Has Trump Started A New American Party?

Yesterday,  I walked through the living room and over heard the news talking about a new “American Party” that was emerging  via Trump supporters and taking over the GOP.  Talking heads were bantering back and forth.  I stopped to listen.  One person argued that the GOP was not the republican party and the republicans were fine, admitting the people are upset with the GOP.  Another stated that the republican party is finished and the Whig party has taken it over.
The debate caught my ear.  The argument took twists and turns, it soon lent itself to a question between whether or not both the democrats and the republicans were both done for, and what was emerging was an American party or the rebirth of the  Whig party.   One argued the republican party has always been the Whig party, and another argued it never was.
The consensus among them all was that Trump supporters were coming out of all the parties and all minorities.  Politics as usual was definitely not happening in 2016.  They were all dumbfounded and no one agreed on what was happening, only that something was definitely taking place.
It seems when there is conflict that interferes with the daily lives of the people, new parties emerge, and new labels are given to it. Today there is a modern Whig party that has been emerging that stands for common sense and moderation.  (see video below)
To me the problems are not in the parties nor their names. The problem lies in corrupt individuals who come into power by deception and lies,  who once in office focus on greed and a lust for power too the point of tyranny, regardless of what the party is called.
The more I read about it, the more it sounded to me that the only party that needs to govern this nation that has a constitution and bill of rights needs to be the American party.  Candidates can run one against the other but the platform need only be American.  We don’t need any logo other than our Eagle and our Flag. (heaven forbid a Bohemian Grove Owl)   Let candidates have a slogan or logo for their campaign….but let America stay America and let the people choose their president.
You are either for the good of the American people or  you are pushing someone else’s agenda.  That is what it is. So call it what you want – the good news is, the talking heads are beginning to realize their pundit jobs are in jeopardy. Especially since the voice of the people is now so loud it cannot be ignored. The time has come that it must not only be heard, it must be answered correctly!

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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