Hello Hillary – That Deplorable Basket Is The Heart Of America! You blew it!

My deplorable friends who love truth, justice and the American way….I first salute you.  It is time to announce the full blown swing of Sodom and Gomorrah.  Our good Lord told us the days would come when it would be again as in the days of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah where what was good and right would be deemed bad and wrong and what was bad and wrong would be seen as good.  Well, Hillary has just solidified and lifted this exact prophecy up to the top of the stack of other things being fulfilled.
Is Hillary’s world war mongering and toppling sovereign nations fine and good?  No!   In Trump’s world and in his deplorable basket,  a sovereign nation is to be respected and no one has the right to go topple it for their own geo-political reasons or just because they want to reshape it with leaders of their choosing.

Syria has been announced by Hillary to be the first nation on her list to finish toppling just like she did Libya.  Yes she has shrieked this out over and over on her campaign trail in between coughs.  Even though report after report shows there is no civil war taking place but instead Syria is being attacked by terrorists invasions on a daily basis. And who are these evil doers?  Hillary/Obama employed, funded, and supplied ISIS terrorists also known as – the new ground troops!
So now you know exactly why Obama isn’t helping Syria against the terrorist invasions!  He is funding them!  He is pushing Bush’s war on terror every where! Obama and the western alliance are funding, arming, and creating more of these terrorists to act as their battle ax to topple  sovereign nations? Now invading Europe and soon in their evil basket of deplorable hopes to do the same in America.
Unless she fell and hit her friggen head again….Hillary has no excuse for her evil mouth, her evil liar campaign where she screwed Bernie and committed election fraud…and what ever she thinks she can do because she has gotten away with crime for years….it is about to explode in her friggen face!!!
Does Hillary really believe the world people do not see what she and her ilk are doing?  Do they think lying  will keep the blood off their evil dastardly hands? No it will not!
And while we are at it….does Hillary really believe that the refugee insurgents in the European nations has faired well?  It doesn’t matter what lies she is telling or what names she is calling those in her imaginary basket –  the European citizens are shouting to hang Merkel and take back their nation for the refugees are ISIS and most all acting like terrorists!  Other states are yelling the same.  So Hillary whatever basket of deplorable you are shouting about…look inside it deep for it is filled with your own evil policies and procedures that have lit up the world 911 siren to an impeccable sound of warning!  You and Obama/Soros evil policies are ready to be dealt with on an international level of justice!  TICK TOCK- TICK TOCK!  The little people outnumber you and your ilk!absolutlely-trumppence
Trump and Pence are the new leaders of Americans!  Hillary is in the toilet and she pulled the handle to flush it herself!

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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