Good Morning-Still Here…

Not sure what secret code this may be indicating…but to me this looks like part of the show. The show of the fake president who stole the election. Is he making a narrow escape…or just doing a drive by?

Wish this was just a made up photo…but it’s real. And this is what having a senile, mind controlled, jab ridden, perverted, stolen election puppet placed in a fake white house looks like.


Meanwhile in a land far away where they are not going along with fake virus’s and mandates to RESET the world into Mad Max Thunderdome….


Meanwhile in St. Vincent in the Caribbean Islands…the people are not going to let their Prime Minister play hunger games any more!

At home in Greenville, California, they successfully rid one more town in order to meet their Wildland Goals to drive people into controlled population zones. They are just doing all sorts of New World Order Agenda things right in our faces and most poor smucks are clueless as to what is taking place because they got their nose in fake news outlets and are buying masks and yelling at people who won’t jab.

Here is an educational lesson for free from Candace Owens…


I say we boycott all stores and fast and live lean while the big stores dwindle. We should have done that the first round and they would have reopened faster.

Hang in there…God is good and remember if someone is fearing…smile and make them laugh. Show them the light to stand in and get them building some faith! God’s people win in the end and they rejoice! So sing out now and laugh today! Life is good and the wicked people are losing!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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