I Keep Hearing, Why Didn’t Trump Save Us From The Jab?

What’s the answer on why didn’t Trump save us from the Jab?

Is it Trump’s fault because he had a magic wand and he didn’t use it? Or is it Trump’s fault because he pushed therapeutics and the world mocked him and cried for a vax? Either way, Trump loses by the myriad of accusations those with free will are thinking, feeling, and choosing to throw at him.

Donald Trump says COVID is like the FLU and 'are we going to close our  country down for the flu?' | Daily Mail Online

The real question people should be asking is “Why didn’t Trump save us from ourselves?” That answer would be easier and I will answer it now. It’s because he can’t. No one can save you from your own free will, God did not design us that way. We each have the ability to form our own thoughts with our own minds (thinking and feeling) and make our own choices.

There is never anyone we can blame for our choices. We can, however, blame those who attack us and force things on us against our will. But when the same people who allow ANTIFA to attack you against your will, burn your cities, loot your businesses, and have the police stand down so crime can play itself out are the ones the people elected to be in charge of their city and state, at some point they will realize it’s not Trump’s fault and lawlessness is the real issue. Most of those in charge of said cities and state got there by election fraud and vote tampering. Again, another clear sign that lawlessness is the issue. Where is the outrage on that?

EVERYTHING Is Trump's Fault! Including Being President | ATS | FOTM |  Huckabee - YouTube

Meanwhile where is the outrage at all the years of mindwashing and lying to us? Where is the outrage at poisoning our food and water supplies? Where is the outrage at toxic drugs that are addictive and loaded with side affects?

The cold hard truth is many who are screaming about the Jabs are still taking prescribed drugs that are making them sicker and preventing wellness. Where is the outrage on that? How can it be all Trump’s fault? I guess it all depends on how you are wired to think, feel and choose. It may be time to rewire? Just saying.

Someone sent a good article titled, “HOW TRUMPS VACCINES PREVENT THE GREAT RESET AND SAVE HUMANITY”. This thoroughly explains the “WHY DIDN’T TRUMP STOP THE VAX?” Here are a few excerpts. I suggest reading the entire article (link below), it is a very concise analogy and very good read.

i keep hearing why didn t trump save us from the jab

Weaken humanity by poisoning them.

Thirdly the vaccines serve to weaken the world population in general, so they would be easier to control. A weak and tired person is only just able to work for the elite, and has no strength left to ask questions or resist.

This is a strategy they have been using for decades already, by poisoning our food, water, air, medicine and minds.

It is no coincidence that most of the food in supermarkets is industrial, highly processed, extremely toxic pseudo-food, that – according to many medical doctors – accounts for 85% of all modern day disease. It is also no accident that gas stations only offer health-wrecking ‘snacks’ to the countless travelers. Fast food chains dominate every nation, offering rubbish to humanity that this world has never seen before, in her long existence. All this toxic fake-food is weakening humanity, as never before.

90% of all modern day disease didn’t even exist a century ago!

It’s hard to find a fully healthy person on earth today, specially in the western nations. It seems as if everyone has some sort of health issue. Chronique fatigue, sleeping disorders, allergies, ringing in the ears, headaches, nervous pains, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, and hundreds of other illnesses. Did I mention the worldwide epidemic of anxiety disorders, depression, autism, etc? Statistics show children have more chronic health issues, than ever before. At the same time they are the most vaccinated children who ever existed. See the connection?

Big Food and Big Pharma: Killing for Profit? - YouTube

Weakening the population is key to controlling them.

That’s why every effort to create natural medicine, always faces tremendous opposition, and it’s also why thousands of natural doctors have been found dead, and every inventor of a cancer cure suddenly had a ‘heart attack’.

As controlling, erasing and weakening humanity is at the very heart of the plans of the globalist elite, imposing vaccine mandates is critical to their success.

If there’s a cure, no vaccine can be mandated (Think about that for a moment.)

Now that we know their agenda, we come to a key question: what did President Trump do, to sabotage these insane plans?

COVID-19: Avoid self-medication and false 'cures' when battling coronavirus  | Americas – Gulf News

He started promoting cures and therapeutics for COVID-19.

By doing this, he effectively removed every legal base for vaccine mandates in America. Because a vaccine can only be mandated if there is no cure. That’s why every single cure for covid has been suppressed by the globalists. That’s also why many medical doctors who successfully treat covid patients, have been censored. They desperately need to hide the cures for covid, because they must succeed in mandating the vaccines, both now and forevermore.

So when Trump started tweeting about the cures for covid, he simply threw a big rock into their windows. He also tweeted the famous White Coat Summit by Americas Frontline Doctors, where safe and effective covid-cures were presented to the world, which again eradicates the need for a vaccine. The live broadcast was viewed twenty million times and then this group of medical doctors was censored by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and their website was taken down.

Coronavirus: The bogus meme targeting Dr Fauci, and other fake claims - BBC  News

What did Trump do? He promoted them on Twitter! BAM! Another major blow in the face of the globalists. ‘There are cures for COVID-19!’

Later Trump and his family said they had covid, and recovered blazing fast thanks to the ‘miraculous therapeutics’ they had received. Once again President Trump removed the legal base for vaccine mandates, by declaring that he, his wife and his son were cured by therapeutics.

So President Trump has made it very clear to the hundreds of millions of people around the world, who listened to him:

‘Nobody needs a vaccine. There are cures. No vaccines can be mandated.’

Trump Covid post deleted by Facebook and hidden by Twitter - BBC News


How can you save severely brainwashed people?

President Trump was facing an enemy of enormous proportions … in the minds of the majority of the American people, and the world. For decades the mainstream media and criminal health institutions have indoctrinated all of humanity with the lie that vaccines are the only way to stay healthy, and defeat infectious diseases.

As a result President Trump had to deal with a world population that is so severely brainwashed, that – no matter how much he speaks about cures and therapeutics – they still demand a vaccine.

Now comes the clue: knowing that only a vaccine would be able to end the globalist lockdowns, and therefor prevent the Great Reset, Trump knew he had to start pushing vaccines. So he did. Interestingly enough, he tweeted right after his first announcement of the Pfizer vaccine:

“I wish people would stop killing themselves.”

That says it all, right there.

image 60
Biden is pushing an unlawful mandate.

Then Trump did something else to once and for all prevent the vaccine mandates: he rushed the development of the vaccines so ridiculously fast, that they ended up being not a real vaccine, but an experimental medical product. A medical experiment can NEVER be mandated! So once again, he sabotaged the plans of the globalists to impose vaccine mandates. Also, he knew fully well that the educated part of the world will be greatly alarmed by this. By making the vaccines experimental products, he gave all of us the perfect tool in our hands to warn humanity:


This is not a vaccine, but an untested, experimental biological agent! Whatever you do, DO NOT TAKE THIS!

Another strategic element of these rushed vaccines, is  because they skipped all necessary safety testing, they are causing way more adverse events than planned, which once again is alarming humanity!

Thanks to this rushed dangerous vaccine, that has more adverse events than any vaccine ever, billions of people are now learning, for the first time in their life, about the devastating risks of vaccines in general! It wouldn’t surprise me if this ultimately results in vaccines being banned from the face of the earth altogether, in the future. Who knows…

The ex-Pfizer scientist who became an anti-vaccination hero | The Japan  Times

You have to understand this: Trump can never say publicly how bad vaccines are. He would right away be accused by all the big media, and the majority of the corrupt government (left and right!) of murdering the American population. So he has to be smart.

He gave the world ‘vaccines’, therefor the lockdowns can be ended, and the plan to destroy humanity through endless lockdowns fails.

Of course he needs to say they are ‘safe and effective’, but even this is waking up the world, as people hear the claim ‘safe and effective’ while around them they see the destruction these vaccines are causing. This is undermining their blind faith in the governments and ‘health’ institutions, which is again a massive blow on the stronghold of the elites’ control over the world.

image 61

The globalists are freaking out of course, because this wasn’t their plan. So now they are all crying out in a frenzy:

’The vaccines actually don’t even protect you, you still need the lockdowns, essentially the vaccines don’t do anything. You can still get and transmit COVID-19.’

Total insanity of course, which is waking up even the most brainwashed people among us. ‘Who on earth wants to take a medical experiment, that doesn’t even do anything?’ More and more people ask questions, which is the last thing the elite needs.

Do you see, how the strategic steps taken by Donald Trump are literally wreaking havoc on the plans of the wicked globalists?
Read full article here: How Trumps vaccines prevent the Great Reset and save humanity (stopworldcontrol.com)

So there you have it. What those who never took the jab have been trying to tell people all along the way. The article sums it all up. Like a movie that someone missed half of for going to the bathroom and standing in line to get more popcorn and a soda. So hope this helps fill you in on what you may have missed when you quit watching in 2020.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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