GOP – You Have An Establishment Club, Not A Party!

To the GOP,
We the people are wide awake.  For a long time we have been without a true presidential candidate that truly stood for the people.  In the past we settled for whomever seemed to have the best to offer, even though we knew in our hearts after we cast our votes, we had merely gone through some useless motion voting for the best of the worst.  
You know for yourselves that the entire republican party was in a dismal state when McCain won your primary in ’08. (Picked so Obama would win I’m sure).  It was not until he announced his V.P. running mate, Sarah Palin, that the party cheered and got excited.  Then the Palin attacks began. She, her children and her supporters were all viciously attacked from the moment she came on the scene, and still to this very day.  We all watched as the only ones who were allowed to throw hard balls were the Obama team, dems, and the establishment media, pundits etc. (Did I say hard balls?  They were flaming torpedoes of vile, vicious lies and language).  Where was the party to defend her?  Wait, I remember now, they were busy setting her up. 
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So when you decided to go after Trump, we knew the drill.  We already had our armor on. We’ve been toughened up for the fight.  The fight you have forced us into.  The fight for our very lives, our freedoms and our nation. So don’t even talk to us about tone, brashness, or gender fairness.  You blew it in 2008!
We the people all know  your voter games are rigged.  We all know there is only one establishment party and the party names are nothing more than part of your voter psy-op game to manipulate the masses into believing they have a choice in the matter.  Today, all of that junk is being thrown out like the trash it truly is. A real leader of the people has emerged named Donald John Trump. 
Things are very different now. This election is not about a party, nor about who has the most money in a Super PAC. Your silver and gold will not elect your puppet. Not this year. This election is about saving America!  It is about electing a leader that will stop all of you and stand for us! 

We are not following any of your puppets.  We are cutting all their strings.  We are standing firm with the Trump! So spend your money, spend it all.  We will laugh at your negative ads, and feeble attempts to belittle our true leader Trump.  Nothing you are about to say about him is going to sway us. You made a big mistake.  You bragged that you were going to attack him and bring him down.  Do you think we are so stupid that we will now listen to any of your attack ads?  
Unless you are ready to depopulate the majority of America, you had better shape up and give we the people a fair election.  You had better leave Trump alone too.  We will not allow the establishment or the Clintons to pull their hit jobs on our candidate.  You are talking to the generation that watched what has happened to good leaders, and who are aware of false flags and all your underhanded evil devices.  GOP, tell the rest of the establishment to back off and start playing fair, for we the people are awake. 
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We can accept losing fairly, but your underhanded evil will not be tolerated.  We will continue to expose your lies, your schemes, and all of your psy-op propaganda manipulations. 
Get over the fact that the majority of we the people want Trump! Deal with it. 
Dianne Marshall 

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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