GET YOUR BUNGEE ON – And Build Your Immune System!


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ARE YOU READY TO GET IN SHAPE AND BUILD YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM? The best way to fight back against a world full of toxins and jabs is to fortify your own IMMUNE SYSTEM! It’s time to…


Astro-Durance Bungee Fitness is helping to get people moving and has proven to benefit overall health for the entire body! From a fun and easy 20 minute work out, people are having positive results that burn fat and trigger the Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) to increase endorphins like serotonin, dopamine and other brain produced mood enhancers and getting nitric oxide pumping that is needed to build the immune system and make glutathione in the body. Glutathione is the most powerful anti-oxidant known to heal the body and it is made by the body itself. It is amazing how the body works to heal itself when we give it what it needs in nutrition, clean water, exercise and mental harmony with positive thought filled energy!

The fit loop is another great Astro-Durance bungee creation to exercise specific muscle groups while on or off the bungee. Take your Astro-Durance fit loop with you on or off the bungee and tone up the muscle and revv your circulation!

Imagine getting on a bungee and experiencing weightlessness, and even what it feels like to fly? And while you are having fun doing that, blood and oxygen are pushing throughout the body and to the brain releasing all the happy endorphins that make you feel good! Simultaneously your lymphatic system is revved up along with your heart rate to push toxins out and help the body build new healthy cells to fight off free radicals that cause disease and weaken the body! And to top it off, at the same time your body builds and strengthens muscle, stretches the fascia tissue, strengthens the core, improves flexibility and balance while burning body fat fast! And it does it all without putting any pressure on your joints! Talk about a fun way to assist your body in getting healthy – watch the video below and see The 7 Little Johnston’s on their Astro-Durance Bungee Fitness journey in season 9!

Now people of all levels of fitness, shapes, sizes, ages, and even those with physical limitations can get their body moving and heart revved in seconds to get oxygen to the brain to experience the healing benefits their own body can and does provide naturally!


Patty Cummings, CEO, Creator, Author, and Manufacturer of Astro-Durance® Bungee Systems has been helping people of all ages, sizes, fitness levels, and those with physical limitations for many years showing them how to eat right and exercise to achieve their personal training goals. As a personal trainer, Patty had the challenge of helping clients with disabilities, old and new injuries, and those recovering from surgeries to exercise without putting pressure on their joints (and physically being limited by her own strength to help them). She kept looking for ways and methods, that could physically help support them so they could gain the physical benefits exercise offers.

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One day Patty saw a YouTube video of petite dancers in Taiwan gliding along in the air doing coordinated dance routines. She wondered at how graceful they were as they seemed to fly across the room and thought if it could be possible to devise something that would help support her clients with disabilities using a form of bungees? She went to buy some for her studio and found there were none available to buy. She then went to the drawing board to find a way to make a bungee concept that would support her clients recovering from surgery and those with more severe physical limitations like brain injuries, strokes, and Cerebral Palsy so they could get out of the wheel chair and be able to move their bodies. Many designs, and trial runs later, Patty found the right concept, visited a patent lawyer and began to manufacture it on her own. Constantly tweaking it and expanding the concept to do much more than originally intended she finally had the product she envisioned with the versatility and adaptability she wanted. She calls it her Astro-Durance “four in one” bungee system.

Patty created a bungee system that not only allowed people with physical limitations to exercise, her Astro-Durance Bungee actually helped to improved their physical limitations. People were burning fat fast, getting rid of arthritic pain, while others claimed their hip, knee and back pain were eased, and in many cases gone. There were clients who came to their first appointment in a wheel chair and a week later were walking in without any assistance. These type of miracle improvements were not expected, but very welcomed. “I had people tell me things like, “I showed my doctor I was walking without a cane and my knee doesn’t hurt anymore. He said, for me to keep doing what I’m doing.”‘ stated Patty, “I had no idea why it was happening, I only knew it was.”

Patty’s original goal was to help the person with a stroke or autoimmune disorder like arthritis or cerebral palsy have a safe support system to gain the benefits of exercise. She had not anticipated all of the astounding physical improvements from people who were told by their doctors this is all we can do for you, here is a prescription, now go home and learn how to live comfortably with it.

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“My clients with dementia were thinking more clearly and improving. Their care givers were shocked at the improvements.” said Patty. All of this got Patty and other professionals looking into what was happening in the body to achieve this. Over time they found the basic principals of G-Forces, centripetal and centrifugal forces, energy transfer, and simply how the body’s own built in natural systems work. “The body has everything it needs and the bungee simply gives it that extra push to get it going,” Patty said, “When the lymphatic and blood systems get revved up, so does the metabolism and the body starts to do everything at a rapid rate. It builds up the immune system, eliminates waste, and delivers oxygen through the blood vessels to every part of the body when blood oxygen reaches the brain, it kicks in the BDNF (Brain-derived neurotrophic factor) releasing key hormones like serotonin which boosts our mood; Dopamine, which affects movement and emotional responses; and Norepinephrine, which influences attention, perception, and motivation. BDNF plays a vital role in brain cell growth, mood regulation and learning. Without BDNF our brains can’t take in new information or make new cells. The body is amazing how it works.”

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Another challenge was finding a nutritional supplement line that actually delivers great results.

Before COVID, Patty had a lot a lot of clients asking about supplements and which were the best to get. After COVID, all clients were asking. Many already had their own special diet regime, but wanted to know what were the best supplements to buy that would assist in their overall nutrition. They knew all brands were not created equal and most wanted to add something to their health and wellness regime that would give them a boost in their mental clarity and overall health, especially with the added stresses, and demands on people of all ages in their daily lives. During and after COVID, when gyms were closed and people were masked, it was easy for those who were progressing forward with their health and fitness goals to slide backwards. Especially when added stress depletes the immune system taking both a physical and emotional toll on the body. Their new focus was on building up the immune system to stay healthy and eliminating things that bogged it down.

“I had never carried a supplement line in the studio because I had not found one that I could endorse with confidence to my clients who trusted my input. I had a tough time finding what worked for me. I tried so many different top brands only to find they didn’t do anything more than a healthy diet would do, or they actually caused something I didn’t want, like weight gain. I was better off telling them to eat more avocados.”

I had pretty much directed people to eat whole foods and pushed organic. There were so many supplements on the market, so I would direct them to talk to the nutrition professionals at the health stores. Then I met Dr. Marc Schneider, and tried his supplement line Dioxyme. I was excited to try it but really wasn’t expecting anything other than a safe product I could trust, remember I’ve tried so many of them. But when I got immediate results I was AMAZED. I had my clients try his products and they too got immediate results. After using them for a while, we all continued to get results. I knew then that I had found the supplements that my clients had been asking for and one I could endorse. I asked Dr. Schneider what the secret ingredients were because these really worked fast. His answer totally surprised me. After he explained, it all made sense!”


Patty found out the dirty little secret big companies have that the small guys don’t. Listen close to Dr. Marc Schneider as he tells you what that “dirty little secret” is. At this point with all the other things we are learning, I’m sure it will not surprise you, but it should be an eye opener!

Visit the website at: Dioxyme | Developed by Physicians. Perfected on Athletes. Results for You

Patty, Aaron and Dr. Schneider have teamed up to help the public have a better understanding of health and Fitness.

Patty Cummings, CEO, Creator, Author, and Manufacturer of Astro-Durance® Bungee Systems (bio above in article)

Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon Dr. Marc Schneider trained at the University of Kansas in Plastic Surgery and is a Diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is dual trained both in General Surgery and Plastic Surgery having studied and passed the General Surgery Boards prior to his certification in Plastic Surgery. Dr. Schneider and his family relocated to practice Plastic Surgery in Fort Myers in 1991.

Aaron Bathory, Competitive Body Builder, Vice President of Astro-Durance, and Health Insurance Broker. Aaron has been invloved in the supplement world since the age of 13 when he first picked up a workout magazine! He is well versed in the vitamin and supplement industry having managed a GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, and owned his own supplement store.


Patty’s Astro-Durance Bungee System was designed to also give professional athletes and hard core boot campers a good work out. It can even give the Hulk a hard workout. Lou Ferrigno (the HULK) has given Astro-Durance® a two thumbs up and applauds the versatility it allows people all ages, fitness levels and physical limitations to get moving again with no pressure on the joints.


Patty calls her Astro-Durance Bungee exercise, MOTION BASED. For that is exactly what it is. The body gains all the benefits of moving and stretching muscle and fascia tissue without putting pressure on the joints. You merely go through the motions. For example, the same motions in running are used, but the bungee stops your feet from pounding down on the floor, thereby eliminating added pressure on the joints as your feet hit the ground you land soft. The Astro-Durance Bungee System allows for adding more bungee cords to create added resistance needed to give an athlete the workout they need. Imagine pulling against 350 lbs of resistance versus 50?

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Patty Cummings stated, “There was a lot to learn for no one had ever used bungees to help people who were physically disabled get on a bungee cord to exercise. It had not been done. The creation of moves and what worked the best for specific needs was a challenge, but one I loved doing. No matter what the issue, the one factor that all have in common is our bodies are all made to function with the same systems in the same manner. We just had to get them moving so they would kick in.”

“Those who were overweight and needed to get moving on a bungee cord to exercise never thought they’d be able to do so because they weighed too much. The type of bungee cords used by dancers were designed for fit, coordinated bodies. Not for average people who needed to start exercising. I don’t think any overweight person even gave the bungee dance idea a thought, other than admiring it like I did until they saw we had designed one to fit all body types.”

The mindset that most people had was they needed to be thin first in order to exercise like thin people exercise…that was the programed thinking. A lot of that came from going into gyms with all fit people and feeling very out of place. Especially when you can’t use a lot of the equipment. I’ve heard a lot of that over the years. I’ve also heard a lot of, “I have a bad hip, back, or knee and can’t put pressure on it.” Those days are over. There is no excuse for not exercising anymore. Not with Astro-Durance Bungees.” stated Patty Cummings.

get your bungee on and build your immune system
People watched Heather via Astro-Durance Bungee Videos for a year as she became a local celebrity by letting others watch her progress and cheer her on as she posted her progress on social media. She encouraged many people to set a health goal and achieve it. This photo of Heather shows her “From Christmas…to Christmas” and her 145 pound difference in weight loss through Astro-Durance Bungee exercise. To date, she has lost a total of 165 pounds. Heather was featured in Patty Cummings book, “Get Your Bungee On”, making the Amazon #1 best seller list in 2018.
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Heather flying in her Astro-Durance World on the way to the land of fitness.



* Increase blood and lymphatic flow  throughout the entire body and muscle fibers.

* Brain releases Serotonin which boosts mood

* Dopamine, which affects movement and emotional responses

* Norepinephrine, which influences  attention, perception, motivation, and  arousal. 

* Increase energy to the muscles

* Increased cell multiplication and division in the mitochondria

* Develop stronger bones

* Strengthens connective tissue

* Increased flexibility and balance

* Increased endurance and stamina

* Lowers stress levels


BDNF has been shown to play a role in neuroplasticity, which allows nerve cells in the brain to compensate for injury and new situations or changes in the environment. 

Certain neurotrophic factors are capable of making damaged nerve cells regenerate. Because of this capability, these factors represent exciting possibilities for reversing a number of devastating brain disorders, including Alzheimer’s diseaseParkinson’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, and Huntington’s Disease (HD).

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Something as simple as jumping (a traditional gravity-based exercise) gives the body an impact ratio of 5 times the body weight on the joints each time their feet hit the ground. This is called high impact training.  Over time, this type of high impact training can be a major factor in harming joints, and/or causing injuries.  Astro-Durance Bungee Training allows you to jump using your muscle groups and land without the body weight impact. ASTRO-DURANCE is an excellent plyometric (jump) training – and a low impact, anti-gravity-based exercise.

get your bungee on and build your immune system
Imagine walking up a wall like it’s an everyday thing? Patty has shown people how they can do it! These days, you never know when you may need that skill set.


It doesn’t matter your shape, size or fitness level, ASTRO-DURANCE principle’s work the same on all body types! It is what Astro Durance calls a ‘bio predictable workout system’ designed to compliment the way our body works.







  * No pressure on the joints – PAIN FREE


To find an Astro-Durance Bungee Fitness Studio near you, or to find out how you can add AD Bungee Fitness to your gym or medical facility, visit their website at: Welcome – Astro-Durance (


Astro-Durance offers Training Workshops and AD Bungee Certification. Find out more on their website.

Astro- Durance Bungee Systems– A revolutionary concept that can justifiably be called the future of fitness!


Imagine what we can do for our mind, body and soul with good food, the right herbal supplements and anti-gravity, motion based bungee exercise that creates our own energy vortex through vibrations that revv our heart rate, increasing our metabolism to get our blood and lymphatic systems moving to heal itself! That has to be the way God intended it. A simple concept with complicated results that are difficult to explain, nothing short of describing miracles with scientific principles that apply to all creation. Remember, energy never stops flowing, it transfers into something else. This is an exciting time in history as we are learning the truth of how to operate in simplicity, Gods very complicated creation – our human body, mind and soul.

It was a true joy to write this story and it goes hand in hand with the work of Dr. Leaf. Imagine what healings will transpire when we apply these discoveries in our lives. It is my hope that those who have been afflicted will find hope in the healings of others and know our body was designed intelligently by God and does have amazing built in ways to repair itself. Keep on pressing forward!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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