Hi Yo Silver A Way, Was That A Subliminal Message?

There was a time when the Silver Standard was used, then replaced by the Gold Standard. Then the fiat dollar. Since then, Industry giants have kept the price of silver low for their own lucrative financial gains of their own makings. Are those days all but over?

Corporate so called Giants of Industry, need silver priced low to gain profits for their corporations controlled by BlackRock and Vanguard who control the stock markets for those who use silver to make their A.I. and other technology advancements such as solar panels, water filtration systems, window coatings, electrical contacts and conductors, all their little wires to connect to the internet of EVERYTHING, cloud seeding for weather modification, etc., and all of their own prosperity yielding corporate stakeholder reasons.


You were supposed to believe it was so abundant that it would never amount to much of anything… at least that was and is yet the modern day mantra. The truth is that silver is on its way to finally being valued at what it is worth right next to gold or close to it where it was once upon a time before the great merchants of the earth decided to devalue it!

Today it is said to be the smartest investment that will soon give the biggest returns on the dollar!

image 38

So what will this do for SMART TECH PROJECTS? It will increase the cost of Solar Panels to the point it will NO LONGER be a SMART investment and it will NO LONGER be the cost effective wave of the future… it will crash in the ocean and never reach the shores! The race is on and the truth of the value of silver is very hard for the great merchants to hide any longer.

Take a look at the past 30 year silver price history…

image 39

In the nineties and early twenties silver was not as lucrative as the Numismatic investments of rare coins, nor Gold. It was collected but not as sought after until it began to rise and many people sold off their $5 to $10 stock piles…. and then of course it went down and then sort of leveled off with a new place holding spot that has been jiggling around ever since. The rumors are that it will skyrocket up to the price of gold and then settle somewhere close after the big collapse of the fiat dollar backed by air.

There are many ideas on what the future of both silver and gold will hold but the end game all depends on who wins this global RESET war designed to enslave all humanity. So far it looks grim for the Western KM Oligarchs for they are losing the world “Gold Standard” war with every sanction and mandate they devise on the nations known as the BRICS who are growing in numbers and trading in gold backed dollars daily.

Here are some cold hard facts about silver…

Silver is a precious metal and has been since ancient times. Today, silver metal is used in many bullion coins, sometimes along side gold according to the bimetallic standard which is a monetary standard that uses two metals typically gold and silver to create a fixed rate of exchange between them. In the US, both gold and silver are legal tender and can be coined by government mints in unlimited quantities. This distinguishes it from other standards of bimetallism and from “trade” bimetallism where only one coin such as gold is freely exchanged,

Economists also distinguish legal bimetallism, where the law guarantees these conditions, and de facto (standards of practice, not law) bimetallism, where gold and silver coins circulate at a fixed rate. And there was a SILVER STANDARD in place.

The silver standard is a monetary system where the standard economic unit of account is a fixed weight of silver. Silver was always far more widespread than gold as the monetary standard world wide, starting from the Sumerians in 3000 BC until it was changed in 1873. (Note the date 1873, this was just two years after USA, Inc. was formed in secret in 1871.) 

Pause for a few tidbits to ponder in the history of silver:

Silver Croeseid, minted by King Croesus c. 560–546 BCE. (10.59 grams, Sardis mint)

image 40


It was in the 16th century after the discovery of large deposits of silver at the Cerro Rico in PotosíBolivia, that an international silver standard came into existence in conjunction with the Spanish pieces of eight. These silver dollar coins played the role of an international trading currency for nearly four hundred years!

image 41
Spanish pieces of eight.

So you see, the move away from the silver standard to the gold standard was a process to maneuver people away from.

So, the move away from silver began in the 18th century when Great Britain set the gold guinea’s price in silver higher than international prices by recommendation of Sir Isaac Newton whose idea it was to attract people to gold and put them on a de facto gold standard. Great Britain then formalized the gold standard in 1821 and introduced it to the colonies. Imperial Germany followed suit to the gold standard which triggered the same move to the rest of Europe and the rest of the world over the next 35 years leaving only China and the French Inodchinese on the silver standard but by 1935 China and the rest of the world abandoned silver and gold standards in favour of government fiat currencies pegged to the pound sterling or the U.S. Dollar.

During the 19th century they were pushing the central banking systems fiat dollar and were on the pathway to getting rid of the gold standard and or silver standard which eventually they did after scholarly debates and arguments over bimetallism being stable or unstable and then came technological progress and the South African and Klonike Gold Rushes increasing the supply of gold in circulation at the end of the century thus ending the debate for greater use of silver. Then through a series of maneuvers like the signing of the Federal Reserves and the fiat dollar… the gold standard was officially ended by President Nixon in 1971, the world’s currencies have since operated more or less with floating fiat dollars, unconnected to the value of silver or gold. And now… that is about to all change. Or so it already has for the BRICS and the majority of the world nations who have gotten on board for their gold backed dollar system.

The west is holding out and doing the bidding of their puppet masters to stop it. The gold backed dollar will destroy the grubby KM Oligarch plans to control the world and destroy their RESET GLOBAL A.I. WORLD PROJECTS. It will destroy their UNICORN VALLEY TRANSHUMANISM SYSTEM!

image 47
Silver is used in their cloud seeding to modify the weather. They finally admit they do that!

The wonderful metal of silver is worth its’ weight in gold…literally!

Other than in currency and investments in coins and bullion, silver is used in manufacturing so many things and needed for electrical contacts and conductors in specialized mirrors, window coatings, photographic and X-Ray film, disinfectants, microbiocides ….(yes the medical field knows it kills bacteria and helps heal wounds!) It’s what makes Silicon Valley high tech! Even the high quality western concert flute is plated and lined with silver! And they use it at CERN for it’s the best conductor of energy, they use it in all of their 3D equipment, the mirrors on their nano splicers, and all sorts of gadgets to make their nano projects go. The only way they can continue to use it so cheap is to lie to the people and give them paper while they use the precious metals for their own purposes.

image 45

NOTE: According to electrochemical series, gold is the last element thus it is depicted that it is the best electrical conductor (most of the teachers say that). But according to the internet tech science facts, the best electrical conductor is silver, following copper and gold. So which one is the truth? I would say, based on what we are learning in the show, it must be silver as it is being used at CERN, and other collider laboratories in equipment used to conduct energy for slashing atoms and nano tech experiments, 3D printers, etc., while gold is used more for plating wires. All conduct electricity, but it makes sense when speaking of the Super Computor, and Collider… if they use silver as a conductor…there in lies the answer. It must be silver. They also use silver in their lens and mirrors.

Are you seeing their world control yet? It isn’t some long off pipe dream they have…they have been controlling everything for a very long time! They had the masses conditioned, programmed, systemized, and hoodwinked!~

image 42

KM Oligarchs and Fiat Bankers want you to think it’s the poor mans gold. It isn’t, it is equal to or greater in demand!

For those talking about the price of silver and how high it is expected to go in price? I remember hearing amounts as high as $5,000 an ounce and settling in at a lower price around the same $2,000 dollar mark as gold is now. I had thought that hard to believe, although I did expect gold to get up into the hundreds possibly 800 mark then adjust …. but after a deep dive on the history of Silver, and now knowing the world operated on a silver standard…which was replaced by the gold standard and is a lot more sought after metal…. I do believe the worth will end up being right next to gold…in all fairness it just may be a little higher…at least it is deserving to be so. Both are precious metals and in todays world… silver is needed for multiple uses making it very valuable.

image 43


Silver has antibacterial properties. It can eliminate bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms. Pure silver can be used to treat water and prevent the growth of bacteria that can make it unsafe for human use both drinking and cleaning with.

Silver helps to create antibacterial surfaces, ensuring proper hygiene and providing protection from disease.


Silver ions penetrate bacterial cells when released into liquids and surfaces. The silver ions disrupt the metabolic processes that allow free radicals (atoms/molecules that kill healthy cells) to survive. Silver ions bind to the free radicals that have attached to healthy cells to do damage and destroy them. Free radicals cannot survive in an oxygenated environment and silver ions oxygenate the area.

In the past, silver was used as a natural antimicrobial agent. To do the same now, place a solid silver coin into a water bottle to help kill any bacteria that may try to form in the water.

image 44
Retro Silver Milk Bottle. There’s a reason they used these.

Seriously, 99.9 silver coins are a way to ensure that the water in your stockpile is always safe to drink.

image 46

Check out some other uses for silver: 21 uses of silver you may not know about | Mining Digital

For those questioning, do more research on your own. You will be surprised to learn all the wonders of silver. And the silver from a silver coin will not contaminate the water in your bottle it keeps it pure. Be sure to use real silver only, not plated silver. Silver-plated coins could lose their plating, which can release other metals that may be harmful into your water supply.

To test for real silver, use a magnet. Silver is not magnetic. If the coin is attracted to the magnet, it is not pure silver.

You can also try a nitric acid test to see if a coin is silver or only silver-plated. To do this test, rub a small drop of nitric acid onto your silver coin.

If the coin is silver, the acid will not react and a silver coin will remain unchanged. If the coin is silver-plated, the acid will create a dull spot and discolor it.

Generally, one gallon of water would require at least three to six grams of silver. When using a silver coin, choose one that is at least one ounce in weight, or 28.35 grams. This is a nice way to store your silver and make it work for you daily as it will also purify your water if you have no electricity to use your gadgets to make colloidal silver. What do you think our forefathers used?  They put silver coins in milk, water and in their wells to keep it free from bacteria. This purification traces way back to the Egyptians. Learn the old ways. The truth shall set you free.

For Q’ers looking at the number 47…. Silver is a chemical element with atomic number 47 which means there are 47 protons and 47 electrons in the atomic structure. Most silver is produced as a byproduct of copper, gold, lead, and zinc refining. What does this mean? I have no idea I don’t know the Q thing but I did hear they were analyzing the number 47.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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