How SMART Are You Willing To Be?

The War is raging for your mind and the mind of your children! Psychological Warfare is FEAR BASED!

We are at war. The main weapon is psychological warfare. The problem most are having is they are not understanding that we are at war. Why is this? Because of the fact that they can’t see the soldiers shooting at each other and they can’t see bombs dropping on our cities.

People look at Ukraine and Russia and say… there is where the war is. Meanwhile the biggest war being waged is on the rest of the world via destroy to rebuild every city’s infrastructure into a smart city, via mind control propaganda and fake news!

The easiest way to rebuild a cities infrastructure is to first destroy the city. The two easiest ways are to either destroy it with monster weather (manmade weather manipulation) or to increase riots, protests, and crime with police standing down and allowing infrastructure to be destroyed by paid thugs like ANTIFA and BLM. We watched this begin with Ferguson and Baltimore riots in 2014 when Obama tested out his new “President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing” where the police stand down and let the people riot. Read: Final Report of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing | Office of Justice Programs ( again during George Floyd riots during COVID-19 unto this very day. Read: George Floyd riots escalate nationwide, carnage near the White House | Fox News

What Obama did in his 21st Century Policing was sell out the men in blue and the citizens of the USA. Stand down was always meant to create chaos.

He lied. The task force was never about our safety. It was always about giving over the police force of America to the International Police and the United Nations One World Order. Remember Hillary was never supposed to lose. He had a lot of things all set up and ready to go. He was always a paper clipped puppet for the KM Oligarchs. He was never an American born citizen and never a legal president. Trump was right when he called out Obama’s forged birth certificate.

21st Century Policing is United Nations INTERPOL (international police). The UN gets to police our cities and towns.

image 11

The key to this psychological warfare is that when the cities become so crime ridden and our police have quit or proven inadequate… the need for law and order will be the cry of the people and the answer will be INTERPOL. And to operate INTERPOL affectively… we NEED SMART CITIES! (This is the plan to take over the USA by the beast system and put us in a one world disorder, devised by the great merchants of the earth. As spoken of in Revelations. But they will not succeed. God has another ending to this evil act than the one the wicked have devised.)

This isn’t new… it’s been in the works for a long time.

Reinforcing INTERPOL National Central Bureaus key to 21st century policing

April 1, 2008 – from INTERPOL’s WEBSITE on 21st Century Policing.

“INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble told the conference in his opening speech that the concepts of ‘21st-century policing’ and ‘capacity-building’ cannot exist without the other, and that they have come to define the relationship between INTERPOL as an organization and its network of 186 NCBs.

“‘INTERPOL’s ambitious vision for 21st-century policing calls for a new approach to fighting terrorism and other serious transnational crime, an approach that moves international policing from the sidelines to front and centre, psychologically and operationally,’ said Mr Noble.

“As part of this vision he called for NCBs to identify police experts in a wide variety of specialties – from computer forensics to victim identification to ballistics – who can be called upon to respond to an urgent request for assistance from another country or region whose own resources or expertise may be lacking.” Read: Reinforcing INTERPOL National Central Bureaus key to 21st century policing

image 12

Civilian Armies At Large… Obama pledged to build a civilian army as powerful as the armed forces. Enter all his little street minions. Enter civilian national security force. Infiltration on many levels.

What is worse than outside forces are the inside forces who are the new civilian dressed soldiers like ANTIFA. And the police force ordered to stand down. And the infiltration of FBI in civilian clothing acting like they are on your side and working for the side of the UN RESET Global Forces.

The new bombs in this war are forced toxic vaccines (that kill and maime), along with unsustainable mandates and getting killed (banned) and maimed (fact checked wrongly) on social media and shamed and accused falsely (mis and dis information), with fake news doing killer wrap up smears. The courts are all but lawless and corruption is at every turn. The street lights in many places are replaced with Smart LED lights placed 30 feet apart and have surveillance, GPS tracking that connect to cell phones, car wifi devices, and scalar weapons that will kill people. These are only a few of the new bombs that kill us, rob us of our freedoms, and destroy our lives.

image 7
Big brother and other.
image 9
Surveillance and tracking devices. Where are you going? Answer correctly or else.

Our children are being destroyed right before our eyes by Big Food, Big Pharma, Big Government Propaganda, Big Department of Child and Human Services, Big Medical, Big School System – complete with big transgenderism, and big dumb down fake history and sex perverted education. Big Universities, follow up our children’s mental mind washing after high school with progressive save our democracy which is mob rule and Marxism, followed up with student loans equal to a very expensive home that they now will be paying back upon graduation or dropping out, whichever comes first. They are strapped with loans as high as six figures in many cases and most are not employed in the field they got their BS, or Masters degree in for businesses are laying off, cutting back, and closing because the economy is trashed and wall street is crashing.

Smart cities are United Nations RESET One World Order Cities! Are you aware of this?

image 10

Their heads are filled with climate change which has nothing to do with climate and everything to do with trade and setting up a Smart City Planet that spys on citizens and is sponsored by the United Nations in their “Sister City” program. Which programs cities into their “smart” way to control, monitor, and punish misbehaved thinking called free will to choose… by trashing social credit scores that will ruin their reputation and eventually starve them as they become unemployable. Or so they are told this in order to FORCE them to comply with their new totalitarian way of government disguised as the “Green New Deal”.

Smart cities include tiny housing developments, no cars, no meat, plenty of bio imitation foods filled with preservatives and petri dish science based lab produced foods, windmills that don’t work, solar that catches fire and smart electric cars that take hours to charge and have lithium batteries that catch on fire… and cost $19,000 to $29,000 to replace. Smart cities have streets lined with scalar laser technology, cameras and tracking devices that can cause headaches, nausea, heart attacks, burn and kill a person who is not acting the way government tells them to act. These are placed every 30 feet and are disguised as street lights.

Smart Cities or Surveillance Cities?

The terrain is shifting for this movement, as many of us wonder aloud whether the urban tech utopia is all it’s cracked up to be.

image 14

Read: Smart Cities or Surveillance Cities? (

New York was #2 Smart City and #1 on Economic Dimension in 2019. Look at it now!

image 15

New York was the #2 Smart City in the world. What happened? Smart cities are a failure and only designed to enslave the people with 24/7 spy surveillance.

Excerpt from article on Top 10 Smart Cities in The World “The Big Apple city remains at the second position on the smart cities list. It is rated as #1 on the economic dimension, followed by human capital, urban planning, international outreach, technology and mobility, and transportation. The network is home to the highest no of high-tech firms almost 7000 with other services like free Wi-Fi service LinkNYC. It is the world’s most important economic center. It also has solar-powered smart dustbins that monitor the trash levels and also checks that waste is regularly picked.”

New York in 2023. Smart City. Not so Smart now are they?

London was #1…look at London now. Paris was #4…look at Paris now. Look at all of these smartie cities. Read: Top 10 Smart Cities in The World – Prosglobalinc

Smart cities aren’t working out so hot now are they? Smart cities are the path to destruction with Climate Change and Green Bad Deal. Pits of hell designed by the KM Oligarchs, with you in mind. They always say one thing and do another. These are designed to be surveillance city prisons.

This is the new war. It will only be one by the psychopathes if we obey and do as they say. It will never be built if we stand together and not allow the smart cities to complete themselves by townships across the lands one by one.

They can only be successful in building this type of infrastructure which is a prison planet design… if we agree to it and allow it. The youth are buying into it because they are going through the school systems and the A.I. wonder world of gaming, and high technology devices to be the most advanced… and many are all in for transhumanism and having their super powers. They have been impressionable and gullible. They have believed the lies and many are willing to become a machine because they fell for the mind control programming and cannot see the truth. They have been mind washed with a utopian world fantasy where they can fly and be something totally awesome and different, where in reality… they will be a ‘THING’. An ‘IT’. They don’t believe the truth that they will be a program with no emotions, and have no free will. They think they will be smart and refuse to see the truth that they will have no free thought, no cognitive thinking, only memorized thought injections and some big computer at CERN programming their obedient days activities.

image 16

It is up to the adults to stop this new world order RESET programming. That is the only way to save the children from forced mandated systems of acceptance.

So …. adults it is time to stand up for your children and stop the psychopathes in government and institutional seats who are pushing these totalitarian systems on others. The puppets and their puppet masters are liars and they lie in order to sell these systems. They hire the unemployed college graduates to work on their mis and dis information campaigns to hide all truth and report suspicious activity which is free thinking and truth. All truth is the enemy to the state at this point.

So, that being said… it is time to educate the youth in the truth and to remove the children from school systems that are woke and force them to go broke.

It is time to find the BlackRock and Vanguard essential businesses and stop giving them your money. Support small businesses and look at new ways to manufacture what is needed through freedom loving companies. Together there can be a lot accomplished. There are far more people who want to keep their familes, freedoms, minds, and their bodies the way God designed them to be, complete with their free will to think, feel and choose which is the God given process of the mind.

As President Trump Said….

image 6

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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