The clock is ticking and people are waking up, yet so many are still under fake news hypnosis. How do you wake them up? Is there time now to hold a history class? Is there time now to read all the books written on this subject? Is there time now to watch videos on the subject when most all have been removed by censorsing algorithms and bots?

The question is, how do you update an entire world population to understand that what the conspiracy theorists were telling you all along was the truth and what those who censored them as tin foil hat bat crap crazies were the real liars?

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Those writing such things knew this day would come…in most nations it has already arrived. It is now on America’s porch and the time has come to give whatever condensed version of the facts that have been shouted for years and years to those eager to understand what is taking place.

But here is the cold hard reality….When a tornado is in the sky coming at your home 100 miles an hour, that is not the time to argue that the weatherman said we weren’t going to have bad weather, nor is it the time to study how that tornado was formed. It is the TIME TO HIT SHELTER FOR THE STORM IS HEADING AT YOUR HOUSE!

Coverups are nothing new. Remember the battleship USS Iowa? Read here: The battleship USS Iowa mysterious exploded 30 years ago – Business Insider

Sadly, this is where we’re at folks. Desperately trying to give you the truth on how we got here, but when the enemy is firing shots over the bow, you need to fire back and defend yourself – and shout out the orders to save those on the ship! This is now in play. Those huddled in the safe zones below the deck can read about why the Captain and all hands are on deck are bravely battening down the ship fighting against the storm by finally reading nuggets of truth shared by those dedicated to getting those huddled informed.

Meanwhile, The Captain is in control and all hands on board. The cannons are ready and the order has been given – fire away men! Don’t shoot til you see the whites of their eyes!!

None of this is new. It is simply being implemented for they felt so confident that now was the time their evil plans to rule the world would work. The entire scenario we are in was devised, and implemented by the chief thug of the oligarchs and that man is George Soros.

So where do we start? Let’s start with President Trump’s Executive Order to make a sixth military branch called the Space Force. This is where the Kraken comes into public view and is funded with a green light to get’er done!

White House fired shot across bow of Heather Wilson over Space Force -  Business Insider
Trump’s June 2018 announcement that the Space Force would become the US’s sixth military branch was a step to prepare for what we are seeing now with a more powerful line of defense in Cyber Security. Read about the oppositon against it here: White House fired shot across bow of Heather Wilson over Space Force – Business Insider

Read about the act here. Space Preservation Act: To BAN SPACE BASED WEAPONS used on the PUBLIC #TargetedIndividuals for Humanity’s Sake (How much money & research do they need?) | Lissa’s Humane Life (

An important thing to note here is that the news pushed the narrative that there was no such thing as space based weapons and any talk of such was conspiracy theory. The fact is there were international laws regarding the use of space based weaponry including those that caused earth quakes and extreme weather. The clause was that a nation could use these evil technologies on their own nation, but not on another nation. Yes it says that.

Hurricane Isaac a warning shot fired over the bow of America? | VFN Torch
Yes we have been watching weather warfare all along the way. One of the most intriguing battles was the recent Hurricane Dorian. See the report from 2019 here: DORIAN – STILL PULSING – THE MARSHALL REPORT ( This was an act of war flexing muscles with incoming storm as the weapon. China’s ports were crushed and more. It is a must read.

What President Trump did by signing his executive order was bring the program out into the light of day and let the world know he would be prepared and not just Russia and China. Remember, Obama had shut down NASA and all but depleted our military forces. President Trump has told us over and over that when he took office our Generals told him they didn’t even have amunition! THESE ARE FACTS!

Another fact is, Obama had worked in lockstep with Jarrett ( Valerie Jarrett – Wikipedia )to bring America down to a low point and Hillary was going to take it the rest of the way. Well, that didn’t happen. President Trump was elected in spite of the hammer and scorecard voter fraud committed during the 2016 election. Didn’t anyone wonder at the fact Hilary, just like Joe, never really campaigned and when they did, Hillary could barely fill a town hall and Joe could barely fill a bath room!!! They had their fraud systems in place. And both had not anticipated the patriotic outpouring of support for President Trump!

We have been in LockStep from the start. The evil program of the Rockefeller Foundation sponsored “Club of Rome-Think Tank”.

Then there’s the COVID which is part of Lockstep. Birx is on board and has been taking her orders from Gates who is the vaccine depopulation program on steroids. If she hasn’t been following Gates criteria, there would have been no freudian slip. That’s my hunch and opinion. Listen to the slip up below. (to many this is really old news, but this is for those who are just waking up that they have been lied to.)

Well, that’s enough to digest for now. More will be coming…but the first thing to do is wake up and know the media HAS LIED TO ALL OF YOU FOR A VERY LONG TIME. Not just during the Trump presidency.

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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