The Lord has sounded a Trumpet. He is calling his children to him.  A gathering.  Will you hear?  Will you understand it?  Will you say, “Here I am Lord.  I am with you.  Use me?”


Or will you not hear?  Simply just believe.

You don’t have to understand, nor know all things.  We are asked only to believe and in so believing, be baptized in his glorious name.  Amen.  It is that simple to receive the Holy Ghost that shall comfort, guide, and protect you.

We have been given a true hero – his name is Jesus the Christ.  Is he within you?  He can be right now.  Just ask him into your heart.  It is that simple.  The world is complicated but God’s plan is simple.

You might be asking why I am saying these things on my Marshall Report?  It is because I have done the simple things and in so doing have received the higher things.  The Holy Spirit has led me to say this – the most important message for this day. Amen.

Birth pains abound in this world and the Kingdom of God is about to come forth.  With it, all the words the Lord foretold are coming….with it all the words in John’s Revelation are coming forth.  With it all prophecy is coming into fruition.  It is almost finished.

Yet, few know, but many do, that the birthright was given to Manasseh  and Ephraim.  The United States of America is where Manasseh came.  Yes that is where they came. And Great Britain is where Ephraim went.  Yes it is.  That is why Iran calls Israel (that little strip of land in the middle east which is not at all the land promised to Israel, not at all for the promised land borders go beyond that to all of Iraq, part of Jordon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, and Turkey.) the little Satan.  And America the big Satan.  The Ism’s hate Israel.   Are you seeing the bigger picture here yet?  If not…quit reading. If you do continue, for the birthright of Israel was given to Manasseh and Ephraim.  Yes it was.  Read it in Deuteronomy 33: 13-17.  Wake up and be strong and proud to usher in the Kingdom of God!

The birth pains are coming very close apart now.  Something is about to be born.  As Jesus the Christ has said.  So do you stop a nation from being born?  Can you?  Can anyone?  Or if this is the time that the lord has spoken of…it will be and the times of Jacobs trouble is here.  The time of a new governor who will rule the world with a rod of Iron is here. That is the time of the Lord’s return.

That being said, in all good conscience as a watchman….I must say this…. The Lord is about to return and all you will see coming upon the earth please – fear not.  For all these things were prophesied and all these things must be fulfilled to usher in God’s Kingdom – the one in which he shall rule with a rod of iron.  His Kingdom cometh.  All must be done.  And it shall be done as he prophesied.

The one anointed to usher in this point of God’s time was and is Donald John Trump.  He has this.  It is his task to fulfill.  That is why he needs all of our prayers.  Sadly he is getting all axes of division.  But, God foresaw this and prophesied the same…..God’s will shall be done and man’s axes are like straw against God’s anointed.  Thus, no one has been able to slay Trump any more than the Hebrews were able to side track Moses with his task.  Why do I use this comparison?  Because it is most appropriate and fitting.

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Think about it, Moses went up to the mountain where God called him to, and  while he was up there the people said….he is taking too long (Trump’s first 100 days) and they said among themselves we need to take charge ourselves. Next thing you hear is they are making a golden calf in the manner of Egypt that they just were delivered out of!!!!

When Moses was yet up with God – God told Moses of the will of the people and that he was going to destroy them all – because he was wrought with them.  Moses pleaded to not destroy them for others would say you freed your people only to slay them in the wilderness.  God relented and allowed Moses to go down and handle it. Moses did.  He slayed those that opposed and the Levites became the new priesthood.  Why?  Because God had a covenant that they would be his people and He would be their God. They rejected that when they took it into their own hands making the calf.  All of that generation were not allowed to enter the promised land.


This is the exact crossroads we are at this very day.  Will you trust God or shout and be impatient like the Hebrew coming out of Egypt?  Your choice.  Where will you stand?  it is not my call, it is your call.  Each must decide on their own.  I know where I am standing.  I am standing for the true Israel which I have been grafted into by the grace of God and the suffering and death of his son Jesus the Christ who arose from his death on the third day and conquered death and hell.  He arose and returned to the Father and then was sent by the Father to return again to us, to show his true witness to the earth and all of it that he had indeed risen. He promised to again return at the time appointed by the Father for the marriage supper of the lamb, his bride.  I await for that time.  Do you?

The Bible

He established his church, (those called out) and sent the Holy Spirit to comfort those called out throughout their lives and unto the end.  This is the good news that we shall live with the Lord, for he overcame death and hell.  He holds the keys of hell in his hands.   So this is where we are.  So where are you?


Are you awaiting a perfect election?  Are you awaiting for that when a solemn assembly was called long ago for God to send his only begotten son to rule over the earth with a rod of iron? His son who with God’s plan was perfect and promised to be carried out?  Or  are you waiting for the next earthly election?  It is your call, not mine.  I,  for one, am watching for all the signs of the prophets and I am here to DECLARE – A LION APPROACHES – A LION – THE LORD IS COMING TO ESTABLISH HIS KINGDOM UPON THE EARTH – THE STONE UNCUT BY HUMAN HANDS – HE IS COMING AND I SHALL BE AMONG THOSE EXCLAIMING HIS GLORY and HIS VICTORY!  I WILL NOT BE CUT OFF! AMEN.  WILL YOU?



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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