Hillary Your Hands Are In The ISIS Crisis – Gaddafi, Stephens, and Navy Seal Blood Is Accusing You From The Grave!

Who does Hillary think she is kidding here?  The entire focus of her Secretary of State was to create havoc in the middle east and topple nations with the CIA created al-Qaeda morphed into ISIS creation of the US government led military and mercenaries.  Gun running, and aiding the enemy have been foremost on her and the Obama agenda.

Another part of the plan was to take millions of the billions of able bodied Islamic men and slap a refugee stamp on their forehead and ship them throughout the world.  Then shout it is not up to the US to be the only ones fighting ISIS – wait –  now she is calling them Jihadists again?  So now her answer is to get the world involved in fighting them especially since they are all now in sleeper cells with refugee status world wide.

hillary untitled

Well Hillary, the USA has many training camps right now on its’ own soil.  How about droning all of the training camps here first?  How about that?

People, this is a mess and you know it is unraveling when we can all see it all for what it is.  We all know she is guilty and she has lied.  We all know she should not be on a stage debating for the democratic candidates choice.  It is sickening to watch.  Will we call them out?  Will we put pressure on the candidates to speak the truth?  Or will Trump be the only one yelling it for what it is?

Will we continue to let them play their games and gas light us that nothing happened and we never saw what we saw?  That those who were killed she had nothing to do with?  That she had nothing to do with gun running in Benghazi?  That she was innocent in all of it?

I think it is time to look at the rest of Hillary’s emails.  Bernie Sanders may have heard enough, but the rest of America who want to expose the evil acts for what they are need to take another look and call out the entire Obama regime for their involvement!

To have her on stage as a presidential candidate is an abomination to public office.  She is a poster child for just how low American has fallen.


Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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