Ian, DeSantis, and Fake News!

Zelensky has committed war crimes and it’s time to demand the news tell it the way it is! It’s as though fake news believes they can just wear you down with the same memorized lies, like that will make you believe it. It won’t work. Once you know what they do, you can’t unknow it!

Ukranian woman who was NOT KIDNAPPED tells why she voted to annex with Russian Federation! Spread this to a few friends and tell some reporters who seem to read scripts and forgot how to see and hear!


This guy has it right. We call them out. Knowledge is power!

Call them out!


Another one calling them out! Just shout the truth!

image 17

Rescued… after it hit September 28, 2022…man pulled out from under his house rubble. How many days somewhere between 3 and 4!


This is the propaganda garbage they do. Perfect example of turning a weather war into a political event. They always tell on themselves. They have no heart, only fangs.

image 12

While dead bodies are still being found, and families are scattered, mourning for their lost loved ones and unnumbered thousands lost everything… the cold hard truth is … there are those who loot and kill. We saw it with Hurricane Katrina, we saw it with Hurricane Harvey. We now watch it daily in democratic cities. It seems to be a natural occurance now. Something we are supposed to get used to. Well, we can turn Reid off, over and Out!!!!!!

Good grief… not this again?

After watching real disaster zones… Zelensky expects us to believe these clean neatly rowed body bags are really what he says. Remove him from office or Putin will. And that’s an opinion so don’t mix it up.


Government corruption beyond a doubt.

image 14

This fashion show looks more like a spell being cast. What do you feel when you see it? Ask yourself why you feel that. Wait for your answer.


Here we go… how many knew they were gathering info on you… and now their 2030 plan is coming into full view.

image 13

How many still believe they sent you, your real ancestry data? You took part in a data mining scheme…here’s my DNA now what am I? Deceived perhaps?

Meanwhile in between fighting Ian… DeSantis is making sure elections are fair or there will be hard consequences!

image 15

Dixie Whatley in Naples, Florida shared photos on Twitter to help people put her experience in perspective – she said, “We stayed through the Hurricane Ian.  Thought I’d share a rather notable photo from the experience…”

image 16

And that my friends is HOW people can look outside and see five feet of water. Many couldn’t visualize how that worked. Smile. That’s some dirty water.

Keep on Pressing Into The Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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