whether it was war, a riot, weather disasters or whatever the need was that would constitute the government to initiate martial law.

In a nutshell, what happened was all of the executive orders that control private sector and government systems in the USA were coordinated into one executive order. So in an emergency situation what is required to enact martial law are two signatures – that of the President, and the Attorney General. This allows the federal government to control the entire infrastructure in all 50 states under the control of the military. Read: Republic Broadcasting Network » Complete List of 800 FEMA Concentration Camps 2021 | The Road To Hell…

There are over 800 FEMA camps in the US. We are watching something new take place in Florida. We have the presence of the Director of FEMA, but not a presence of the usual FEMA boots on the ground. We are seeing the presence of linemen to repair power and water lines, military, national guard, coast guard, and special unit swat teams, along with rescue teams. This isn’t the normal send in FEMA and create more confusion while the fake news reads their fear scripts. Why is that? What has changed here? Now this is a good thing. A very good thing, what the question is …how did this happen and because of this being operated differently and even taking over local leadership… what is taking place?

America can remember Hurricane Katrina and the horrors of FEMA sniper shooting civilians from the Super Dome in New Orleans. The looting, shooting, and the damage caused by water… not the Hurricane itself. We discovered the dam had been breeched by explosives and it was all hushed up as rescues were made and the scenes we watched on the tv went from castastrophe to horror and people put in formaldehyde trailers with FEMA guards and were not allowed to go in or out. It was a nightmare.

That is what people have seen FEMA do, as well as other FEMA trails of tears.

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People have warned and written many articles on how not to be herded by FEMA into camps. We heard DeSantis say…you CAN NOT MAKE PEOPLE LEAVE THEIR HOMES. He stressed the opposite of the FEMA mantra. Here is a good article to read: 6 Ways to Avoid Being Herded into a FEMA Camp – TruePrepper

In 2008 I wrote about FEMA Camps and Martial law in “Sly Foxes, Wolves and Men – Is Marxism Growing in America”. (Not in print at this time.) In it I wrote the history of how we got here and Rex 84 which was written by Oliver North and his team. Spelling out what it entailed according to government documents and executive orders. As well as Operation Garden Plot, and Cable Splicer which are concentration camps. The largest one is in Alaska…go in by train and no way out on foot even if you escaped. Read: American Concentration Camps (issuesandalibis.org) Anyone can google any of this… people who did and warned people were told they were nuts and of course called conspiracy theorist.

Those who know the hunger games know the drill. They are the ones who are seeing the differences in what is happening in SW Florida, and what usually happens when FEMA has been involved. We also remember the BP oil spill and the FEMA horror stories from people on the gulf. The last thing anyone who knows of these things wants is for FEMA to come in and take over. Thank God for Governor DeSantis taking charge and not having the FEMA history repeat itself.

Asside for signing up with FEMA for financial assistance, it is unclear what they are physically involved with doing in the S.W. Florida region.

My good friend who is a Gold Star Mom and Veteran herself have navigated many investigative waters together, however… I in no way have charted the seas she has sailed. One thing we have always shared was our Holy Spirit God sense. She is also in storm Ian. She is in our prayers.

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That being said… let us look at the avatar in the White House. This is what we are told is making very bad decisions. This is what is in charge. What is it?

On Ukraine and Russia…The fake news, and many go fund me you tubers, are on a rant lying at every turn!

Headlines read all sorts of “Russia is succumbing to the great war leader Zelensky who is chasing their crying tails back into Russia” type of hype. The truth is Zelensky is a toy placed by KM Oligarchs. Some have said he works for Joey…. the same Joey avatar who also is a puppet controlled by someone…the question is who?

Professional cartoonists center the humor around real events. Its up to the savvy reader to understand the intent. This one is very clear.

image 25

Watch the video below to see the real history of Ukraine and Russia.

What really happened in Ukraine between Zelensky and Putin…

An agreement between Zelensky and Putin was made in April of 2022. NATO and Joey did not like that. They told Zelensky what he was going to do, and he did what they said and that was to have a war. The west’s plans were to wreck the world’s economy and put the western people into total ruin dependent on the state to survive.

Florida was part of their plans… they were never going to turn your power on… it gives the appearance Florida was slated to be another Katrina!

We see how that looks right now in SW Florida. Imagine if DeSantis was Biden… and the people were on their own like the city manager was letting take place. He would look sad and firmly say, this is to save our democracy. Meanwhile martial law would be declared in the disaster state and people would be herded into big arenas while their homes were looted. Remember Rahm Emanuel… never let a crisis go to waste.

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What is this thing we are told is a president. Who is doing all the insane strategies? Is this a military operation? Designed to confuse both sides? Or is this crazy people in charge?

There is one reason for the push to “Destroy Russian Military” and deliberate destruction of the wests economy which now has nukes on the table. It’s a KM tool to move the west into their New World Order they now call RESET. The West wants to keep on money laundering and getting their cut of the money going into Ukraine war efforts.

CBS did a documentary on the war, and it was said in the documentary that only 30% of all the funds going to support Ukraine go to that effort. Other pockets are getting padded with the funds. A lot of the money disappears into a black hole.

There is a documentary out that shows Zelensky in Ukraine is SELLING THE WAR EQUIPMENT GIVEN TO HIM ON THE DARK WEB! Tax payers fund this, they pocket their portion and Zelensky sells the equipment on the dark web. This is a terrible racket and Putin knows everything. Obviously so does Trump.

Intel Slava Z, Current updates:

  • Saudi Arabia and Russia Plan Deep Cuts in Oil Production – Financial Times. They and a number of other major oil-producing countries are going to announce this at the OPEC+ summit tomorrow.
  • Large-scale explosions and detonation of ammunition are now being observed at the Gangneung airbase on the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan, where the 18th air wing of the South Korean Air Force is deployed. Local residents report on the work of air defense.
  • The Federation Council approved the ratification of agreements on the admission of the DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions into Russia.
  • The procedure for the admission of the DPR, LPR, as well as the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions to the Russian Federation will end with amendments to the Russian Constitution based on the relevant decree of Vladimir Putin. This was announced by the head of the Federation Council committee on constitutional legislation and state building Andrey Klishas.
  • The last formal step remains for the final return home of the liberated territories. The names Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic will be preserved and spelled out in the Constitution of the Russian Federation after the relevant amendments are made to it.

Reuters reports: The IMF will consider allocating $1.3 billion to Ukraine this Friday.

image 26

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) board will consider Ukraine’s request for an additional $1.3 billion in emergency funds on Thursday as Russia’s war against the country continues, two sources familiar with the matter said.

IMF staff are preparing the necessary documentation and believe Ukraine has received sufficient financial assurances from its global partners to meet the IMF’s debt sustainability requirements and qualify for more emergency funds, the sources told Reuters.

If approved, the funds would come from a new emergency loan program to address food shortages approved by the board last week. Read more here: IMF to consider $1.3 billion emergency fund for Ukraine (ieconomy.io)

So now that we know how their Crisis money laundry system works, and we know how they raise funds and it never goes where they say it does. It goes in their pockets while people suffer and no one knows the difference. They do this with disasters and with wars. They have quite the networking going on, well hidden from the people.

image 29
Joey Avatar with his FEMA piggy bank. Same emergency format as sending money to Ukraine… only the names are changed. Except Joe is still the “BIG GUY.” He gets paid off the top. Zelensky knows the drill. This has got to stop and some charges made.

So we have congress wanting to give FEMA 15 million dollars with results like Hurricane Harvey….

In 2017 Hurricane Harvey hit Houston and — Nine months after Hurricane Harvey dumped more than 50 inches of rain on the Gulf Coast in 2018, the Houston developments and the city’s downtown hummed along up and running with people back to work and all their favorite food trucks out at lunch hour. But just a short drive away, Kashmere Gardens had not recovered. There was a big story on this and many of them. It seems this is a pattern with FEMA and those “Save our democracy” types who filter into municipalities. From the news comments and other reports, it appears this is what was planned for SW Florida. But the resilient people of Lee County are not going to let that happen and thanks to Governor DeSantis… things are different this time around for FEMA.

Now we know why some congress persons from Florida said no to giving FEMA more millions. There are other organizations that can use the money to help the people much better then FEMA! Now that we know at least 30% never goes to the cause. What is 30% of 15 million dollars? Who gets that? Read what happened in Hurricane Harvey with FEMA, then recall what the recent news has been saying about SW Florida… somebody better tell a few of them the script has been changed by a new director! Read: ‘People just give up’: Low-income hurricane victims slam federal relief programs – POLITICO

Also read: Matt Gaetz Votes No On Relief Money As Florida Grapples With Hurricane Ian Aftermath (yahoo.com)

Learn their patterns, their systems and put holes in them! Expose the corruption!

Whether it is a war or a natural disaster. Know their systems and hands in cookie jars all work the same and the washing machine always has a repeat and rinse cycle!

What needs done is to expose their money laundry systems…and how they reward each others hard efforts to conceal and not reveal. Then end their games for good! It is looking like they use this dirty approach in EVERYTHING THAT REQUIRES MONEY AND FUNDING. There needs to be a different method and if DeSantis continues to get A’s from his assignment in Florida… this just might be the start of a new way of doing things.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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