Giuliani is standing as a beacon over America, a guiding light of Justice fighting strong in the battle against America and deep state operatives who seek a global order designed to reset the entire world into a chaotic, deprived souless world of bots and slaves. Do as you are told or starve, worse yet, jailed, injected or ultimate death for non conformance. It is a destruction of Humanity beyond anyone’s comprehension. Yet, the free nations have stood back and ignored the same tactics applied in communist countries and watched as the same globalists enslaved once thriving nations like Venezuela.
“…these people are trying to take away from us rights that were given to us by God. We’re not gonna let them do it. We’re gonna fight, and we’re gonna fight again and we are going to continue to fight because we have ultimate faith that a much higher authority is looking over this country. It’s guided it forever and we have great faith that we are not going to have our sacred right to vote taken away from us because that’s what’s at stake here. So stay tuned because this battle has just begun and we are going to prevail! Thank you and God Bless you and God Bless America.” Rudy Giuliani

Sadly, a lukewarm society notices nothing unless it is something that rocks the fence they straddle. Well the fence is rocking and much of it has broken down from the weight of those who have straddled it for far too long. It is now time to heed the call to return to God and take a stand or forever wish you had as you plead and beg with your new regime who will only thrive at your pleas. Think this is over the top? Might I remind you to look at Portland, New York, California, Michigan, remember the precinct burning to the ground in Minnesota.

Does anyone remember the cries from the people of Hong Kong as they shouted God Bless America and USA, USA! Pleading for help from this free nation? We watched as they dropped in the streets and all fell silent. At what point will enough be enough?

Australia is on lockdown, people are without, Germany is hosing their citizens in the streets for demanding their own constitutional rights. Europe is in lockstep with the plandemic world take down – reset buttons are being pushed. The biggest thorn in the side of their new world order is the United States of America and they are pounding away at it, funnelling money, at their new form of enemy combatant which is none other than an army of kids and thugs called ANTIFA and all the matters. The Dominion election was their grand finale and now they push, push, push hoping those who are civilized will go in lockstep and do as they are told.

WAKE UP AMERICA – THIS IS WAR! A different insideous type of war from within designed to overthrow the United States Government.

Awaken and blow the shofar with all your might for we are surrounded and the only way to overcome the enemy is by the power, the might, and the grace of the Almighty God. May the Lord have mercy on this nation called by his name and may the mighty Patriots stand a great and powerful army for the Lord at this most perilous moment in the history of man.

This is a tragedy worse than 911. Are you ready to stand firm and help those who are fighting for our very lives? Now is the time to stand – a cry has gone out throughout the land for all patriots to awaken a great and powerful army for God and Country. Pray as you have never prayed before!

God be with Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, President Trump, and all the men and women who can wield the sword of truth to fight for America! May each have the courage to do what they are called to do and may we each remember that all are called to pray.

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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