Historic Rundown…Believe it or Not…

It’s always good to gather all the information and discern it all.

No one has all the answers… as we go through this box of puzzle pieces trying to figure out which piece goes where to bring into view the picture on the outside of the box… we are inside of it wondering what it is supposed to look like.

In this day of propaganda everywhere, we are trying every puzzle piece to see where it properly fits. It won’t matter at all if a few pieces here and there are not positioned… unless of course some fine print is in those pieces, for then it would.

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So what they have done, the ones who desire to rule the world and those who have pledged an allegiance to Babylon the Great… is snuck in with great cunning and stealth. They have shaken up the world box of puzzle pieces and spilled them out while hiding the picture that shows what they’ve done. The one on the outside of the puzzle box. You are not supposed to see that for you are never supposed to know how to connect the tiny little pieces to see what they have done, are doing, and plan to do.

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This is Babylon the Great’s own little book of craft. A 33 degree of sorts. They have carefully placed all humanity inside the empty puzzle box and placing on top of it, a proper lid.

You can stay inside and accept the limitations or you can pray to God to show you the way out of it. God and God only is the one who can lift you up and out of the deceptive puzzle box this world has imprisoned you inside of.

Once outside the Lord shall give you wisdom to see the puzzle pieces and place them together one by one. You will see the lies, that each piece holds. You shall begin to see your purpose was never to serve Babylon the Great, and its’ ruler by staying inside its’ box. Once you see the freedom that the Lord has for you outside of the box you will have a strong heartfelt desire to help the others to climb outside the box. You will call to them and shout…come out of her my people!

So that being said, the videos below are of a lecture given by David Straight. They are filled with factual truth of our United States history. Many of the things he will say, you may not agree with, and many things you will for you already know those things are true. His information can be easily researched and found as fact. He gives you an easy and well documented path to do so. When you do, you will see it is accurate and jump outside of that box! You just may find yourself shouting…Come Out From Her My People!

You will easily see what is his opinion and what are facts for he spells that out. Enjoy the truth inside these videos.

David Straight | American Meetng Group

There are 8 parts to this series. To see the rest of these click on the link to the Rumble site: Out of Babylon with David Straight – Part 6 (rumble.com)

Keep on Pressing Into The Kingdom! Press, Press, Press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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