Honey Pots and Sabotage…

Ouch! They keep doing it over and over and over again…. why? Because it’s working!

Love one another and forgive, all, heaven forbid if you call a snake a snake. God will punish you for that, yet we read the Lord said… be not deceived. He sent us the Holy Spirit for wisdom, teaching, comfort and guidance to use freely…yet there are those who either deny it or charge others to learn of it? Do you see the weapon? The sabotage?

We are to be as wise as the serpent and gentle as the dove…a careful balancing act…but discern all things to see if they are of God or of the devil. Are we discerning? When we ask the Lord what is this spirit from that is doing these things…and he says, “It is not of me.”…do you say…okay we will try to be its’ friend? No. We are to stay clear of it! Be not unequally yoked and this includes your fellow man. Tell me how many born again believers who are perfect and sin not? I can’t think of one, especially myself. Why is that? It is because we are in the flesh and as I said in another post…”We have met the enemy and he is us.” Love one another does not mean to not stand up for God when they mock Him. Love God more than mammon…more than man. You can’t do both. You must choose who you shall follow and who you shall heed. What does the Bible say? Not what does man say. Amen. Man is imperfect and can go astray. Some will kill you for a TV, and others because you know who they are. This is real folks and we are thick in the midst of it.

Pray for your enemies yes. Don’t love their things that God hates. Yes, there are things God hates.

Spiritual warfare is at us daily, even before COVID, and when Trump was president. These things do not change the spiritual warfare we must battle daily. What these two things did was make us aware that evil was lurking at every turn to kill, steal and destroy. Something we all to well forget about when things are good. Just like it is also easy to forget about God when you think tithing and attending church on Sunday is all you need to do. That is what is called complacency and why we have allowed the same slackness and followed along doing as we are told with government and city municipalities. Who are we to rock the boat? Welcome to the land of the “result of being complacent” folks.

The days of “That’s not my problem”, and “Be happy don’t worry, Jesus loves you just as you are. Let’s go shopping.” Those days are gone and rightfully so. That is not praise and worship, that is not a relationship. Yet, that is what religion says is what you are to do. You aren’t a theologian, nor went to the Bible Study school so shut up and stop your useless questions. We will tell you what the Bible says and what you are to do to be in good standing with the church. The church is what is most important, not little you.

We have all seen a telethon to raise money for church tv programs that if you don’t go to the phone right now and send in your offering God will not bless you, you will be cursed for not giving. Is this what Jesus taught us? I say not at all. It isn’t in the Bible.

John 14:16-17 16And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; 17Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.

Even in the old Testament, we were told the same things Jesus told us, Psalm 32:8 “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go. I will guide you with my eye.” Jesus said he would send the Holy Spirit to teach us and guide us and comfort us….

Because of our own intellectual thinking of how we are to be, we often tell God what we are doing for Him instead of asking God what we are to do for Him. In this we have much error for there is a season for all things…this is the season to stand up for God and his Word and to come out from those who push and press and fleece us in the world. Using God’s people to promote a world agenda is not knew to the devil nor those he has bribed to do so. It began in the garden and continues to this very day.

We’ve watched Lin Wood’s public sabotage and the “Revival Thrive Timers” keep on batting at him …but, he is not alone, there are many others getting their lashings from the same bunch! That bunch that is showing you all how to have God’s new revival. THAT IS NOT of GOD!

That being said, many are being sabotaged by the same ones calling for you to come and follow their way!!!

This article about Sidney Powell reads like a hit piece. https://www.vice.com/amp/en/article/k7wnyn/sidney-powell-finally-admits-that-perhaps-the-kraken-is-not-real

The dangerous thing coming out of the mixed collection of RINOs, and deep state infiltrators at these so called “Reawaken America” rallies is the easiest spying and sabotaging the globalists ever had to do. Patriots are spilling all their goods to them on a silver platter, and they are feeding people garbage in return. How many times do you have to see the videos of the sabotage? The Christian way? I guess you need to keep seeing it…so here is one of them…

This show is indeed a honey trap for all who are on the side of law and order. All some have to do is be seen with the bunch. They will make up the rest. They are proving to be master liars. This is a mess and those with discernment should remove themselves from that entire bunch. It is very infiltrated. Leakers and sabotages are taking place everywhere.

Weaving Spiders come not here…. Who else has their face targeted on the influencer Joker’s white board? The true patriots have knives in their backs from people smiling in their faces. Who does such a thing?  Surely there is a name for those who breed confusion and lie. Yes… Satan is his name and the author of confusion is his game.  Deep state honey pots are everywhere…come, my dear…we await you for you are an influencer and we love to have influencers in our midst.

Web of destruction and honey pot planner! Is your name on here?

Remember the whiteboard. They said they put the names of the influencers they wanted to attract to their revival. They called them, and flattered them, invited them and used them to promote their carnival show. To give their carnival credibility and all for you. Meanwhile they punished those that questioned anything they were doing. Ask Lin Wood, ask Sidney Powell who was screwed over big time. Ask President Trump who was made to look like a stupid push over in the book and movie by Patrick Byrne titled Deep Rig! Ask Giuliani who was made to look like an old washed up drunk in the same book and film.


Until we speak out the ones we love will never see and never hear it for what it is and this is not of God!

And just in case you haven’t noticed. The traveling deep state road show has bought up all the podcasters and infiltrated every one of them with their own form of honey pot propaganda. The plan was to do this all along. Look at the White Board. They were out to infiltrate, and charm like a snake all those who they could, and they called them, flattered them, needed them like a lover in forlorn…. swooned them and caught them all! They have leaked lies to fake news, spewed lies on videos, and continue to find ways to deceive good hearted people!

Who else wants to join the influencers?  Come one, come all… the Joker is showing you and the Riddler is calling you to step right up … come one, come all to the traveling show.  You will not surely die?  You shall be free…. Hee hee…..



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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