God Bless Donald John Trump, He Is An Answer To A Peoples’ Prayer.


The people shouted…what are we to do? Then a man named Donald John Trump entered the campaign to run for president.  The people were still going…yea, yea – believe it when I see it. All from the rumors that he might.  Then the day came and the cameras rolled…they heard his bold hard toned announcement.  They cheered a YES!

It wasn’t but a month into the campaign and they were all shouting MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!  They shouted enough is enough….THEY WERE WEARING BALL CAPS WITH TRUMP SLOGANS.  It was mandatory from every Trump supporter to rally the call to gather and  they were coming to get their  stuff – taking back what the devil stole from them….yes- all of it!  Why?  Because they were strengthened, they were emboldened and they were awakened.  The dry bones were rising up one by one.  New breath was entering into them, sent by God.  And more were waking day by day.

Then the media, pundits, all the establishment reared their ugly heads and began to shout propaganda and downright lies.  It took a bit to get used to the big Grizzly bear that was out to protect all the cubs and mammas out there…but once they all realized they needed the big bad bear of a man like Trump – they were never gonna let him go.  Oh no.  God had sent him, they heard the call and heeded it …..TRUMP IS THE MAN ALL THE WAY!!

He is a Grizzly to the enemy and a teddy bear to those who love him. A proud papa bear and a God sent man.  Laugh if you will, mistrust if you must…but believe me to all who ever had a come to Jesus moment, this man Trump is sent.

People go to bed taking to prayer and thanking God for this man and pray over him for protection.  What kind of man is that?  What kind of man moves the hearts of the elderly to look up and praise the Lord because they saw the man that was sent to lead the people at the time the Lord was about to return?  What kind of man is it when the teens who are wandering look at him and say – in him and his leadership lies a future for me?  What kind of man is it when a people are moved within with strong hope to overcome the evils that befall them?  Is that from man or is it sent from God to stir a Holy Spirit inside one to say YES!

Yes, I believe my God sent us a man to help us out of the evil in our time of chastisement and trial.

Forgive us our sins of complacency Oh Lord and grant us the courage within our hearts, our souls, our very being to stand for you and to go forward to support the one you have sent.  Let us praise the Lord for such a time that in these last days he saw fit to send us a leader to lead us as we march into the fire to greet the day of the Lord and meet him in our battles with a great commander in chief.

For I believe whether there is an election or not, this man Donald John Trump shall lead us all.  He shall lead us in the battle to freedom against the establishment.  We who are with him are called for this time, we are chosen and blessed.  Amen

It is a time to mount up with wings as an eagle and be strong.  God is with us all.  God has seen fit to send us a leader such as Trump!

Mock if you must….but let it be known, God is not mocked.  He always wins in the end. He is the almighty, the powerful and the I Am. He is my father and his son is my King.  They are one. Amen.

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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