How To Make Up Stuff So Other People Will Believe it….

Brought to you by the UN One World Global Dis-Order and its Un-Sustainable Development folks.

Apparently, the NWO Think Tanks are lacking something like imagination and creative thinking…. and someone behind the veil has assigned some experts to figure out how to teach people to be happy and think creatively and still control their minds. At least that appears to be the logical answer behind the new sustainable idea of True Storytelling?

Before we begin… let’s look at one of God’s natural truths.

The marvels of God’s creation are wondrous and awe inspiring.

We now turn our attention to a rather… Surreal idea.

A book titled “True Storytelling”

If it says True Storytelling and it is part of the United Nations Sustainable Development and Climate Change…. you know it is designed to gaslight and mind control the masses. Jens Larsen, along with David M. Boje, and Lena Bruun published a book on the matter, titled “True Storytelling”. The book uses 7 principles of “True Storytelling” that are a new method of studying, planning, facilitating, ensuring, implementing and evaluating ethical and sustainable changes in companies, organizations and societies. Knowing that much in and of itself sends a mind control chill down my spine. My Holy Spirit radar says… “FAKE STORYTELLING”… “BEWARE”.

image 62

In the book, the concept is said to be both a method with seven principles and a mindset to help managers and researchers to work with change.  Larsen states that “True Storytelling” stresses that we need to balance the resources of the Earth, our wellbeing and the economy when we are dealing with change. (That much right there, before hearing anymore…was enough for me to look for my headache meds, as I felt to read further might bring one on?)

But, I continued to read and found their explanation of future nauseating weather modification… I mean how to prevent climate change. (Climate change is fake, weather modification is real.. that is my True Storytelling spoiler alert.)

The book is about how with the 7 principles, we can navigate through crisis, create less stress and achieve better life in organizations and in society as a whole. Those 7 (mind control) story telling truthy thingys…..once you get them memorized will, the book says, show you how to learn to create innovative start-ups with a purpose and fund money for sustainable projects and good ideas.

It was then that I took a headache reliever, more for prevention… and swallowed some beet juice to assure my blood pressure remained normal. Smile.

I wasn’t sure whether to show their videos first or just explain their principles. I’m still trying to understand what they are trying to accomplish here? I think they are trying to get younger generations to learn to think again… but think like global think tanks want them to think. It’s a new approach… or so it looks like a new approach? I’m still studying this? So far it sounds like how to gaslight others. Just so far it does. (Oh his eight dollar hammer versus???)

The book is said to combine practical cases, and interviews with managers and CEOs, theory and philosophy to define the method and to teach the Seven True Storytelling Principles… I immediately envisioned Trudeau and Joey Avatar in a room feeding Zelensky sitting in a high chair and Macron looking for food sources of protein in Boris Johnson’s hair. (And I swear I only took a swig of Beet Juice…and it was organic!)

I began to read the 7 principles and after the first three… my mind wondered if there was anything in the house a bit stronger than my Beet Juice?

Principle 1. You yourself must be true and prepare the energy and effort for a sustainable future.

Principle 2. True storytelling makes spaces that respect the stories already there.(This one, number 2… I had to read three times to ponder what was intended… your mind can imagine all sorts of odd things.)

Principle 3. You must create stories with a clear plot, creating direction and helping people prioritize. (Here is where I wondered if there was anything stronger than my beet juice in my pantry… this sure sounded like gaslighting, advanced gaslighting.)

Principle 4. You must have timing.

Principle 5. You must be able to help stories on their way and be open to experiment. (This one eluded my imagination to all sorts of things. What does your imagination do on this one? I wondered if there was a school that taught sociopaths how to experiment with stories?)

Principle 6. You must consider staging, including scenography and artefacts. (Now this one just outright got me to thinking about mud flood, Tartaria, and all the fake stuff with its’ new not so True Storytelling… it sure fits the agenda and helps to redirect sound minds into believing all sorts of man made lies and all the junk you can attach to history once you begin to stage the scenography and place a few fake artefacts here and there… and have a clear plot and flexibility to help the story on its way.)

Princilple 7. You must reflect on the stories and how they create value. (The value… raised the question… “for who?” The victim hearing the not so true storytelling or the puppet masters funding the creating of the not so true storytelling? )

image 61
Tribute, Salvador Dali Art/Selfportrait

To make a long story short, it was after I read that the author said “the book is a guide to implementing these core principles to boost leadership practices, create a storytelling culture and staff buy-in”, well, it was at that point where I actually decided to look at the publication date. It was published September 24, 2020. (Which means the authors were collaborating on its writing at least for a year or two prior.) This made the information more sustainable to me…and I realized this was what we were watching in the present show.

Their idea of “True Storytelling”. Complete with all the misuse of the ridiculous 7 principles that turn what is not real into a melting reality of time… like Salvador Dali’s paintings… well, its time, so to speak, had come.

image 60
Salvador Dali’s “Melting Clocks”.

This sureal analytical tool for organizations, managers and consultants suggested through 7 lacking principles... appear as a vain attempt to get a memorized younger workforce to learn to think creatively again… if it is not too late? Memorizers and app directed thinking of mis and dis information… simply can only repeat what they have memorized. The last twenty years have been dedicated to teaching memorizing skills and leading the students into a generation of wireless technology. Robotic button pushers without the thought processes needed to create, prepare, and imagine beyond the intricate workings of chips on a mother board. Alexa (the bot voice) has been thinking of everything for them. Alexa needs new information and they have none to give. Now they have to teach them how to think again.

The failure to create, plan and execute the implementation of new ideas… from a thought bubble into a real and viable strategy, at least one that is unique and creative, has left the memory banks of a large share of the western humanoid masses. Forget art, and design… if it isn’t a widget or an imagined threat like climate change bla, bla… many who have succumbed to the mind control are at a loss. It must be all that planet spinning at a thousand miles per hour or whatever speed they are not moving at?

This is a bit surreal and creepy. But then again… that was just the feeling I got. You may find it otherwise. Smile.

I think they want younger generations to learn how to answer the real questions that unmindwashed people and youth ask. The questions that come from sound thinking and creativity. The thing the mind washed memorizers lack. (That is why they scream when they can’t answer something. They can’t deal with the truth… only the memorized mis and dis information.)

So what is the motivation behind the 7 principles? It sure sounds like they want to reproduce the success of God’s people who do things from the heart.

CEO and Board Member Dr. James Sibel wants to teach people to make decisions from the mind and the heart. And leaving God out of it. Just the mind and the heart. Wow… a godless mind and heart world.

So now…because they have no clue on how God’s people (His Ekklesia who are his children) called out of the world operate with the Holy Spirit leading them from the heart… they have to scientifically and mechanically try to reproduce it. These side wacks have developed their 7 principles to reproduce it. Oh my head hurts. I knew there was going to be a headache in this…but it just may turn into a laugh attack. I would laugh if it weren’t so … I am at a loss of what to call it…other than sad and surreal.

image 63

The fact that this book on True Storytelling is valuable reading for researchers and students at master level, as well as leaders and consultants in charge of ethical and sustainable changes is a big clue that the globalists are in trouble. They have no real capability of out thinking those who read and think for themselves. They simply don’t know how to conquer freewill. And they certainly will never understand the Holy Spirit, nor any of the open truths of the Kingdom of God’s people. God’s people have His divine protection… and that is something these assigned experts can never reproduce! Hopefully, for their souls sake, they will come to understand this and let their hearts open up and let the Lord in!

They believe they can think their way into a heart change from their 7 gaslighting principles. They need to get out the Bible and read with a good and open heart and ask for the Holy Spirit to teach them.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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