Giuliani, Trump, Soros, 2,000 Mules!


“What Will the Cowards Who Sat and Did Nothing – Say Now?” – President Trump

Trump approves of the new film release “2,000 Mules” by Dinesh D-Souza that lays out all the theft in a concise and in your face “gotcha” no one can deny!

Giuliani asks, “Is Any American City Safe from the Soros ‘Destroy America Project’?”

So while all eyes were on Maricopa County in Arizona, with the audit led by America Project- a Foundation formed by General Flynn and Patrick Byrne who hired Cyber Ninja’s to conduct a prolonged audit that never seemed to succeed at anything much, except padding pockets to do the Audit and lots of road shows discussing how cyber elections are stolen, which the Cyber experts at Space Force watched in real time and had the goods to enforce President Trump’s executive order to hold all foreign and domestic election hackers accountable under the insurrection act. Which led to the surprise changing of the guard, Miller taking over the DOD and the removal of Kissinger and Albright from the Pentagon’s Foreign Advisory Group and the confiscation of the Dominion servers in Germany with the resignation and or alleged arrest of Gina Haspel, head of the CIA. But, only after a shoot out to obtain the servers as Gina and her crew did not want to just hand them over nicely. The same servers that had everything recorded on them and showed how all of this happened in real time.

So why did we need inexperienced Cyber Ninja’s again? Oh…to show America how crooked the elections were and how voter fraud was committed? To help President Trump prove he won? To follow the stars who are saving America?

From the article Dec. 2, 2020 – Where is CIA Director Gina Haspel?

Haspel, TeamKJ, KevinJackson

By Kevin Jackson:

Of all the people we should be asking about in the wake of “the kraken”, CIA Director Gina Haspel should be at the top of the list.

Haspel’s agency is accused of spying on other governments, and perhaps even helping Democrats cheat in this election. Further, the software used for these election-altering operations is called “Kraken”. Attorney Sidney Powell alluded to “release the kraken”, which I find interesting upon learning of the CIA software.

Key Excerpts:

CIA Director Gina Haspel was arrested after she was injured in the Frankfurt Germany CIA building raid to secure the servers.

The building had no guards and was unprotected. Haspel pulled in some private special military trained security forces to protect the building from such a suspected raid. When the raid happened Haspel was there. 5 of our special forces troops along with a CIA official were killed in the raid. Haspel was injured.

I try to get three confirmations of the soldiers being killed. I got two, but could not get a third. The CIA made up a cover story about the 5 soldiers and one cia operative killed and said they were killed in a helicopter crash. Read full story here: Where is CIA Director Gina Haspel? (

Can you imagine what state America would be in today if it really was up to us to get someone elected in order to do anything? General Flynn hit the road shows shouting to run for office. It was loud and clear for everyone to get out and run for office. It was a marching order! This he shouted during the awful, rigged elections? Everyone shouted to fight like a Flynn. As a little while went past and he kept shouting to run for office and get up and do something without giving any instructions on how to do it. I shared with some that it was time to “FIGHT LIKE A POWELL, NOT A FLYNN”, because she’s the one that allegedly got him off the hook after he buckled and said he admitted to doing something he did not do. He buckled! Few people even questioned this fantastic 3-star power logic. They started running for office and looking for others to also run. All while we sat with the 2,000 mules doing their thing and recruiting more people to be a mule.

I remember doing the story, SIDNEY POWELL’S “KRAKEN” IS DOD CYBER WARFARE PROGRAM! WE ARE AT WAR! – THE MARSHALL REPORT ( this went viral with over 10 million views and other outlets picking it up and sending it out – this was the famous story that President Trump retweeted and 13th Generation Patriot helped to make happen as I was kicked out of everything! Imagine my dismay when later, Sidney said she knew nothing of the Kraken being Cyber Warfare Program, she just came up with that name off the top of her head? Either we weren’t supposed to be smart enough to figure it out and know, or we weren’t supposed to know…but we knew and President Trump gave it a heads up via retweeting it. So, the real stars are at Space Force Cyber Warfare Program. The stars who watched the hacking take place in real time… and red flagged it coming out of Germany.

We knew it then so why did people forget that important thing? Were they mesmerized by hype? Was it forgotten in the audits? Do you really believe Trump put his name, his life, his legacy, and future in the hands of inexperienced Cyber Ninja’s? I never did. Did you?

As I have said before and told 13th Generation Patriot that very night when he kept showing me the numbers going up and saw we went viral within one hour…. this is the Lord’s doing. I said you were sent to help get this message out for I had no one to send it too much… and he did. I was told to write it and I wrote it and the Lord lifted it up and out into the world. This is how the Holy Spirit works and how God works. All you have to do is listen to what God is telling you to do. It is that simple. It is not hard. You don’t have to worry about numbers, money, audience, ticket sales or ratings …you just listen to the Holy Spirit and do and go what he says, when he says and where he says. Each of you have that HOLY SPIRIT POWER!

IT IS TIME TO USE THAT POWER! For too long church leaders have told people they don’t have this or that, and they need to do this and that and the other or go here or go there to learn this and that. We all have one Lord who has given each the power of the Holy Spirit. In that you have the Power of The Heavenly Host with you in all that you do! If there is one weapon that you need to make it through this season…it is the POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT AND YOU WHO BELIEVE HAVE ALREADY BEEN GIVEN THAT POWER FOR FREE!

Meanwhile, as Cyber Ninja’s bow out after a year of whatever that was? In the background, silently, without a road show carny, Dinesh D’Souza was working hard to show the election fraud crimes and how it was done, by those who stole the elections! And without a lot of fanfare leading up and no go fund me grifting, D’Souza Releases 2,000 Mules!

Dinesh D'Souza releases explosive footage of 2020 election 'mules' - The  Jewish Voice

 Illegal ballot harvesting, drop boxes stuffed fake Military ballots caught on video? Dinesh D’Souza 2000 Mules.

President Trump Releases Statement on Upcoming Movie “2,000 Mules” on Democrat Ballot Trafficking

 “What Will the Cowards Who Sat and Did Nothing – Say Now?” – President Trump

JANUARY 31, 2022

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

Highly respected Dinesh D’Souza, working together with Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote, just released a trailer to their new movie, “2,000 Mules,” that shows the world exactly how the 2020 Presidential Election was Rigged and Stolen. The movie exposes the lies of the Democrats, RINOs, and Fake News who say it was the “most secure election in history.” It was, perhaps, the least secure in history. The ballot box was stuffed, and stuffed like never before—and it’s all on video. Ballots were trafficked and sold in a massive operation in each Swing State. The evidence is so damning, what will the cowards who sat and did nothing about the stolen election say now? The way our votes were taken away is a disgrace to our Nation. It must be fixed.

Dinesh D’Souza Releases Movie Trailer for “2000 Mules” Exposing Ballot Traffickers Who Stole the 2020 Election

By Patty McMurray
Published January 30, 2022

“The investigators used geo-tracking units, through which True the Vote was able to track more than 2,000 ‘mules,’ who wore gloves and disguises to stuff poll containers, the report explained,” according to WND.

D’Souza is the narrator for the movie, going on to explain, “We tracked 2,000 mules making a number of poll drops. Leaving no fingerprints. Snapping pictures to receive a commission. A coordinated ring of unlawful vote harvesting in all the important swing states.”

The filmmaker has confirmed one “mule” ended up making 53 trips to 20 drop containers for the presidential election. Read full story: ** BREAKING BOMBSHELL** Dinesh D’Souza Releases Movie Trailer for “2000 Mules” Exposing Ballot Traffickers Who Stole the 2020 Election (



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