Global Cabal Have Been Busy Little Bees…

BEYOND THE NUREMBERG CODE – WE ARE WATCHING THE END OF THE CABAL. They have all grown horns, tails and carry tridents! Or so it appears to look that way.

How many were they going to kill before they made enough money off the murders? Were they really going for only around 500 million people to remain? And how many were slated to be transhuman? Do they really believe they are going to continue to get away with all of this?

The West has a lot of explaining to do… it appears the World Bank, The European Union and especially Ursula von der Leyen (and her buddies at big pharma), The United Nations WHO, and Rothschild have been very busy along with a host of others planning their profitable world plandemic.

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They are going to have a hard time keeping their spinning ball false flag going at this point. Between Ursula found making deals with Big Pharma and Rothschilds having the patents years prior… and Putin’s taking out Ukraines bioweapon labs complete with child experimentation and trafficking evidence – they are done.

Joey Avatar is about to be impeached and someone is going to have to pry the gavel out of Pelosi’s shriveled hand while Hunter’s lap top is around the corner smoking hot. As soon as the election fraud distraction brings about grounds to finally have the military take action… hopefully to protect America from the treasonous coup planned against “We the people”, if not we shall see what comes next… but that doesn’t take away the fact that none of these yahoo’s were ever as smart as they told us they were, now were they?


The question is… who else was in on it with them and does that count for world treason against all nations? Or just Great Britain? Or the European Union… oh the EU was an accomplice too… so was Joey Avatar and the deep state cabal. Then do they all go down, or just the ones who were complicit to force it on the rest? How about all the U.S. Governors who pushed the entire fake pandemic and continue to mandate… do they go down too or do they act like they were mind washed into believing it was true. Will they act shocked and plead innocent?

Will they have ANTIFA take to the streets and get out their scalar weapons and do some crowd kill? Or will the people take down the towers first? What if someone steals the frequency controllers and has the mind washed destroy the towers? That would be a twist?

image 155

Will the road show have another true confession from Byrne on his part in the psyop or is that show over? I heard crypto currencies were crashing at over a trillion dollars in losses… is Byrne the crypto king concerned? Is that another reason he’s fearing for his life? Oh the rotten fig tree is shaking and the shriveled figs are beginning to fall.

So who was with Rothschild in their money making COVID-19 Test Kit and plot to cull the world? And Russia banning Crypto, and no more Fiat Dollars… you will use their gold back Rubel…. oh does Rothschild feel the heat yet? Can they steal something else like our minds really, really fast and save their RESET or is it all but over?

And what will they say of their COVID-19 investments? Will they say they were just being pre-emptive just in case there was ever an outbreak?

In 2017, Top exporters of COVID-19 Test kits are Switzerland ($23,684,716.51K , 2,538,500 Kg), Germany ($17,464,406.19K , 7,242,210 Kg), European Union ($16,940,789.16K , 8,953,990 Kg), United States ($8,283,146.64K , 7,020,260 Kg), Ireland ($6,356,054.92K , 590,259 Kg). 

COVID-19 Test kits imports by country in 2017 –> 


Worldbank Trade:


Publication Dates: System and Method for Testing for COVID-19  PDF:

Google Patent: PDF

National Library of Medicine  National Center for Biotechnology Information  System and Method for Testing for COVID-19:

First registration – Netherlands, 2015 – Rothschild

image 147

System and Method for Testing for Covid-19


(Data download to smart phone, and uploaded to the cloud (or host).

image 148

Detailed info below. System and Method for Testing for Covid-19

Third registration – US, 2017 (Actualization from 2015) Rothschild filed… 

COVID-19 Test Patent in 2015 

image 149

System and Method for Using, Biometric, and Displaying Biometric Data

Rothschild filed… 

image 152

COVID-19 Test Patent in 2015 – System and Method for Using, Biometric, and Displaying Biometric Data …ahead of Outbreak – Millions of Test Kits sold in Advance.

The Rothschilds:

They who desire to depopulate humanity, and mind control who are left have been weighed in the balance and found wanting! Stay Focused on the Lord!

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Click to watch video above:

Keep on exposing the truth! Every lie will be revealed!

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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