Looking at the random comments from You Tube viewers of the  last debate, it looks like the majority of Americans are on to the scams and schemes.  Here are some of the posts. (I left the names off to avoid privacy issues)

#### Trump is the leader. The others are just followers

#### Holy sh*t, ALL the other candidates stole parts from Trumps speeches, things they’ve NEVER said before, never wrote about, never mentioned anywhere anyhow and now suddenly after that email scandal where it was revealed that they were recommended to study Trump to learn from his campaign they now bring up HIS points as their own. That’s pretty cheap. Enough with the politicians. Let’s get some business into the white house for once. It’s enough with these brain dead looser politicians and their games. Cruz doesn’t even know the US ship that was captured by Iran was because of the ships own fault, their equipment had a problem and they drifted into Irans seas, if Iran had a military freighter within US coastal areas, the US would bust those people just the same way Iran did and Cruz doesn’t even know this and yet he brings it up and says he will punish other countries for the US own mistakes? This guys a brainless hazard to the US. Like Trump says “we need tough, but more than that, we need smart!” ;P

#### Trump’s New York rebuttal was on point. Trump is the only Republican candidate that can take a lot of purple states in the presidential election… hell, Trump might even take some Blue states.. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump took New York in the general election. I live in Harlem and I’m 100% for Trump.

#### Actually it was guys like Cruz and Rubio who voted to reduce military spending. Can blame Obama for being weak overseas but blaming him for the decisions of congress?

#### Ted cruise looks & holds himself like a actor auditioning for the west wing lol

#### This Cruz guy is a f#####g WEASEL…. He thinks he is so smart, and we are so stupid to BELIEVE his  B######T. We KNOW he is Establishment, that he is just another politician trying to pretend to be an outsider. He isn’t. He’s a POLITICIAN.
#### Also, I’m not sure if you know this but have you researched who Cruz’s donors are? I have. Dan & Farris Wilks donated $15 million to the campaign. They are Billionaire brothers that are in the Fracking Business. Robert Mercer, a Hedge Fund Manager, gave $11 million to the campaign. I’m sure they are just giving Cruz money without wanting anything in return……. right? Just look at the facts. He is bought and paid for, yet he tries to pretend he isn’t. He’s a snake.
#### Yes, exactly. Obama was another puppet. Why would we elect another one like Cruz? I’m not a liberal, by the way. Don’t know where people got that impression from.
#### Ben Carson doesn’t even want to be there. lol
#### ISIS is Obama’s proxy army in the middle east. How soon everybody forgets that Obama, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and Valerie Jarrett used American Resources to encourage the Arab Spring. They trained, supplied and assisted Libyan Rebels to overthrow Ghadaffi, they attempted the same in Syria. Obama is not worried about ISIS because they answer to his call
#### oh n FYI anyone for Chris Christie…. take it from a life long citizen from nj…. he is worthless unless ur a celebrity.. own a football stadium private box.. or wealthy & support his office!! he tries to come off as a boy scout when in reality if u have a issue & call his office, your flat out told before u finish that Chris Christie doesn’t get involved in citizen issues & he’s campaigning!!! 😬
#### Ted Cruz is one of the fakest human beings I have ever laid eyes on.
#### Cruz politicizes everything. You can’t just smear someone for being a liberal or democrat.
#### Cruz said at the end, We are “all Americans standing on the stage” or some such. YOU may not be a NATURAL-BORN CITIZEN though. What does the term, NATURAL-BORN CITIZEN mean–that you were a citizen when you were born? I don’t think so! It means YOU HAVE TO BE BORN HERE IN AMERICA. I think Ted Cruz would be the best Vice Presidential candidate than anyone else, but I don’t think he is not eligible to be president or vice president.
#### As a Liberal Canadian, this is by far the most entertaining video I have ever seen.
#### Will someone please tell John Kasich to go home and stop wasting valuable debate time. UNLESS: He’s just hoping for a VP nomination because he’s a former Governor of Ohio?
#### I almost, ALMOST, feel sorry for Jeb. His father was President, his retarded brother was President. But he just looked like a deer in headlights for the entire debate.
#### Donald J. Trump swept the republican field by a landslide. Check out the snap poll that was posted just minutes after the debate. Donald Trump 72.65% (3,477 votes)   Ted Cruz 11.22% (537 votes)   Marco Rubio 8.9% (426 votes)   Jeb Bush 2.01% (96 votes)   Chris Christie 1.98% (95 votes)   John Kasich 1.78% (85 votes)   Ben Carson 1.46% (70 votes)

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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