Good Morning Patriots!

Today is a good day to keep on standing up for your rights!

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It’s time to educate a bunch of people, especially those who sit in Government seats!

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My, my….isn’t that something….LOOK AND READ, THEN TELL THE SHEEP SOME TRUTH!

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These are the planned Covid Variant names and date to be released. Imagine that. They are organized and even though Fauci can’t make up his mind about future plans…he sure has future variant plans. Are you seeing the depopulation yet? It is in full swing.

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From Scott Baio. See him on Telegram @realScottBaio

John Voight says….❗️We tried and now we know with whom America is better!

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Trump’s America is the real America. Biden was planted to destroy.

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Did you know Governor DeSantis in the state of Florida started issuing a $5,000 fine to businesses, schools, and even government agencies that require people to show proof of having a coronavirus vaccine in September?

“Promises made, promises kept,”stated Taryn Fenske, Governor DeSantis’s spokesperson, to the Orlando Sentinel. Violators will get a notice of their infraction and will be allowed to appeal it. If the appeal fails, violators will have 30 days to pay the fine. Talk about turning the tables back around, Governor DeSantis did a five-D chess move!


Why haven’t I heard of this before now? Oh…yea…they are pushing boosters first.

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So we are dealing with the devil’s minions who walk among us. Our Father, God, is watching. Stay close to Him and listen to what he guides you to do. He’s not going to let this destroy His people called by His name. Amen.

In the video above, “The WHOLE WORLD WILL CHANGE if this interview is seen by the masses. This is it. This is the FINAL “Variant”. Your life, the life of our children and every generation to come will be forever enslaved if this agenda is carried out! PLEASE SHARE!”

It looks as though the next few months are going to be wild. Pray UNCEASING, and keep on pressing into the Kingdom! God is watching all things and he has a different ending written other than the one the evil ones desire! Babylon falls!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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