The world is shaking and God’s people are running in all directions trying to figure out what is going on and what to do about it. Fear and anger has taken a stronghold on many who love the Lord to the point they just can’t get into the word at the moment.

Cable TV and Coronavirus: How Americans perceive the outbreak and view media coverage differ by main news source | Pew Research Center

Did you ever wonder why it’s hard to get into the word and so easy to watch fake news or a movie? Watch Karen Wheaton explain how principalities and powers work and spiritual wickedness in high places. It just may open your eyes and you might be able to relate to what is happening to you day in and day out and why we need to keep our full Armor of God on every moment of our very lives!

God gave us all the warnings of the evil ones for a reason and he gave us his Word to combat evil as our strongest weapon. Call upon the Lord and he shall be there through all the testing of these evil days on this earth. Remember God’s Kingdom is coming on earth as it is in heaven and the devil is angry that he’s about to be no more! He already lost…and he is out to make sure you lose to! Stand with God and behold the salvation of the Lord!

I have heard people boast they have read the Bible from front to the back and didn’t seem to make sense of it other than it was full of contradictions and things they did not agree with. Raise your hand if you have heard the same? Athiests love to tear up the Word in your face. Most Christians are not prepared to reprove the truth of God’s Word among fellow Christians let alone athiests. It’s not their fault, it’s due to what they have not been taught for the Word of God is revealed to the reader through the Holy Spirit. Listen to Karen Wheaton in the video above as she shows you how God reveals his message to all who seek the truth. For truth of all things are in the Word, but those without understanding just don’t get it. They think of it as foolishness for faith is unseen, and many have not understood that we have access to the council of Heaven at all times. Karen teaches a great message and one that is needed!

Put the full armor of God on and sing along with Karen Wheaton and take back what the devil stole from you!

Stand Strong and Proclaim The Kingdom!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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