I Saw It Therefore It’s True…


Today, just because you saw a video does not mean it is true, nor does it mean it took place in real life, or real time. It just means…you saw a video that someone put out…now the next step is to detect if the video was real, authentic, or fabricated to deceive you. In the world of A.I. nothing is as it appears and magic is everywhere. Disney’s magic kingdom is now outdated – welcome to the world of Big Tech!

The question is…how many of these are Computor Graphic Images and how many are masked as doubles? Who are these people and what difference, at this point does it make?  

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Durham indicts Danchenko and BOOM! All of a sudden over the next few days , fake news comes out of the woodwork to host big nothing burgers with Huma, who no one has seen for a long, long time. Why? And were these really Huma? And what was the point?

Where’s the real Huma? Do these people really believe we are that stupid? Yes they do. Remember, to these evil sociopathic, narcisissitic control freaks, we the people are nothing more than sheep, useless eaters, and the target of every gaslight, propaganda filled tyrannical mandate they can throw at us… they want to keep their iron boot on the neck of all humanity at whatever it takes. That being said, know this…in spite of all they sling, they are still losing the war on truth!

We are now Hollywood….welcome to our Computor Image Generated Propaganda News World…. where the whole world is staged and the show must go on! You are merely an extra in the background.

Challenger Computer on Twitter: "In Avatar, both CGI and advanced  stereoscopic methods were used to create the illusion of reality with high  quality. https://t.co/QfD5BsRGK7"

Only the stars and key figures get to have doubles so when they are gone, the script can still be followed and the show can continue on as planned. Pay no attention to the minor discrepencies, you will get used to seeing the new looks and eventually quit seeing the differences. It’s all part of mind control and conditioning. Sooner or later the cabal believes the people will all believe the actors are real. Even thought their scripts are lousy and the acting sucks. Expose them all when you see them for the fakes they are! Do not ever start acting as dumb as they say we are, unless you are acting that way on purpose to throw them off.

Iterative Text-based Editing of Talking-heads Using Neural Retargeting

What is this technique?

It’s a text-based tool for editing talking-head video that enables an iterative editing workflow. On each iteration users can edit the wording of the speech, further refine mouth motions if necessary to reduce artifacts and manipulate non-verbal aspects of the performance by inserting mouth gestures (e.g. a smile) or changing the overall performance style (e.g. energetic, mumble). Our tool requires only 2-3 minutes of the target actor video and it synthesizes the video for each iteration in about 40 seconds, allowing users to quickly explore many editing possibilities as they iterate. Read more here: https://davidyao.me/projects/text2vid/


It has been amusing to find the flaws in their propaganda and watch their terrible handiwork at creating green screen C.G.I. exclusive interviews with digitally created Hollywierd CGI technology, complete with voice overs.  Did you know you can actually buy the technology to change your own voice in your own phone and home video production? It’s called VOICE CLONING and is now trending as cool to be whoever you want to be.

Neural Voice Puppetry,  is a novel approach for audio-driven facial video synthesis.  They have the technology that will enable you to create an audio sequence of a source person or digital assistant. They do this by means of  generating a photo-realistic output video of a target person that is in sync with the audio of the source input. This audio-driven facial reenactment is driven by a deep neural network that employs a latent 3D face model space. Through the underlying 3D representation, the model inherently learns temporal stability while the programmer  leverages neural rendering to generate photo-realistic output frames.

This unique approach by Neural Voice Puppetry  generalizes across different people, allowing them to synthesize videos of a target actor with the voice of any unknown source actor or even synthetic voices that can be generated utilizing standard text-to-speech approaches. Neural Voice Puppetry has a variety of use-cases, including audio-driven video avatars, video dubbing, and text-driven video synthesis of a talking head. They have a series of audio and text based puppetry video examples that  demonstrate the capabilities of their method which they claim to be superior for visual and lip sync quality compared to photo-realistic audio- and video-driven reenactment techniques. Find out more here: https://justusthies.github.io/posts/neural-voice-puppetry/

My goodness where have we the sheep been? Why haven’t many paid attention to the trends in this sort of magic?  This is like fire to cave men and sliced bread to the Earl of Sandwich!

Isn’t it time you take a closer look at the so called exclusive interviews from people who have obviously been removed early on in the show.  Ask the right questions…such as what is exclusive about this interview? Is it because it was exclusively created for the show by audio facial video synthesis?  Complete with the most advanced tech in  voice cloning?

There is deepware technology available to scan and detect fake videos!

Cybersecurity faces an emerging threat generally known as deepfakes. Malicious uses of AI-generated synthetic media, the most powerful cyber-weapon in history is just around the corner. Read more on how to Scan and Detect Deepfake Videos here:

Deepware | Scan & Detect Deepfake Videos

Deepware | Scan & Detect Deepfake Videos

Sorry for the spoiler alert…but this is what is taking place!

So have fun discerning what is real and what is a real good CGI…and what is a lousy one.  What ones are using doubles and what ones are actually holograms….that’s a thing too.  Remember in the fake world of techy things….nothing is as it appears. But, that goes along with all things of the dark side that is ruled by the author of lies and all of his minions who are easily controlled by his basket of  wickedness that include various levels of fame, power, and money!   In the world of Babylon the Great, everyone has a price… and those seeking their fair share of whatever they deem is owed to them are easily lured into this ultimate temptation. These clueless ones seeking great overnight gains be it a high position, a chunk of silver, or even a promise of gain that may never manifest, are fed from  the honey tree of  lies.  Baited like rats in a trap, they eat it all up. They can’t resist to grab every carrot and chomp down on it firmly and once they do… it’s all over! They are now in the lab with the rest of the vermin, observed and controlled doing anything their masters tell them to do.  At that point, it is very difficult to ever get out, and those that do often pay the price with their life.  

There is no honesty among thieves, and no truth among liars. There is no justice in the land of lawlessness, and there is no empathy among dark souls who enjoy torturing and watching even their own  wretched ones  sweat and cower.  

When you understand the hunger games, what will you do then?  Will you come out of her my people and stand for righteousness,  or will you grab 30 pieces of silver and do the bidding of the wicked?  Choose wisely who  you shall believe in and more so, who you shall choose to stand for.

Joshua 24:15 15And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.

As for me and my family, we shall choose the Lord! 

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God… for it is within you and it is the destiny  of those called, chosen and faithful in the Lord to usher it in! 


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By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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