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If you haven’t figured it out yet, the GOP is self destructing…and it is appearing as though this is by design.  The GOP conservative right puppets have went up in flames and the GOP republicans are burning like a brush fire attacking everything.  Why?  Let’s do a Donald here.  Sit back and access.  What do they have to gain?
Let’s look at the recent Obama remark…..”The next president will be a Democrat.”  Now let’s look at all the juggling the GOP is doing…..Eating their own front runner, allowing those with eligibility issues to continue to run, watching the National Review fall on their swords along with other conservative talk show hosts, and having the Fox debate moderators totally unleashed as the hounds of hell they are now exposed to be.  (The old attack dog phrase is now history….they are now full blown unleashed hounds from hell.)
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Now please recall, from the very onset of this election they allowed a huge lineup of candidates to run- originally twenty something…but 17 made it to the debate.  Then the flair and unbalanced delighted in splitting the debate in half and calling those with less poll numbers the “Undercards”.  Demeaning?  Well, when you stop and recall them giggling about it and later mocking that it was the “kiddie table”….YES.  IT WAS INTENTIONAL AND DEMEANING.
The 2016 debates were officially nothing more than fresh, free material for Saturday Night Live skits and comedy line show openers for every talk show host. The left wing news had a hay day watching and reporting on the republicans eating their own.
So when the Fox News debate team sent out a press release to the candidates poking fun at the Donald what did they expect?  Trump was fed up with the disrespect and joke they had turned the seriousness of running for the highest office in the land into.  He said, “Bye, Bye.”  Faux News smirked, and thought he was kidding.  But when he announced he was having his own event – they paid attention.  They sent “milk shake” O’Reilly to the rescue but even he couldn’t reduce himself low enough in his begging effort to seduce the Donald back to the debate.  So instead, they targeted the rest of the presidential GOP debate lineup with the cue cards from the Red Queen Kelly.  The result was more glee filled pie throwing at the Donald, (enjoyed by all) that quickly turned into a rock throwing contest at each other. Or more like a stoning episode controlled by the moderators.
Meanwhile, since the media whores couldn’t stop Trump from foregoing their debate trap, they retaliated by shouting out more nasty’s to him and his supporters.  Then they went a step further and made an all out effort to humiliate and degrade the veterans and wounded warriors Trump and Trump supporters were honoring and raising money for.  But that is so in line with their Sgt. Bergdahl /Obama, Benghazi mentality.
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These are just a few of the nasty things.  But, let’s just stop here and assess… it’s easy to understand why the left and the right would attack the anti-establishment America loving Donald, but why would they also be attacking the entire republican lineup?  Add to that the fact that the Democratic debates have been a joke about an email female shrew one step away from the big house and not the white one, and a communist who has another pair of underwear on the radiator?  Oh and a guy called O’Malley.   Could it possibly be that they have a democrat in mind that will come up in the wings when the time is right?  And could it also be that the GOP republican party is pushing hard for a brokered convention so they can pit an entirely new candidate against the new democrat darling?
Either way, what ever they are doing we must remember the fact that there is no such thing as a party, they are both run by the establishment.  With that in mind there are two things that are perfectly clear – none of them know how to get around or through the Donald and….the mutually shared establishment parties  have something dastardly brewing behind closed doors.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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