Good Morning Patriots!

good morning patriots

Please take time today and send special prayers to those who have taken the jab. Many have been cohersed into taking it to keep a job, and a number of reasons that are hard to make, especially with false information coming at them from all sides of propaganda globalist media sources. We have had WHO, CDC, Fauci, Birx, Gates in our faces since this bio-war began and now we are finding out that everything the so called conspiracy theorists were saying is true. Even the 5-G mind control phases of this monstrous depopulation crime against all humanity.

And now for a new twist to the live theater show.

Direct Energy Microwave Weapon Used On CIA and Government Officials…

Susan Collins, R of Maine, who is one to most always side with the Democrats, is a bit upset at the 130 CIA and US Diplomats being treated for brain injuries, said to be caused by Direct Energy Microwave Weapons. (The same type of weapons government officials denied were used in the Cali fires that burned trees from the inside out. That was all a conspiracy theory.) Well she has very upset about this and blaming it on, of course…wait for it… the Russians!

News clip from May 19, 2021. Note her outrage at this weapon causing permanent brain damage…where is her outrage for the mandated jab doing the very same thing to innocent men, women, and children…even causing death!

Now, Collins is not one to go on the news and be upset about things. So that got me to thinking.

130 CIA and Government Officials is a lot of people to be getting beamed at the White House area. Especially since it is pretty much closed these days. And surrounded by armed guards. So, I wondered what was taking place and if anyone else had any ideas as to what could be happening? To who, and why? They call it the “Havana Syndrome’ attacks”. The fake news is telling us that Russia is using it to take down Drones.

I wondered why a month or so after this, Biden warned gun owners they would need F-15’s and nukes to take out the Government if any were even thinking of trying to do such a thing. So what are Joe’s new toys? Or someones toys. The ones rabbit holers knew of and warned about for decades and everyone else denied?

What if the white hats were using these against the black hats, or vice versa? Of course they would have to blame Russia…because Russia is mean and goes around and topples nations in the middle east, and South America, and provides military equipment and training for ISIS and AlQada and put a global think tank together to create LOCKSTEP TO RESET THE WORLD with a plandemic and biowarfare jabs, all to destroy sovereign nations so they can control them all in a one world Russian Government. Wait…um…that’s not Russia…that’s the globalists who control the United Nations and money supply.

So, what is in the works? We have one fact to go on…that fact is whatever the news is telling you, it’s a lie. So we have to look at what else could be happening and why are they creating this situation? Or is it real? If real, who is doing it? Is it a distraction? We have all been watching the dark ones use this on fires and I’m sure they tested it in other places on people unknowingly. So…these mysterious illnesses all seem to pop up and we are always helpless…will we all have to lock down again? Maybe these 130 victims just have COVID or took the jab?

So while the media is spreading the fear of these weapons they just now realized were being used… you all have one more fear factor to cower in the corner about. But, maybe we should look at all the clues and patterns of the enemy and keep focused on exposing the election fraud and the poisonous jabs. But, don’t rule out some energy weapon to wipe out someone at the White House..they did say it was taking place there?

image 53

So in the fog of war, stay with the 5D chess and ignore the low level distractions. Just be aware of all things. This is a BIG, BIG SHOW.


image 54



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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