Hillary All Fun Camps And No Guns! Not On Trump's Watch!

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Hillary wants your guns.  She said she will get them.  Her supporting argument to confiscate them is, “ISIS uses guns to kill Americans.”  She’s going to make sure ISIS can’t get them illegally?  For some odd reason she believes this makes perfect sense?  She believes no one knows she is responsible for years of gun running to Islamists and also believes no one knows she helped Obama create ISIS in the first place.
If that’s not enough to make you think twice, how about Hillary’s Fun Camps for adults.  Re-educate adults who critically think?  Get rid of the oppressing evil thinkers who do not buy into the evil propaganda.  But, make it fun.
This is the agenda of the establishment.  Wake up and be aware that Hillary is boldly telling you and trying to make it fun….but, rest assured it won’t be.  The re-education has already taken over our educational systems and all the establishment candidates will push this program in one way or another because the establishment donors need a mind controlled stupid public. In fact, the reason why the GOP and DEM platforms look alike is because they serve the same agenda.
The reason why the platforms are so obvious is because the majority of Americans have awakened and they see what is taking place.  Yet, the establishment elite are still pushing their mind control propaganda to the masses as though they were all still sleeping and keeping those who are awake at bay with political correct police.  Well, thanks to Trump, the people have thrown the political correct junk out the window and started shouting – “Look, look they are lying!   We have a constitution and they aren’t going to take it from us nor can they have our guns! We’re mad as heck and we’re not going to take it any more!”

So, with political correct social control thrown out the window the people are shouting out the facts and the truth!  Trump is throwing their lies back in their faces and Hillary, who is out to battle the war on women by calling Trump a sexist, is now dealing with the media frenzy and emboldened women coming forth accusing her Bill for rape and finally demanding justice against his unlawful acts.  Why?  Because Trump had the boldness to do what no one ever dared to do before and that was to call out Bill for all his evil acts against young, innocent women and make Hillary own her part in it.  All in his own self defense.
The truth is Hillary is pushing the US into a fun camp FEMA corner and wants to take your children (not hers or the privileged elite’s, just yours) and put them into the hands of the United Nations agenda for the 21st century sustainable development for a new world order.  To achieve this, she must first take away your guns!
Dianne Marshall
P.S. side note to Hillary:
Stand by your man is one thing, but,  trampling victims of your man for political purposes is not right, it is evil and wrong. To continue to act like it never happened for political purposes no longer works. Your war on women is real. You hate your husbands victims and enabled him to continue his perverted behavior. All wrong and not good at all. I’m sure in the real world if you were not in Alinsky driven politics and promised lots of NWO goodies, and instead living in a small town USA and your husband was doing what he has done to women….you would call him what he is – a dangerous man and rapist. You would be divorced with a court order of protection. You would be wanting someone to acknowledge what he has done and put him behind bars. So shut up Hillary.

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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