How the west was won is going to have an entirely new meaning for the next generation of American Children!

It won’t be about cowboys, it will be about espionage and NAZI lizard people regimes and the take down of the KM Oligarchs who plotted wicked schemes behind the veil of secrecy.

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Are we witnessing the Beast System clawing at a way to survive its imminent fall? It sure is looking like we are.

Remember President Trump is cleaning out the dark side of the Pentagon, and all of a sudden we get leaks from the iron cage of DARPA’s secrets and CLASSIFIED DOCS of careful leaking… nothing real revealing, primarily things we knew but Joey Avatar’s Obama Regime fake news was denying. Which the leaks came out at the first of March.

Add to that the new precendence to indict past and present presidents and don’t forget the United Nations new criminal justice revisions to make their illegal minor drug and sex acts legal…“The 8 March Principles for a Human Rights – Based Approach to Criminal Law Proscribing Conduct Associated with Sex, Reproduction, Drug Use, HIV, Homelessness and Poverty.”ICJ publishes a new set of legal principles to address the harmful human rights impact of unjustified criminalization of individuals and entire communities | International Commission of Jurists

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We have the Pentagon classified doc leaks and The Department of Defense asking the FBI and the Justice Department to investigate the leak. Add to that the NYT and WP finding the location of the suspect via a game chat on “Discord Group Chat” and they arrive at the scene on the same day the FBI is to make their investigation move and we have another “RAID” that appears to be a scripted false flag event, based on past false flag events and how those are played out taking the same scripted steps.

We have drone footage of the military Dept. of Defense and their crowd control high frequency tank, complete with radar on the front to arrest a 21 year old. They, the military take him into custody for the “leak of the century”, the impossible task of hacking into the pentagon’s top secret military operations… and the military turns him over to the District Courts so the fake news can cover the entire event with all the leaked documents. Meanwhile all the press and social media are allowed, even encouraged to post everything that is top secret so the world can see and hear a one sided view of how inadequate the Pentagon’s security is. So inadequate that gamers can download and circulate anything they desire from the US Military? And we are supposed to believe all of it just like they are reporting it?

We even have Democracy Today making their full scripted report with their experts giving their own spin.

So, now we have James Bamford author and reporter here to explain it all for them.

Why are we just lapping it up like it is the way the military does things? We are told that these leaks have been popping up between January and March 2023.

One article said, “The U.S. intelligence community is expected to take measures to protect the sources and methods used in the collection of data in that material. “You have to assume it is compromised,” said Thomas Rid, professor of strategic studies at Johns Hopkins University. “But assuming that the adversary has it is one thing, knowing it is another.”

“The probe into the leak will be among the FBI’s top priorities as investigators search for who had access to the information, and who would have motive to make it public, said Joshua Skule, a former FBI senior executive who is now the president of the government contracting firm Bow Wave.”

So they make it public… and show it all… disect it with experts and are helpless at the Pentagon because now they’ve been breeched.

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“They are going to be looking to get to the bottom of who did it as expeditiously as possible, they are going to be sparing no resource,” Mr. Skule said. “The FBI is approaching this as if someone has committed a treasonous act.”

This one looks like it could be a white hat operation? Not sure. If not, it will turn into one as Trump said he is cleaning up both Justice Departments.

With everything taking place little is said of the new additions at GITMO.

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Meanwhile the IMF announces a new currency and no one is talking about it? Why not?

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Knowing what we now know….”Backed By Extensive Equity Portfolio” just sounds like the enslavement that it is. And dividine paying sounds like special priviliges could be granted????

A new global currency was launched at the “International Monetary Fund (IMF) Spring 2023 Meetings, the Monetary Authority for Digital Currencies (DCMA) announced the official launch of an international central bank digital currency (CBDC) that strengthens the monetary sovereignty of participating central banks and complies with the recent policy recommendations on crypto assets proposed by the IMF.” Read: The IMF introduces a new currency, but nobody talks about it. Why? (

We are told that the “Universal Monetary Unit” is a “crypto 2.0”, and those who created it hope it will be widely adopted by “all sectors of the global economy”. They say it innovates a new wave of cryptographic technologies to build a public digital currency monetary system…for all sectors of the global economy. I doubt Putin and the BRICS are looking at this with little more than some giggles.

Meanwhile Joey Avatar and his administration are touting their own idea of a “digital form of the US dollar”?

The official White House website states…

“A US central bank digital currency (CBDC) would be a digital form of the US dollar. While not yet deciding whether to pursue a CBDC, the US has been carefully examining the implications and options for issuing a CBDC. If the United States were to issue a CBDC, the benefits could be many, such as facilitating low-cost and efficient transactions, fostering greater access to the financial system, stimulating economic growth, and supporting the continued centrality of the United States in the international financial system.”

We knew this was coming…and we also know this won’t stick to anything but their own murky underwear!

They’ve been talking about their new social credit system and the CBDCs would be the end of any financial privacy that was left. The authorities will be able to trace everything you buy and sell and I’m sure they won’t hesitate to use this information against you.

They have talked about their new world where you are prevented from buying meat for a certain period because you have already used up your “carbon credits” for the month? Or denied to buy certain items because you are not socially behaving. Or prohibit you from buying a car by preventing you from paying for it. It has been no secret that they have been lusting to usher in their dystopian world by central bank controlled digital currency!

Hold on and be patient as we hear all this garble from the Global RESET lizard people. While the banks are failing, the Gold Standard Restoration Act is RIGHT NOW IN the House of Representatives! The act will define the dollar as a fixed weight of gold to back our currency! See: US HB2435 | 2023-2024 | 118th Congress | LegiScan

And the rest of the world is enjoying their gold backed dollar trading thanks to the BRICS of which is expanding its membership to such as Saudi Arabia and others.

Meanwhile around the world and especially in Ukraine and Israel, Christians are being persecuted and killed. And little is being said on fake news about this.

And now little by little there are some slight hints at a new reveal…

News Flash with a yawn….The only ones supporting the lizard war are the paid lizard hirelines who show up with the passed out flags.

But Norway are new members of NATO and they do as they are told for their RESET that is falling, is falling.

Then when all else fails due to the ignorance of others…the truth shall set you free!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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