Rumors of a Romney pick at a GOP brokered convention isn’t new…it appears it may have been part of the plan all along.  It makes sense that the GOP was pushing their four illegals and watching as all the Republican voters went crazy calling them out.  It now appears that the Chihuahua drunk- like yelping  behavior from Cruz and Rubio may have had a GOP method to its’ madness.  That, and the voting fraud scenario.  It is obvious that from the start both have performed almost every “what not to do to get elected” thing in the most bazaar presidential race in history. Whatever they left out, I am sure they will find a way to do before this is over.cruz CZSIh4PUYAED6kL
WHY?   Those that have been following certain strategists may recall the new GOP rules that would have (without a Trump) kept the candidate bunch tight with a winner take all electorate gotcha clause.  That clause allows a candidate winning by one point to be the recipient of all the electorates of the state.  This, many have thought, was the strategy to assure a Jeb Bush win.  If any of the other ineligibles got close or won over Jeb – they would have been announced as ineligible to run.  But, then here comes Trump. Two ineligibles folded, then  Jeb folded, and now we have two ineligibles left at the 2nd and 3rd spots.
So now, the strategy appears to be lie and dig up every skewed report on Trump. Meanwhile, sick the  Cuban Chihuahua’s and the drunken media on Trump to bring him down even at their own peril.  Then, when one of their ineligibles win….rule him out and place their Romney.  He appears to be their ace in the hole because they knew he would never be elected in the primaries….he would have to be appointed.  rubio CTc6UhWWEAA8Mfv
What they did not anticipate was Trump’s resolve, and the Chihuahua’s going politically rabid, foaming at the mouth scaring  voters away.  Who wants to get close to a rabid dog?  Worse yet who wants to elect their unruly teen to lead the country?  Not many parents.  Both Cruz and Rubio have displayed a poor work ethic, and almost tie for the most missed senate votes.  Both have been elected and then neglected their duty to their constituents by failing to attend senate meetings, hearings and important votes.  Both lack real responsibility to anyone but their donor puppet masters.
The beauty of this is neither Cuban realizes that they have been nothing more to the establishment but pawns to dupe the public so they can be tossed aside later at a brokered convention.  But the real beauty is TRUMP HAS GAINED A LOT OF THE VOTES THAT WOULD HAVE GONE TO BOTH CRUZ AND RUBIO!  Like I said, no one wants to put any adult in charge of leading a nation who lies, cheats, steals votes, doesn’t show up to serve their constituents in the senate and then to top it off – acts like an unruly teenager!
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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