Are you tired of hearing fake news complain about President Trump telling his truths on twitter and social media?  Are you tired of their threats to demand Twitter to ban President Trump from tweeting?  I sure am.

The media is so dishonest, our only communication to what Trump really says and does is through his transparency via social media and his rally’s.  The man can not burp without fake news making some exploited event out of it.  If he did burp, they would spend hours debating what he ate and how fast he ate it, or spin the burp into some sort of deadly gastrointestinal disorder and throw lots for his Presidential seat.  Intellectualizing and morphing it into whether or not V.P. Pence was up for the job and who he would pick as his V.P.!

The news is owned by the establishment elite who have their boney hands all over their agenda to control the world and President Trump is ruining a lot of systems they have spent billions of dollars to put into place.  They hate it because he has access to over a hundred million people which is more access than all the fake news stations combined!

And that’s not counting President Trump’s closet followers.  Those who watch all but are afraid to say it out loud.

So tweet and retweet Mr. President!   Tweet all day and night to let me and others know what is taking place and what we can do to help drain the swamp!

He’s my president! TWEET AWAY!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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