Hey Ryan, Obama and Ilk -Sharia Law Is Not A Religion. And if we say it is, it is against our laws to commit their barbaric acts of evil.

WARNING – The images are graphic.  But, those who support Ryan’s view on equality for Islamic religion should be fine with the photos.  Sarcasm intended.
If the speaker of the house, Paul Ryan and Obama want to call Islam a religion of peace, they can do this all they want…but to force it down our throats and tell us it is a religion, when it in fact is a law and a very barbaric and evil law at that, is not going to fly in America.

In a three photo slide show, an ISIS cleric kills a baby belonging to a Christian family who refused to convert to Islam. ISIS thugs are spreading across the Middle East and are calling on their affiliates in the United States to begin doing the same. After Friday’s beheading in Oklahoma, Americans need to both be on guard and be angry.
What does our judicial system say of their religious laws?
Left: Naseem was attacked at her home having acid thrown on her.  Naseem takes a bath in a hospital in Multan 6 days after suffering the acid attack. Attock, Pakistan.  Right: Another acid attack victim of Sharia law for something as simple as not covering your head in public.
What does your Hillary say of this religion of peace and how does it play into her war on women?  She was quick to condemn Trump for wanting to vet these Islamist Extremist called refugees.  Do you really believe she has you or your children’s best interest at heart?
These men broke a law, so according to Sharia Law, the so-called religion of peace, they were maimed for life.  Take a hard look. This is what is on our soil and the law they want you to surrender too.
Sharia if you decide to call it a religion, defies all America is. To quote Obama, Ryan, and all the ilk – THIS IS NOT WHO WE ARE!
Sharia Law and the burning of Christians….somehow this is not a religion of peace and it is lawlessness.  It is satanic in nature.
This is Islamic Sharia Law and the ones who practice this want to kill the infidel and enforce their laws throughout the world.  This is what it is and for any American to stand by this is absolutely standing by their own death bed.  This is not the Muslim religion. This is an evil even practicing Muslims fear. Islamic Terrorism is not a religion.

There is more I can say, countless pictures to show…but as graphic as this is, it is sickening to post any more.  I tell you all…it is here.  It is a ticking time bomb.
Our present leaders are as crazy men who have no reason. It is Biblical and very real.  What is the most horrible part of all of this is that our president is for the Muslim Brotherhood who practice Sharia law.  They have snuck into our nation and use our own constitutional rights to promote their law under the disguise of a religion.  These are crimes.  Horrendous crimes and our system has allowed them to sue those who do not allow them to continue their evil plans of taking over our freedom.
Stand with those who will change this horrible path we are on.  I stand with Trump who has spoken out against the evil.  Terrorism is what this is and it is world wide.  It must be stopped.  Vladimir Putin has stepped out to stop this caliphate from growing.  Our president has fueled it and is trying hard to open our borders wide so more can pour into the land. Trump will build a wall and enforce what is needed to stop evil from destroying our homes and making America a melting pot of chaos.
He is talking about radical Islamist terrorists.  Even Muslims agree with Trump that the radicals must be stopped.  Do you?
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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